Daughter red ~ Shaoxing


The daughter red is a traditional wine in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. It belongs to the yellow wine in the fermented wine. It is fermented with glutinous rice. It contains a large number of amino acids needed, and the winter air in the Yangtze River is often drinking this wine.

Draw the front of the front of the lake, brewing the wine Wanli fragrance, and curse the story of the Jin Dynasty daughter’s red brand for thousands of years. As early as 304 AD, there was a female wine in the “Southern Grass” in the Jin Dynasty, and the daughter’s red wine was a must-have to marry the mother of the old man. When the first cry of the daughter, it will definitely let every father’s heart, the three-acre the fields of the Valley, which will be red, and the dress is deeply covered in the backyard, just hidden The father of love, when it is nothing, I will go to the osmanthus tree, and I will seem to be in my heart.

Looking back, I hope that my daughter, my daughter is tight, the eyebrows like the willow leaves of the Qingming Festival, one day than one day. In the ancient Zhejiang Shaoxing, this custom is like this long. When the daughter is married, with wine as a greece with wine, Gong sent to the family. According to Shaoxing’s old rules, three bowls of wine taken from the altar, to present the father-in-law of her daughter’s family, the fathers and their husbands, and the meaning of the homes and life. In Shaoxing, the custom of this life woman will brew the daughter’s wine. When the famous patriotic poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, when the Dongguan Ancient Town, the famous verse was written after drinking her daughter’s red wine, “I only want to stay in Donguan, watching the moon in the night.”