[Information] About “handmade soap” and low-keyful soap


Wen / Winter Yu

I met a fellow in the community, she added my WeChat, I found that my friends circle album had an ancient soap photo, which seems to be surprised, oh, you have soap here. Haha, she said that she recently said to wash her head with soap, she only bought some other people’s recommended Taiwan handmade soap yesterday.

It seems that modern people are getting deepering for “health”. It is also because of the harm of various chemicals, of course, because of the establishment of information networks, many people have been forced to learn many health views. And the point of view is such a strange thing, you may not be serious, maybe you have doubts, but silently, you are ready to move, plus the people around you, make you also started to practice.

About “handmade soap”, Winter Yu (V: 1359117857) add some of the information collected with his own analysis and everyone.

With the name of green and environmentally friendly, the ancient handmade soap that once exited people’s makeup table was returned, as a new fashion of beauty in the network. However, after this declares more natural and safer “handmade soap beauty”, is it a beautiful lie? Do people misread the effect of handmade soap?

Handmade soap can be used as facial facilities, and can be used as a bath. Handmade soap foam is delicate and rich, and it can completely remove the oil of the pores. Make skin moisturize and elastic. The production method is also divided into three types, thermal method, cold method, and one is a grinding method. The thermal system is generally ordinary essential oil handmade soap; it is refined by cold-proof, referred to as a cold-proofing handmade soap. They are totally different from raw materials to the production method cycle, or it can be said to be a hetero. The essential oil soap is made fast, mostly translucent, and colorful is very beautiful; the cooling of the cold condensation soap is long, and it does not feel the whistle.

The raw materials used to do handmade soap are vegetable oil, water, sodium hydroxide, etc., the strong base must be used during soap, the strong base is harmful to the skin, but the production is in the soap, but it has become an extremely to the skin. Good thing. However, due to some soaps of production process, there is often a strong alkaline NaOH remaining in the soap body, and the skin may be damaged by improper use. Therefore, the homemade handmade soap should be rigorous.

Making handmade soap must require alkaline substances, ester (oil) + sodium hydroxide = soap + glycerol. Glycerin is an indispensable moisturizing ingredient in maintenance products and cosmetics, naturally producing 25% of glycerol during hand-soap soap. The ancient people use the potassium carbonate in the wood (aqueous solution in alkali), and modern people use the sodium hydroxide produced by the aqueous solution of the sodium chloride. Sodium hydroxide is a strong base, which will damage the skin, but will no longer be sodium hydroxide after saponification with grease, but soap and glycerin. In order to complete saponification of sodium hydroxide, it must be placed for one to two months after hand-made soap. Handmade soap contains natural glycerol (produced during soap), the moisturizing effect is extraordinary, and the skin is very mild, no irritation. The foam is delicate, except for amazing cleaning, do not destroy the skin’s keratin layer, because the glycerol contained in the cleaning dirt, forms a layer of protective film to protect the skin. Once the skin of the skin, once aging is generated, it will make important moisture, and the loss of moisture is more dry and wrinkled. Handmade soap does not have a mysterious formula, do soap, talk with quality. Handmade soap is not just a piece of soap, it is a daily skin care product. Long-term use, you will find that some of the previous skin problems have been greatly improved, and the allergic reaction is less, the dandruff is less, and the flexibility has increased. Europeans have already found the benefits of cold soaps, and they are popular. But because they cannot be mechanized massive production, and the storage period is short, the cost is high, and the famous brand skin care products does not have their position.

Due to the need for high temperature heating during the production, the vegetable oil and other additives contain natural vitamins and nutrients are kept, so that the skin is the best maintenance. We know that the skin also needs to absorb nutrients by increasing various foods. Maintenance in bathing is the fastest and most effective way. When the whole body pores are diaced, use the handmade soap to complete the whole body, let the skin absorb, relax, the skin seems to have a layer of moisturizing cream, slippery Not tight, that feels that only have used talents will know.

Different oils have different characteristics, so the saponi effects of different formulations will be different. Soft oil is better than the olive oil proportion of olive oil. It is easy to brushed soap foam, good moisture, but the cleaning is relatively weak, suitable for dry skin; the opposite is not easy to brushed, the foam is rich in sorghum, suitable for oily acne skin.

Handmade soap environmental protection. Handmade cooled soap rich in glycerin needs, in addition to detergent, moisturizing the skin, will not cause the skin’s burden. Moreover, it will not cause pollution to the environment. Because the handmade soap is different from the chemical detergent, it will be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by bacteria after approximately 24 hours after contact with water. Therefore, it is not possible to cause environmental pollution, and will not pose a threat to marine life. Using handmade soap, not only is good for yourself, but also be environmentally friendly, two cars. Therefore, in this era of emphasis on the green environment, handmade soap is very popular.

Hand-cold soap has a disadvantage: since there is no excess preservative, the shelf life is shorter. This is a “beautiful regret”. In addition, an alkali agent (sodium hydroxide) used to be saponified with grease is large, and since the process of sufficient purification is not performed, the skin is easier to cause stimulation. At the same time, most of the handmade soap sold in the network is a personal workshop manual manufacturing. From the source of raw materials to the production environment, it is unable to perform relevant quality monitoring. Some handmade soaps and even directly add juice, vegetable juice, yoghurt and other ingredients. In fact, these simple adding ingredients are very easy to have a chemical reaction or breeding microorganism due to instability, which will have a bad effect on the skin. And if you want to reduce the microbiological generation without adding a preservative, it is necessary to improve its alkaline, and the stronger the alkaline is, the greater the damage to the skin.

Many people will pay attention to additives, especially girls, and those who are blameful additives have become the main reason for their purchase of soaps. It is not to say that the addition is not important, but a good soap is the most important thing is oil, which is the foundation, all the effects depend on the base grease. This is like cooking, good materials, plus high-quality seasonings, can completely play the delicious food.

Pure naturally produced quality handmade soap is light, color is not bright, and the alkaline is weak, and the irritability is not large. If the aroma is good, the color is bright, it is not a pure natural handmade soap.

Commercially available soap (soap soap, industrial production, non-hand-made soap) Most of the saponification, the saponification produced by the saponification is used as cosmetic purposes, there is no soap of glycerin, and the skin is easily dry after washing.

Handmade soap and should be cautious, and industrial soaps on the market should be cautious. As for soap-based soap, please check the information online.

The advantage of the Syrian Empress August Soare:

As the nasal ancestors of handmade soap, the ancient soap appearance is not beautiful, there is no pleasant aroma, but there is no moving packaging, but it has been inherited for thousands of years, and as the favorite of Muslim women, rising to the height of faith, must be because of good Use because of its own valuable.

I have doubtful to the production of the ancient soap, which has been doubtful, because some professional knowledge will know that cold processes are most advantageous for grease nutrients. And the ancient soap is a hot method, and after the production is completed, it is placed in the ground and dry for a year or even a few years. This craft is very curious.

I have read the online ankree soap production process, and I also query about the more pleasant soap, for the production of ancient soap and why it can survive for so long and is so popular, do some simple analysis. Because it is not special, so it is for reference only.

(1) Ingredients (60% olive oil, 40% laurel oil, marine alkaloid)

It is said that the handmade soap made of industrial use with a cold-made method is a saponified reaction that has occurred with grease and an alkali agent (usually sodium hydroxide). Although the soap made in today’s industrial is reduced to reduce stimulus Instead of adding a chemical synthetic interface active agent or an ingredient such as an emulsifier, there is no difference from the soap component mainly used to clean. The so-called handmade soap contains natural glycerin, in fact, it is only a saponified reaction. Add a variety of so-called skin adding ingredients when making it with a refrigeration method, and can not change handmade soap. Clean, its most important functional ingredient is still soap.

Empress ancient soaps first did it on the ingredients, only grease and base, and more valuable is to use natural marine alkaloids. Now let’s analyze her ingredients.

1. Top black olive oil:

Yellow oil, the skin moisturizes, commonly used in cosmetics such as moisturizer, anti-wrinkle, health oil, massage oil, fuel oil and conditioner; in the lipstick, it is a tetrafluorescene dispersant. In addition, it is also used in advanced soap and sunscreen.

Vitamin A: It has the effect of activating the skin;

Vitamin E: can delay skin cell aging;

Vitamin D: can promote new metabolism of skin;

Vitamin K: can absorb the extra fat lower fat;

2. Premium Monthly Cantonese Pug:

Laure oil (I was identified as the only oil with HIV), which is a cold crushing of the moonfrom fruit. In the hot production of the ancient soap, it will not damage the special nutrients of laurel. And it is washed.

Moon is 1% of aromatic oil. Dried fruit contains 44.1%, including 1% lauric acid, 19% palmitic acid, 56.6% oleic acid, 21% linoleic acid, 2.5% linolenic acid. The nut contains 26.3% of fat, contains 45.1% of lagic acid, 3.8% palmitic acid, 28% oleic acid, 23.1% of linoleic acid. Seeds containing protein genus and globiography. The leaves include aromatic oil from 0.3-0.5% (can be up to 1-3%). The main ingredient is a linalool, eugenol, geraniol, 1,8-eucalyptus (Cineole), tone alcohol, acetyl-like oxol (ACETYEUGENOL) , Methyleugenol, α-peracant (α-pinene), Phellandrene, and the like. There is a cycloperpene lactone and germacranolide and rumen. Bark and tricycons contain alkali-alkali yellow nanine and lanobine.

Laji oil can nourish the softening skin, deep cleaning, anti-inflammatory, effectively prevent and relieve acne, psoriasis, dandruff, skin rash, eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

3. Oceanic alkaloid

Marine alkaloids are an important component of marine natural products, mainly in sponge animals, molluscular, algae, caulous animals, and inner animals and fish, which have a wide range of unique structures, and a wide bioactivity. It doesn’t have chemical soap bases to hurt skin, but instead of protective or preventing tumors, antibacterial, antiviral and other effects.

(2) Aspects of production process

Pour in the stone pot with fresh olive oil to add ocean alkali, then heat it to melt, stir, until the olive oil is completely decomposed, add fresh laurel oil, after a long saponification process, continue to clean with water , Then place it until the moisture is completely separated. At this time, it is manually cut into a soap, and then performs a dry process for at least 10 months to more than 1 year. This relatively slow and time-consuming production process is to extract the natural plant skin care essence, reaching the magical with ancient soap with skin substrates. When the soap soap is just done, the fluid is green. After special air-drying, it will turn into the yellow inner green ancient soap. With the removal of wind drying time, the deeper the yellow skin, but the inner heart is still green. A point worth explanating, because the position of the soap fan is different, located in the bottom and inside ancient soap, it is slightly more than the ancient soap color to be outside the outside.

1. Formal large factory production, avoiding the inquiral informality of general handmade soap small workshops.

Watch the production video, first fat, it is necessary to mix it for a few days, although not explained how much heating is heated, but heated for a few days, this is no doubt is a very slow heating process, but this is a heat preservation The process of TARCE time for a few days. (Homemade Ssora friends know that pure olive oil soap is required for 24-48 hours according to olive oil. Of course, there is also an olive oil of speed T, and another matter). For the olive oil, the fire, the saponification is very high, there is no more controlled, and the saponi to make the soap will be abolished, the risk is relatively high, and the technical requirements are relatively high. So only in several big plants use laurel oil to do soap, mostly at 30% -70%.

2. Hot Method

We mentioned above, the cold-saving shelf life is short, and there is almost no way to use the factory-large-scale production. The thermal method has a defect that causes nutrient ingredients. The ancient soap millennium production process has always improved the shortcomings in the production. I have also tried the cold method, but the washing is not as hot. In the end, the ancient soap summed up the respective advantages in the cold and thermal system and integrated. The ancient soap heated olive oil and laurel oil, does not use easy volatile essential oil ingredients, all of which avoid the volatilization of essential oils and the shortcomings of laurel essential oils. Moreover, heating belongs to slowly, the loss of nutrients are very nutrient, and such saponification also avoids the lack of residual base in cold soap. The ancient soap made thereby is extremely warm. Everyone observed the use of ancient soap, will discover the round and smooth, and the room is full of natural fragrance. Of course, you are in it, there may be no olive oil, but not careful to take it away. People entering the bathroom, they will feel like Mu Chunfeng.

3. Wind dry

The ancient soap is completed. After the ripening period, it needs to be more than 10 months or more, and even for a few years (so the ancient soap has a few years). Air drying makes it almost free of water, while the residual alkaline substance can be sufficiently saponified and become a component of beneficial skin.

Maybe see it, you will also realize, no wonder the ancient soap can not save long last forever. Because of a large amount of water, the medium without water is almost difficult to complete. In addition, the powerful bactericidal effect in the soap has a great role. Furthermore, because the added alkaloid (similar to the sea salt), plus the ancient soap itself is simple, so that the ancient soap is almost impossible to breed bacteria. The shelf life is extremely long. Even after activation, you can still save for three years.

Through the learning of soap knowledge, we know that soap is not simply divided into handmade soap or industrial soap, or cold soap or hot soap. Also know which one will be sety, which one must be good. Many principles are interoperable, and some technical drawbacks can be improved by reference to the means of relative methods. As a result, there are many popular soaps that have passed “concept marketing”, and the principles of their raw materials and production may be unbearable. But it does not exclude a better product.

The ancient soap is a very simple but extremely simple soap. It is simple lies in its natural and inconspicuous. It is not simple to stand in simple, which is naturally the wisdom of the people of Syria. . A piece of allergen, can be cleaned, and can moisturize the skin while eliminating skin inflammation so soap soap soap soap, it is a rare fate. Say, for sensitive skin, natural things should be cautious, so, insurance, every product that contacts skin should test whether it is suitable for you, not blindly believe in exaggeration, use your own knowledge and mind and Experience to judge, this is the most reliable.

[Product Background] Almalika Queen is Syrian old factory with a hundred years of history, with a registered trademark of the Queen. Because of the superb soap, the soap made by their factory is called the queen soap, and the translation is also called Queen. It is an ancient soap brand exported every year in Asia. The ancient soap is the favorite of Muslim women (from the Muhammad era, Muslims develop people to love cleaning, health habits, and will talk about hygiene as the devout performance of Imani). Syria has a variety of ancient soap, but the passionate is the longest, and the quality is the highest.

The ancient soap is the historical source of handmade soap, Alepping as a hill of pure plant handmade oil soap, the first solid soap in the 8th century was manufactured in the ancient city of Syria, and became all solid soaps in the world. The fundamental source. Its Aleppo Aleppo is also known as “olive oil handmade soap hometown”.

Then the ancient soap manufacturing technology spread to the entire Mediterranean area. Alepping has gradually spread to East Asia in the way through excellent qualities, and has spread to East Asia, and the ancient soap manufacturing technology spreads to the entire Mediterranean region. With the advancement and improvement of soap technology, the middle of the 15th century has formed a multi-plant grease, and it is favored by the European court aristocratic preference.

Nowadays, the ancient soap variety is also more and more, and Almalika has a hundred years of history of ancient soap factories, but because of the superb soap and quality, it is called the Queen of Muslims by Syria Muslims. . It has been sought after by the Asian region, which is a peaceful period, exported every year, the highest selling ancient soap plant.

The washing sensor of the female emperor soap is more soft, moisturizes, unlike the universal cleaning of Europe and the United States. Asian skin is generally dry, the pores are delicate, while the skin of the European and American skin is large, the oil, sweat secretion is strong, so in Europe and the United States are not very popular, but in Japan, South Korea, Singapore is often out of sale.

Now that the Syrian female emperor soap is more and more people who are known, this beautiful skin is no longer a small secret of a beautiful skin. Another beautiful miracle created by it, continuing to inherit our ancient soap civilization. Perhaps, after a thousand years, mention the ancient soap, people, can still think of a name – Syrian female emperor soap!

[Tips]: Empress ancient soap In addition to washing your face, taking a bath and shampoo (daily bath), there are more other uses, such as cleaning skin wounds, with anti-inflammatory and helping cooperation, but also pregnant women and infants and young children’s clean gospel, This is very popular with pregnant women acne, vaginal health, baby eczema and red butt. In addition, if there is a footger, use ancient soap water soaked for more than ten days, improve the effect.

Sensitive skin, it is recommended to do skin test before use before using the arm or ear. Please avoid letting the soap into your eyes, if you accidentally enter your eyes, although it is harmless, it will cause eye pain (because there is a sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect of laurel oil), but there is no need to panic, just rinse it immediately. The ancient soap can be wet, gently rub it with your hand, apply it, soap soap is suitable for 30 seconds in 30 seconds to allow the sebum film to restore the balance in the shortest time. After using the ancient soap, it should be placed in the water-water soap box or container, try to keep the soap soap soap, must not be bounted in the water, which will shorten the number of uses.

The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin, the average thickness is 0.2 mm, depending on the different development stages and morphological characteristics of the cell, it can be divided into 5 layers in the outer direction: the stratum corneum, the transparent layer, the particulate layer, the substation layer and the base layer. The keratin layer of the outermost layer is composed of several layers of keratinocytes containing keratin. It resists friction, prevents humoral otter infiltration and chemicals. Corrin is stronger, generally water content is not less than 10% to maintain the softness of the skin, such as below this value, dry skin, scales or cracks, easy to have long hypoxide or long spot or red blood like a phenomenon . Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t have frequent use of matte cleansing, cleaning mask and chemical whitening, etc.

If you have any questions, please see below

Can ankle mild?

When the ancient soap is still not activated, it can float on the water (except for the situation of moisture). When the air is wet, it will “fill the oil”, which confirms the crafts made of ancient soap pure press oil (olive oil and laurel oil). The ancient soap bubble is extremely quickly dissolved, and she is very mild product.

What is the effect of ancient soap?

For chicken acne, pores, blackheads or sensitive, even have skin diseases, the improvement effect after the ancient soap is very obvious, mostly half a month, less than a week you can see the effect. A update cycle of the skin is 28 days, if confirmed is a skin problem, not internal conditioning, the ancient soap can help you solve it. Patience for more than one or two months, you can find that improving the skin is not a difficult thing. For those who are good, the ancient soap is washed very clean, very comfortable, and saves facial cleanser and cleansing oil and exfoliating, and the province is also clean and comfortable. And the ancient soap is also very durable. If it is only used to wash your face, a one can use one or more years. (Dry skin is a day, the ancient soap is cleaned, and the oily is once in the morning and evening). It is more useful to take a bath with ancient soap to take a bath, which is similar to the sourness of the skin, gentle and capable of restoring the health of the skin. Take care of your baby delicate skin. Summer bathroom can also prevent and relieve the scorpion, for mosquito bites, but the ancient soap can also mitigate the feet in time.

What is important difference between ancient soap and facial cleanser?

Washing milk can only be washed away from oil on the surface of the skin, and the fats in the pores can not be cleaned. In fact, many people’s skin is abnormal, which is not properly cleaned. If the cleaning force is too strong, it is used to clean cleaning, it will destroy the skin barrier and healthy sebum membrane, so that the skin’s moisture loss rate Increase, causing dry skin, peeling, sensitive, and then, the brain will make more instructions to make the sebaceous gland to secrete grease, try to protect the skin, so that the more oil fields, the more oil fields, it is this.

How is the ancient soap activation?

How to activate? For a better than the side, the mobile phone just bought begins with the power required for more time before, soap soap is also this truth! Because the ancient soap can be used after full maturity. After this maturity period, there may be a layer of powder on the surface. It is to remove, the old players of the ancient soap, will wash the surface and then touch the skin. After the surface is in contact with the hand, it is activated! And not need to be activated each time, it is enough to use two to three times before use, soak for about 5 minutes each time (depending on the size of the block, the trial is 1-2 minutes), will be used properly. .

How to cut ancient soap?

A piece of ancient soap is almost 220g, a large piece, many people cut it, so you can use it, or the body is used separately, but the ancient soap production is more than two years, almost no moisture (this is except Removing dust impurities thinks why a factor to be activated), so, if you want to cut fruit knives, you can’t do it. How do you cut it?

Remove the ancient soap box and put it into a microwave oven special container, put it into the microwave, and the micro-fire is rotated for 10-20 seconds. Take out to easily cut, cut the ancient soap like a piece of green cake cake, which is the color of olive oil and the pellet of the laurel oil, naturally beautiful colors. Beautiful is more comfortable, you will make you use it more comfortable ~

What should I do if the soap soap is cut?

In general, everyone is cut into three or four pieces, and there is no too much fragment. If you use a microwave oven, you can do it extremely perfect. If you really don’t do it, let’s take a look at what to do: 1. Cut small pieces can take a transparent bridal to take a transparent broth in the bubble network to use 2., the broken end is put in the handle liquid, plus Warm water soaked. The ancient soap washing is great, especially in the nose, it is more convenient to go to the blackhead.

Haha, you see, don’t waste at all ~

How is the ankle?

I pay attention to the parents who got ancient soap! Please don’t take the ancient soap to apply it, because this washing is a special effect that does not have ancient soap, this error is generally unable to see the effect, the correct method is: the first two times, put it Soak it in warm water for about 5 minutes (trial for 1 minute or so), activate the ancient soap, then use your hand to use your hand and use the bubble network to play the foam to apply it to the face, in order to truly play ancient soap All effects ~

Ancient soap detoxification?

Just started with ancient soap, it is possible to have a phenomenon such as red, itchy, juboating, and acne (not everyone will be like this, just individual), these are normal: 1. It is because we used It is a weakly acidic, and the ancient soap is weak alkaline (the ocean alkaloid is absolutely not industrial base), and the acid base is neutralized. If you use the cosmetics More lead mercury content, stay in the skin, the ancient soap will force the toxins, then slowly regulate, after a period of time, the skin will return to a healthy state; 3. The skin is because the ancient soap can put the dirty in the pores Thoroughly cleans the clean, you can do the real deep cleaning, the pores are opened, and the skin needs to be hydrated. In summary, it is good to make a good hydrating, these conditions are not 100%, even if it is afraid, the skin cycle is 28 days, but generally a week, these situations will slowly improve and then disappear.

The ancient soap is detoxified to the skin, it is called “trial gold stone”, your skin is really good, or because of the use of lead care products such as lead, mercury, it is temporarily presented “good state”, washing a few days with ancient soap If you know, if the skin contains heavy metals or hormones, the skin will appear “poppox” detoxification reaction, start to repair the pure natural organic Morocco or wild tea oil, please be cautious when choosing skin care products. To try to choose a natural organic or brand recognition skin care product.

Do you need to use the ankochi?

The ancient soap deep cleaning is very strong, before using the washing black milk or other chemical soap, the pores stacked too much garbage, was cleaned by the ancient soap, although the face was comfortable, touched slippery, but afterwards The skin will definitely feel dried, this process should make more water! It is better to pull out a deep-rooted big tree, and the trees left need to be filled, and the garbage is washed with ancient soap. It is necessary to make hydrating to fill, but must choose a natural hydrating product. After using a period of time, the skin restores healthy ability, you will find that the oil is no longer imbalance, the skin is much more tender than before, the pores are fine, and the blackhead does not see it.

Ancient soap filling?

Empress ancient soap has been more than 2 years, so it will absorb the moisture in the air in the case of moisture in the outside air. At the same time, because of the complete pure grease of the ferocado, after absorbing the moisture, it will return the oil to the oil resistance. It is recommended that when the air is wet, don’t expose the ancient soap to the air, put it in the carton or cabinet, do not need to be sealed, just get it slightly isolated. If you have fined oil, you can use it without taking him. After air is dry, you will naturally restore the original shape, and then do the isolation treatment.

Ancient soap oxidation?

There will be color changes during the production of ancient soap. The ancient soap is produced. Process Description The green of the soap body is naturally ashaiso added. The saponis to add pigments, no matter how long it has long, there is no oxidation. The common handmade soap is like bamboo soap, no matter how long it is placed, the soap body color does not have oxidation, so it can be seen that it adds chemical colors during soap, it is not the natural no added.

Brushed test?

The brigadier of the queen is because olive oil contains a special active substance-flagene. Pragin is a lipid free sapon, which was originally found in liver oil from shark, with an increase in superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, enhancing the body’s immunity, improving function, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, A variety of physiological functions such as anti-tumors is a non-toxic to preventive treatment of healthy active substances. For the skin, squalene is an active factor with very strong moisturizing ability, and the ancient soap to do with olive oil containing high content, there will be brushed phenomenon.

The better the wire drawing, prove its quality.

(The above content is quoted by previous people)