Automobile service experts interpret the invisible car jacket for you (the secret of the transparent film of the car paint)


The hidden car jacket market in 2016 was in full swing. However, some unscrupulous businesses were really annoying to flicker customers in order to pull business and ignore professional ethics. Next, Xiaobian uses his own experience and knowledge to tell you what is called car paint transparent membrane (also known as: invisible car jacket, PPF).


PPF is the abbreviation of Paint Protection Film, and the translation is “paint mask”. PPF is generally divided into three types: transparent protective film, flashing protective film and sub -light transparent protective film; according to the material, it can be divided into: PVC, PU and TPU.


The “rhino leather” we often say is PPF made of PU material. The resistance, elasticity and durability of PU material are better than PVC, and of course the cost is also higher.

At present, there is a relatively cheap “rhino leather” in China. Generally, cheap PVC materials are used to impersonate PU materials, which can not achieve the effects of dealers’ promotion in terms of performance and durability.


So what is TPU? Due to the structure and characteristics of the raw material, PU material will become yellow and gray over time after a period of wind blowing and car washing and waxing. Therefore, the current high -end PPF products will be treated with special coating on the surface of the basic PU material, that is, Top Coating.


At present, there are a variety of TC processing materials, but no matter what kind of materials are used, the purpose is to enhance the function and resistance of preventing yellow change, and to effectively increase durability.


Name: PPF transparent protective film (TPU)

English: Paint Protection Film

Commonly known as: invisible car jacket

Specification: 1.524 meters*15 meters/volume

Quality insurance: 5 years

Protective film: 80UM Asuki PET membrane

Noodle material: 150um thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU) and 3UM special liquid coating

Bottom paper: 50umpet film

The transparent membrane is also divided into coating and no coating, and the high -end membrane has coatings. It recognizes that they have a particularly simple method. It is to cut a small strip and excessively stretch. This is because the coating and the base stretch are different. As shown in the figure below, the transparent membrane of the top dual coating appears when stretching horizontally, vertical and two -way.

Ordinary PVC transparent protective film is easy to break and damage, and poor protection performance!

TPU transparent protective film: good tear resistance, excellent curvature strength, high resistance to Zhang, and large breaks.

Scrape the surface of the membrane on the surface of the membrane; heat the surface of the film with a barbecue gun (can also pour water); ordinary PVC protective film cannot be recovered; TPU transparent protective film: automatic healing of scratches, superior thermal polyurethane memory performance, recovery when the temperature is increased, recovery when the temperature is increased Normally, you can repair it by grill, hair dryer, sun exposure, etc., and more abrasion resistance. The new solid car shield of the car kingdom does not need to be heated, and self -repair is realized at normal temperature, which is a higher -level product.

The significance of PPF:

1. Preservation: When buying and selling second -hand cars, the general valuation of the spray -painted car is not high, and it is easy to be suspected of being accidentally suspected of being an accident car. If it is a second -hand car of a luxury brand, the residual value of the original car paint will be retained as much as possible than the completely new lacquer vehicle.

2. Prevent corrosion of corrosion: Protect the original paint surface, prevent the damage of car paint such as gravel, dust, sour rain, bird feces, leaves, and ultraviolet rays.

3. Fighting car rowing party: Prevent malicious scraping: Rhino leather has a super structure and puncture resistance. It can effectively protect the car with artificial malicious scraping while parking, and it can also avoid pet scraping. Don’t worry about being scratched when borrowing a car.

4. Do not affect the car inspection: the invisible effect of the whole car, any vehicle management office can be tested at will.

I hope that through the efforts of this editor, it can help you polish your eyes! Intersection (Han Guanghui, director of the Direct Store of the Cars Kingdom)