Eczema, dermatitis, what is it good to rub? Common skin diseases “Medication Guide”, you will see it at a glance


The skin is the largest organ of the human body, with a total area of ​​1.5 to 2m², which is the first barrier to health. According to statistics, it has been found

Nearly 2,000 skin diseases

It is one of the most common diseases of human beings, with a variety of symptoms, and the performance of the same disease at different stages is also different.

For the vast majority of people, external drugs are the most common treatment methods for skin diseases. Usually, some skin problems are usually purchased by themselves.


However, external medicines must also be reasonable and correct in order

Essence So, what problems do you need to pay attention to when regulating medicine? Today, Xiaojiu will give you a simple popular science.

1. The premise of medication, understand the principle of medication

We must know a few principles before using external medicine.

Principle 1, control medication

Before taking the medicine, you need to choose the appropriate medicine for the pathogen, cause, and clinical manifestations under the premise of clearing the condition.

Instead of using the product name and advertising to promote blindly using the drug


Especially when a variety of drugs are mixed, you must pay attention to the taboos of drug compatibility, otherwise it is likely not to be resolved, but it will increase.

Principle 2, pay attention to age, gender, location

Different age, different gender, different parts, and suitable drugs are also different. For example, the same drug may be too concentrated and stronger for infants and young children, but it is just right for adults.

Principle 3, pay attention

The dose is critical, in general, the common amount can be pressed “


Fingertip unit

“Calculate, that is, the amount from the fingertip to the first fingertips. The amount of different parts is different. For example, there are generally 3 fingertips units, one side of the lower limbs and 8 fingertips. To control it reasonably, there may be side effects, less and no effect.

Principle 4, pay attention to frequency

The frequency of different drugs is different. Generally, commonly used external medicines 1 or 2 times a day; solution agents are easy to volatilize, and the number of times can be a little more, about 4 to 5 hours; and some drugs are more sensitive to sunlight (ultraviolet) (ultraviolet). Such as eliminating spots whitening milk, Adapolin, etc., use it once at night.

Principle 5, pay attention to side effects


Any drug is not absolutely safe. Primary stimulation or allergic reactions may occur during use. Therefore, pay attention to observation. If adverse reactions occur, it should be discontinued and handled in time.


In short, skin -related problems occur. The correct approach is to go to the hospital for examination in time, and then follow the doctor’s advice. Do not use the medicine blindly to avoid using the wrong medicine, aggravate the condition, and delay the treatment.

Second, common skin disease medication solutions



Psoriasis, commonly known as “psoriasis”, can be manifested as a needle or mung bean -sized red rash in the early stage of onset. It can increase with each other, and it can integrate with each other to form spots. The surface of the skin lesion is covered with dry silver scales, and it is scraped gently. It can be seen that the small blood point is a typical manifestation of this disease.

External use


: Dali.

Oral medication

: Amino -peptide tablets immunosuppressor, such as ammonia armor.


Three types of acute, subacute, and chronic according to the course of the disease. During acute attacks, erythema, pimples, blisters, pustules, erosion, scabs and other performances may occur. Itching is severe, and often can’t help scratching, and then aggravate the condition; Dry and prone to cracks, skin infiltration and thickening, and pigmentation.

: Ailoson, dermatitis, curd new ointment, oranol, etc.

: Anti -allergic medicine, vitamin B family, vitamin C, urticaria pill, etc.


It is mainly caused by allergic substances such as air and pollen, which are contaminated. After the onset, it often feels itching of the skin, and the wind ball appears soon. It is bright red or pale, skin tone, and the attack time is not necessarily tortured.

External drug

: Benzene -pyramid cream, chlorolytizine cream, glucocorticoid ointment, etc.

Oral drugs

: Poemin, cetirizine, imidinin, clothereddin, benzine, Avastein and so on.

Contact dermatitis

This disease is relatively urgent. Before the onset, there are generally allergic or stimulating contact history. The skin lesions are mostly in the contact site. Those with milder symptoms are local congestion, light red or bright red spots, pimples, blisters, etc. The material irritation of contact can cause skin necrosis or ulcers; when the body is highly sensitive, it can be generally developed and needs to be treated in time.

: Dermatitis, danols, Eloson, Qu Mi Xin ointment, etc.

: Antimamines: Sitlinizine, deerz, urticaria pills, dishes, etc.

Seborrheic dermatitis

At the time of the onset, it is a red pimple or spot, which can be blended with each other. It is covered with greasy scales or crickets on it. The base is flushed. It can be scratched.

: Cai Le, Energy Cream, etc.

: B -vitamin B vitamin plus metronidazole, antipruritic antidamine, dectidin, Sidalizine, etc.

There are thousands of skin diseases, so I do n’t introduce it here. You can choose the medicine that suits you under the guidance of a doctor according to your specific situation.

Attachment: Common topical hormone ointment and its role intensity

There are many hormone drugs. Different drugs, different concentrations, different effects, and different applicable diseases. Generally speaking, it can be divided into four categories: weak effects, medium -effect, powerful, and super powerful.


We take glucocorticoid ointment as an example to give you an explanation:

Weak effects glucocorticoid ointment

It is suitable for children younger than 12 years old, with a softer part of the skin, light medium skin lesions, and can be used in a large area in a short period of time. If necessary, it can be used for a long time;

Mid -Effect sugar corticosteroid ointment

It is suitable for light moderate skin lesions and should not be used for a long time. Children under 12 years of age should not be used for more than 2 weeks, and adults can continue to use continuously for 4-6 weeks;

Powerful and super -efficient glucocorticoid ointment

It is suitable for severe and hypertrophic skin lesions. It is not recommended to use in a part that is less than 12 years old and the skin is tender. It should not be used in large areas and long -term medication.

Other drugs are a reason. The drug concentration is different, the intensity of the effect is different, and the use of use varies from person to person.

Photo source: Medicine Evaluation Center

In short, before using the drug, the condition must be clearly clarified. The best way is to consult a professional physician and use it under their guidance instead of blindly using it to avoid aggravating the condition.


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External use

External use

External use


Oral medication

Oral medication

Oral medication