“Vajra Wolf” Hugh Jackman vacation! The 13 -year -old wife is like a mother and child in the same frame, and wearing a swimsuit to get blessed




“Vajra Wolf” Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborah’s feelings are enviable,

Recently, he was in the same frame with his 13 -year -old wife.


The 52 -year -old “Uncle Wolf” walked in the sea with his wife, wearing a half -body beach pants light. Although he was 52 years old, his muscle lines were still tight, like a body -like man.


The wife Dibara is very different. The black swimsuit is difficult to wrap the fat. Looking at it from a distance, the two are more like a mother and son in the same frame.

After Hugh Jackman and his wife went ashore, they were more casual. There was no idol baggage at all.


The two of them looked very harmonious on the beach.

Then Deborah changed his casual clothes and Hugh Jackman on the beach. He looked black in black. He wore a woven sun hat on his head and was particularly casual with sand beach sandals.

Black short -sleeved T -shirts fall around the waist. The non -tight T -shirt is not good. It will be more solid. It is undoubtedly the standard for casual clothes with middle trousers, but the black without design will appear a little dull.


The daily leisure costumes are mainly comfortable, and there are no high requirements for beauty. Different T -shirts are enough to meet the needs.

The gray beach pants with white T -shirt and wearing a weaving fisherman hat with sunscreen, it feels very relaxed and pleasant. Even if the black T -shirt should not meet the scorching sun, the T -shirts of other colors and the same color pants are also very good to choose.

For ordinary amateur, wearing a white body is not a big deal, it can also play a sunscreen.

With a small white suspender inside, a pair of same -color silk thin trousers, a long white shirt on the outside will be very casual.

However, it is difficult for a long white shirt to highlight the advantages of the figure. Generally, the silk shirt can play the same role, and the lower body can also be matched with sandals. In addition, it can be used as a suitable hat according to personal conditions, and it can be freely switched with elegance and leisure.

Hugh Jackman does not mind whether his wife is blessed, no matter what occasions are on the occasion, you can show a love of love in any occasion


Since the two got married in 1996, the 13 -year -old wife had a miscarriage twice and could only adopt two children.


But the couple will still kiss like young couples, and the difference is 13 years old.

Uncle Wolf is enough. Marry a good man like Uncle Wolf.

It can be seen that even if Deborah does not hide his blessings, Hugh Jackman will still express his love for her

The movement of his wife on the street is romantic, and his wife is no doubt.

Don’t look at Deborah’s daily width, but at a critical moment, it is not ambiguous, and it turns into the dignified queen with a strong makeup.


Wearing a black off -the -shoulder dress at the party is the most atmospheric. The plush modification below the skirt further adds a gas field. A black mesh jeper is turned into a lady.

The black T -shirt is simple and generous. If the skirt is faint, it is solemn and dignified, and it is more different with the bracelet with silver earrings.


Although the skirt full of design is not everyday, it is often alarming.

Black off -the -shoulder bubble sleeves are not rare, and the large bubble sleeves modify the whole like wings. The tight design of other parts shows the figure properly, like a dark night messenger full of charm.


The length of the skirt at the end of the skirt extends to the ground. Although it is only black, it shows gorgeous, and with the same color high heels, it is enough to press the group.

In addition, ordinary black silk dresses can also reflect noble.


The design of the U -shaped collar of the skirt will be more generous, and the cuffs are tightened slightly. In sharp contrast to the loose sleeve, the long skirt will be free to land, which will be very thin. It will be very beautiful with black high -heeled sandals at this time.


For such loose dresses, with the long white fungus decoration, it will have more personal charm, which is contrasting with the overall wiring of the skirt.

When Deborah was serious, the charm was visible to the naked eye, and the price was not at all in the same frame as the fashion female magic head.

The upper body is wearing a black slim sleeveless top, the clothes are added with a cloak, the lower body is wearing a black tight long skirt, the end of the skirt is decorated with plush ending, and a pair of high -heeled sandals, the overall sense of design is full of fashion.


The body is more noble with pearl earrings and pearl bracelets, and it must be extremely eye -catching among the crowd.

Ordinary people of this type of clothing can also try, which is a proper winner in terms of temperament.


And the black pairing bag is also very simple, which can basically control all kinds of colors, and even the leopard bag that symbolizes mature is not a problem.

In the 24 years of marriage, Hugh Jackman’s feelings for Dibara have never changed. It is probably because Dibara can be leisurely become a good wife and mother, and it can also be noble to become the queen of the venue.

However, the “wolf” when he was young is also an absolute goddess.