Compared with Apple’s iPad, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi Tablet 5? Is it worth buying?


On the evening of August 10, Xiaomi released the MIX 4 series mobile phones. With the launch of Xiaomi tablet, which was released for many years, it was finally upgraded to the 5th generation. This time we did not talk about mobile phones. Let’s take a look at the answer sheet of Xiaomi for many years -Xiaomi Tablet 5.

Many people’s impression is that the Android tablet is a “enlarged version of the mobile phone”. There is no great expectation for Xiaomi tablet. In fact, the sincerity of Xiaomi on the tablet this time is still sufficient.

Xiaomi’s attention is generally hardware stacking. Let’s take a look at what parameters are noteworthy.

Hardware selection


Two models, Xiaomi tablet 5 and Xiaomi tablet 5 Pro. Except for the same screen size, there are still many differences in other aspects. Xiaomi Tablet 5 Pro is Snapdragon 870, and there are multiple WIFI 6. The battery is 120mAh, but it is 67W fast charging, 8 speakers.


The Snapdragon 860 can be regarded as a vest of 855+, and the gap between the Snapdragon 870 is about 20%. WiFi 6 is not strong for ordinary users. The 67W fast charge is the most obvious.

As for the camera, I personally think that whether it is a 5G card version or the WiFi version, there is no need to force it on the tablet, because most people are really not demanding, and few people are willing Record the video.


From the perspective of hardware parameters, pursuing efficiency can choose Xiaomi tablet 5 Pro; just ordinary audio and video entertainment, Xiaomi Tablet 5 is enough.

Software ecology

One of the major issues that make many Android tablets criticize is the software ecology. The source of “Android tablets is an enlarged Android phone”. Due to the different resolution, it is common to appear a strange interface ratio after opening the application on the Android tablet. Only opening the HD version application is a normal proportion suitable for tablet computers.

Xiaomi was aware of this problem. When it was released, it had adapted the 300 commonly used applications, and said that more applications that were adapted to Xiaomi tablets would be launched in the future.

Xiaomi is indeed attentive in this regard, at least it has been improved a lot in the software use experience, and other tablet manufacturers should also follow up.


Productivity or iQiyi

Also released with Xiaomi Tablet is its accessories, folding keyboard sleeves and handwriting pens, and the supporting software “concept drawing board”. It seems to be able to use it, it is difficult to say.

If it is an audio -visual entertainment, it is still very comfortable to experience. With 120Hz high screen, with 8 speakers, you should have an experience effect that does not lose ipad.

Whether to choose Android tablet

When it comes to tablet computers, I have to say that Apple’s iPad is, even Lei Jun misused Xiaomi tablet as an iPad at the press conference. In fact, we all know that the iPad is good, but may not know where the iPad is good.


At present, Android tablets are already close to iPad in audiovisual entertainment, but the hardware configuration and software ecology are much worse. The productivity of iPad is not just talking. The hardware strength of itself, as well as external extension capabilities. I can achieve a lot of unexpected effects with a green IPAD exclusive dock daily.

For example, expand computer screens, conference screening, PPT, pick -up keyboard, 3.5mm headphones, etc., just an iPad Pro thunderbolt 3 dock can be done. It is unclear whether the interface of Xiaomi Flat 5 can be done, and it is even more fragrant if it can be.


Of course, Android tablets are still cost -effective as an audio and video entertainment. Xiaomi still has a price and one point, and is very active to do a good job of software ecosystem. This is worthy of recognition.

After buying a tablet, is it mainly content production or video entertainment?