The net red ring “bite” can be opened in the wine bottle: it is hot on the online sales, there are few offline operations.


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Recently, a net red ring capable of driving a beer bottle. Because it can make people like the magic, “freehand” performance is open, and it is beautiful, and the price is cheap, so I am sought after by young people. But what makes it convinced that this network red ring has frequently happened “bite” incident. There have been two such events in Nanyang and Fuyang.

Can the net red ring can’t open a bottle? Dahe Dahe Client Reporter On-site trial after online shopping.


Trial: After the network red ring successfully opened the bottle cover, his fingers hurt, slightly edema

At noon on June 10, the reporter received online shopping online red ring express. The price of this Net red ring is 9.9 yuan, and it is shipped. According to the online business, the material of the ring is titanium steel, very hard. After opening the courier, there is a network red ring in the courier, and a necklace that can wear rings. The rings are silver, and the intermediate groove has a silver chain that is rotatable, with a thickness of about 2 mm.

In the experiment, the reporter first put the ring on the index finger of the right hand, and then set the side of the beer cap according to the outer edge of the network. Suddenly, the beer bottle cap did relieve, and accompanied by The sound of the exhausted gas, but the red index finger is also squeezed very painful.

Subsequently, the reporter increased the strength of the forefinger, but the bottle cover was not moving. Since the index finger is squeezed, it has produced a clear scar, and the reporter will change the ring to the right hand, continue to try to open the bottle cover. After several tries, the bottle cap of the first bottle of beer has not been opened, and the paint on the cap is also scraped off multiple pieces.

In order to experiment, the reporter has changed the second bottle of beer and continued to try to open the bottle cover with a ring. In the end, the reporter used the right hand index finger and the middle finger to repeatedly try to open the second bottle of beer cover, but the two fingers of the reporter were squeezed to be hurt by the ring, and the food refers to a slight edema, and the inner side of the middle finger is broken . It can be seen that the net red ring is not a reach, and the bottle cap can be opened. At the same time, it is not difficult to imagine. If the reporter has opened the bottle covered multiple times, it is very likely to cause serious edema in the fingers, thus a ring “biting”.

Survey: The sales of net red ring is hot, there are few successful offline operations.

Previously, when online shopping, the reporter was selected at a number of online shopping platforms, and the price is mostly within 10 yuan, and there are a variety of colors available. Its product name is also very cool, such as: Opener ring, shake network Hong opened beer bottle cover artifact, etc., many online merchants have thousands to 10,000.

At the same time, in a number of comments in a number of online stores, there are many buyers gave praise. But there are also some buyers commented: “The ring is still good, the bottle opener is a joke; there is no strength, but also can’t open a beer bottle; open bottle cover …”

In an interview, the reporter also interviewed a few young people who loved in Zhengzhou. According to one of the small Wu (pseudonym) in a bar in Zhengzhou, he and several small partners have bought this net red ring that can open the bottle cover online, and I think that in front of my friends. Perform “freehand” open bottle cover. But when they punched, they were played, but the bottle covers did not open, and one of them was almost unable to get out.

Xiao Wu’s small partner Xiaohua (pseudonym) said that many friends he met, and I bought this net red ring, but I have successfully opened the bottle cap. To this end, they also studied online video, found a lot of successful opening of the video of the cap, there is no bottle cover to open the moment of ventilation, so they guess that these videos are fake, the bottle cover should have been Open in advance and put it up.

Fire: Nanyang, Fuyang has two new network red ring “biting” incident, it has a safety hazard

In the interview, the reporter learned from the Zhengzhou City Fire Department. At present, the Zhengzhou fire department has not received the help of such net red ring “biting”, but in Nanyang, the two places have taken two.

On June 1st, in Nanyang City Wolong District Jianshe Road Fire Station, a man came asking for help, the reason is that the net red bottle opener ring card can’t be abolished, and the pain is unbearable. According to the man, when he dinner at night, he and his friends showed some on the wine table, who knew that the next day couldn’t get it.

Since the ring is titanium steel, it is very hard, the firefighters use a grinder to cut, after more than 10 minutes, finally cut the ring, but the hard ring is still unwilling to “pine”. Subsequently, the firefighter cuts the second mouth with the same method in the other side of the ring, which will take the ring.

On June 4, Fuyang City Fire Rescue Detachment Kaizhou Road Fire Station received a help, a high school student was also “bitten” finger by the net red bottle opener, firefighters used iron shears and grinders to cut the ring. After approximately 20 minutes, the ring will be successfully removed.

Here, the relevant people from the fire rescue team in Henan Province reminded the general public, similar to the “net red ring”, there is a safety hazard, if you use it forced to open the bottle cover or multiple times, the extremely easy-to-opponent refers to damage, causing the finger blood flow, Swelling occurs, causing the ring to be caught in the finger, there is no way to take the “Net Red Ring Card” incident. Therefore, I hope that the general public should not imitate, bringing unnecessary harm to themselves. (Editor Yuan Min)