Which nation’s nation is best to eat, after evaluation, these 6 places are famous, is there a home?


As a northerner, in addition to the radish cabbage, there is still the same dry goods every winter, that is, the noodle, this is a very wild food, you can put together with all kinds of meat or vegetables, stir fry together, very Classic cabbage stewed noodles, ants on the tree, and in addition, the noodles can also be put into pie and dumplings. At the same time, the noodles are also a must-have some people who eat hot pot. The nature is natural, which can absorb a variety of delicious Soup, this also makes the noodles have thousands of tastes, after cooking, q Bounce, widely affiliated diners.

The noodles have been produced in my country. It is usually made of raw material processing in the production of sweet potatoes, potatoes and other foods. It is because the noodles are widely loved, so there are production in many provinces in my country, where is the noodles best? After the evaluation, the 6 placements were more famous, well known, let’s take a look at it ~

First, the child is strip


Submatty is a local characteristic product from Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province. Subborne noodles are mainly with potatoes as raw materials, and they have to be starch, then have been cooked, and their color is white or gray. The son is divided into a circular torue, fine noodles, flat noodles and powder strips. The typical characteristics are cooked, which is usually made of cooking, cold or filling, need to be in hot water in hot water 10 In the minute, it will be further cooked after it is soft. Of course, the son is also suitable for taking a roof such as tonality, fried, burning, puffling or a soup.


Second, Zhangzhou noodles

From the Yizhou nouls from Zhangzhou City, Henan Province, it is a local traditional feature, which has been a hundred years of history. Among them, the ancient urban and rural areas, Huashi Township, and Zhuangzhuang Township is known as “noodle hometown”. In 2019, the fourth batch of national famous new agricultural products are selected.


The Cangzhou area is widely cultivated, so the local farmers are taken by the local farmers, using pure sweet potato, using modern technology to purify, use traditional crafts, can be made, can be said to be natural green food, rich in carbohydrate, dietary fiber , Niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and other nutrients, the beauty of “artificial shark fin”.


Yizhou noodles were yellow or yellow brown, with a long-awaited feature, after being used, soft and delicious, translucent. Suitable for eating a lot, can be mixed, you can fry, you can also stick to hot pot. Local people also like to use “子” and a special flavor snack in Zhangzhou.

Third, Zhou Li noul

Zhou Li noul is a specialty of Anyue County, Nancy City, Sichuan Province.

An Yue County is located in the middle of the Sichuan Basin, has four quarters, sufficient light, no-frost-free, providing convenient conditions for sweet potato, and also provides sufficient raw materials for sweet potato powder.


Zhou Li powder has a long history, and there is a record of the production of noodles in the years. With the continuous upgrading of the local people to make noodles technology, the modern Zhou Liquan fabric production has been processed, and the initial formation, re-ripening process is used. Zhou Li’s noodles are yellowish, and the yellow is black, and light is rich. The translucent state is presented later after entering the water. Zhou Li’s noodles are uniform, delicate and smooth, soft and elastic, and they will continue to be touched after cooking.

Fourth, river bag noodles


The river bag, produced from the town of Chongqing, the history of the production of noodles has been more than 100 years, and the title of “China’s noodle hometown”. In the early years, the noodles produced by local farmers are mostly edible, especially when they go to the New Year, people will use their sweet potato noodles to stew the pig’s trotters, and add a “hard meal” to the New Year. After the reform and opening up, some farmers put the noodles as a “secondary industry” and gradually push it into commodity. Today, river bags have achieved large-scale production, and they sell them all over the country through e-commerce.

The river bag has a sweet potato planting base. It provides raw materials for the production of sweet potato noodles. It also uses corn starch and pea starch to process the production of noodles. It uses the “first-type and lactation” manual technology, made a river bag noodles, with bomb Sleepy, long-lasting, not ton, etc., which are deeply loved. Now the big e-commerce platform and the hot pot napper and hot powder sold in the offline supermarket, have a large part of the production of rivers.

Five, Yunyang sweet potato noodles

Fuyang sweet potato noodles, specialty, Chinese national geographic logo products in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Shaoyang produced sweet potato noodles history and history, according to historical records, early Tourism in the Northern Wei Dynasty, Yongling has mastered the technology of making starch. In the Song Dynasty, it began to produce sweet potato fans.


The land of Fuyang is mainly mixed with loess and sand, the soil structure is good, the soil is relatively loose, the minerals are rich and varied, plus the local climate, suitable for sweet potato growth, the red potato skin, the output, high, is the production Premium raw materials for sweet potato starch.

Shaoyang sweet potato powder is like a dragon, and the color is like amber. After the hot water is soaked, it is crystal clear, and soft is not easy to break. At the same time, Shaoyang sweet potato powder has a long-term cooking, not sticky, not adhesive, the entrance is smooth, tough, not greasy. Suitable for making cold hot fried, vegetarian, stewed, stewed and other dishes, delicious, delicious.

Sixth, old county and township noodles

Old county and township powder, from the old county and township, Dongping County, Tai’an City, Shandong Province, is a local traditional agricultural product. Old county nurses have a long history, far from the Qing Dynasty Xuantong. After the reform and opening up, as the main industry has been vigorously developed, there are more than 1,000 powder floors in the township, and the annual output of noodles is 100 million pounds, selling in all provinces in my country, and overseas.

The local planted under the old county is white, the taste is smooth, the powder is high, and it is a high-quality raw material produced in the production of the flour. The melon harvested by the season is pulverized to the slag, and the slag is obtained to obtain the gumble starch, and then further processed into a noodle.


The old county’s noodles are thick and uniform, and the color is shine. After a long stew, it is still not mixed. At the same time, due to the cooked old county noodles crystal clear, it is called “glass noodle”. Old county’s noodles can be mixed, can be cooked, can be used with various vegetables and meat, and the fragrance naturally has no addition, and now it has been moving from traditional farm to urban table.

[Sweet potato noodles selection]

1. When buying sweet potato noodles, we can first use your hand, the real sweet potato noodles can be easily broken, if the flexibility is very good, however, it may be incorporated into the colloid;

2, in addition, we can smell, the pure sweet potato noodle will exude a faint sweet potato fragrance. If there is a odor, the additive is added;

3, in the end, we can also use the fire to look at it. If it is a real sweet potato noodle, there will be a puffed process, just like popchers. If it is a fake sweet potato powder, then the burning will exude a pungent smell. And there will be a black hard block.

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