Grandma, suits by the side, popular “knitted small vest” this year, small children will wear


For girls who love beauty, a good mood is dressed in dress, with fashion elegant dress to meet every morning, meet better yourself in this spring.

Even because of the height problem, it is necessary to pick yourself to drift, like “knitted small vest” in this spring, it is very suitable for us, and it is not high to be beautiful and high. Grandmast, suits by the side, “knitted small vest” in the spring this spring, small children will wear, let’s take a look!

First, the head is more choice knitted vest


If the knitted small vest is a small child, the gospel is smashed, so you can make your shape more on the staple floor, and it is easy to say.


1, short choice


When we choose a knitted small vest, we need to pay attention to its length, choose less long, give priority to the above-mentioned lengths of knitted short vests near the waistline position.

Such vests can divide our size into three or seven-point effects, and improve the ratio of leg-type in the whole body, but also highlight the style of the style, revealing the shirt, stylish and the legs.

2, choose to fit the right

Small children are easy to fall into a misunderstanding on dress, the more slim, the more slim, it is not completely. The stylized milky millet is equipped with a high waist trousers, it is indeed highlighting.

But the knitted vest is usually added to a long-sleeved T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and even a long-sleeved dress, if it is too slim, but it is smashed.

3, pay attention to the lead

If a child wants to wear a high-quality sensation, then the upper body wear is rich in layer, choose V-neck, chicken heart or big round neck-woven vests, there is no doubt that you can easily show the neckline.


In addition, the shoulders of the knit vest are best to select the shoulder sleeves, relieve problems such as shoulder widgets.

Second, the matching idea of ​​different knitted vests

About the matching of the knit vest is actually similar, nothing more than using it to overlay long-sleeved T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts or coat long skirts, but if the knit vest is different, then we have to adjust the inner and lower style.

1, solid color knit vest

The solid color knit vest is mostly black, beige, white, cof color, simple and practical, recommend everyone to pick up the color according to the color of the knit vest.

For example, black knit vests are suitable with white shirts, blue shirts, beige vests. Combination white shirts or light-colored striped shirts, shaping the same color LOOK.

2, old flower vest

The old flower vest of the retro jacquard or the rhombic pattern is placed along with the principle of integration, and superimposing the solid color basis shirt.

The bottoming can be echoed with the vest color, and the simplicity is also particularly high. In addition, small children should roll up the shirt cuffs and vivid.


Third, knitted small vest matching formula

A short girl is not just to choose a knitted small vest, and you must master some simple and practical ideas.

1, knit vest + shirt + knee skirt


Knitted vests and shirts are mixed with simple generous and rich, it is very suitable for light cooked women to try, while moving the center of gravity, showing your own fashion.

Everyone should remember the straight knitted skirt or pleated skirt that belongs to the same color, quietly tension in the shape of the same color, quietly tensioned.

In addition to improving the skin with the roll cuffs, the small children must have a big man in the shoes. For example, with the knit vest, the knee belongs to the same color.

Or use Loyifi shoes to connect your brock, medium stockings, add fashionable atmosphere.


2, knit vest + shirt + nine pants

The open ankle is called one of the most friendly clothes of the small child. It is easy to improve the fashion sensation through the exposed fiber avales.


We may wish to use it in the matching of knit vests, select nine pants to highlight the style of shape, simple but simple.

Of course, the matching of knitted vests is far more than these, in this spring, small children can also use knitted vests with high waist long pants, look long. This time, the knitted small vest to everyone, wear a demonstration, a short girl must be!


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