Why do most beautiful women wear throws? After reading it, I feel beautiful.


With the continuous development of the times, the current female friends are very loved, and most girls will be carefully dressed, but in addition to external beauty, we must have inner beauty. Ding jings in Europe and America are very popular in women. Its biggest benefit is to avoid the 尴尬 时 免 时 免 时 免 时. 时. In fact, most women include Asian women think that if they accidentally go to overhead trousers, they will always be uneasy when they have been shameful than those who have seen meat by others, and they will always want to secretly adjust it. However, once the women who adapt to the thong, we put them on them.

Women like wearing thong


The Hips of European and American women are really more advantageous than those in Asia, they don’t need to maintain a sleeper effect with any external support, so they have capital and courage to show a beautiful hip curve. Although there is a small punch, the key part is still protected, and the female hygiene products equipped with thong are also very complete, so the health is not a big problem.

Meet your own heart love

Ding Jump, also known as T-pants, T pants, is named “Ding”. Ding Jump, Fashion, Sexy, Ding Junjun is particularly popular by models and actresses, follow-up to the selection of fashion women. Ordinary trousers will have obvious trousers, very indiscriminate, and the clings will not have legal traces, this is one of the many women choosing the reason.

Ding pants’ magic


Ding Jumps will make fashion women’s signs and other women’s symbols, especially women, not only for the sexy temptation in the eyes, but also satisfy their own feelings. Attracting a male companion, the magic of the male companion is far more than ordinary pants, and wearing high quality things will greatly increase attractive.