Apple exclusive selling Parker Teddy bear: support AR interaction


Wei Feng Online October 4th, Children’s Toys Sprinted Company SEEDLING has launched a plush teddy bear named Parker this week, and has exclusively above the Apple Store retail store, and children can achieve some followers through iOS enhancement. Life related operations.

Thanks to the “Enhanced Real” feature of Apple’s latest iPhone devices and iOS 11 operating systems, Parker Tets does not need regular batteries, cameras, and Wi-Fi wireless networks to drive meaningful users interaction, but rely on free AR Apply to play games.


For convenience of playing games, Parker Teddy Bear is also equipped with a doctor’s kit, backpack and special X-ray, which can trigger an AR reaction in a supporting SeedLing application. Children can diagnose common diseases through thermometer and stethoscope, and then treat Parker Teddy Bear with a bottle and a spoon. All accessories are made of wood, not plastic or synthetic materials.

Children can use the iPad or iPhone to make a more in-depth examination of the bones and internal organs of Parker Teddy bear. For example, children can help Parker do more deep breathing and pulmonary capacity test with 3D Touch. The application experience also includes games and puzzles, and photos and video features.

Whenever the player successfully completes treatment, solve a problem or complete a puzzle, Parker Teddy Bear’s happiness index will rise, trigger a special AR effect. Parker Teddy Bear is designed for children aged three and above, which provides a new method for learning science, technology, education, art and mathematics. As a doctor-style game product, Parker Teddy Bear also allows children to learn basic biology.

Currently, this Parker Teddy Bear has landed Apple’s official mall and some Apple Store retail stores, which is priced at $ 59.95 (about RMB 399), but Apple China’s official website is not to go to this product.


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