The female executives are also very loved by the belt shirt, which is not only known to retro, and there is a french style.


Shirts are very suitable for women’s clothing for women in the fashion world.

It is often able to show the feeling of being both practicing.

That’s in fact, there are a lot of styles, do you know?

In addition to the common lapel shirt,

Use the streamer shirt to match yourself


Alternatively, the temperament of women also has a french style while showing the charm, it looks very retro.

There are a lot of styles in the streamer shirt.

Its match is often highly highlighted by women’s charm


Therefore, it is popular among women in daily life.

Want to put the streamers into the temperament,

Then you must pay attention to the choice and matching methods of the streamers shirt.

Find the streamer shirt that suits you and makes the shape of the shape, so that you can make your own charm better.

If you don’t know how to choose the belt shirt for yourself

It can be used to learn and imitate using fashion people’s streamers, because there are many fashionable streamers that are very temperament.

The female executives also love the streamed shirt, which not only knows the retro, very french style, then the ordinary white shirt can be lost, and the fashionable fine thoughts will try the belt shirt and wear super beautiful.

Classic style of the streamer shirt


Perspective streamer shirt

There are many classic styles in the streamers.

For example, when your body is very challenged,

You can choose a relatively light streamer shirt fabric, which will have a certain perspective effect, show your good figure.


Lifting shirt with perspective effects can highlight a superior body line,

But this means that the design of the streamers must be relatively large.

Otherwise, it is easy for your front to walk, it will be very vulgar.

Plaid streamer shirt

The belt shirt itself will give people a very retro feel,

If you can add a retro element above, you will double your retro.

It seems to have a very unique charm, so you may wish to add a plaid element to the shirt.


The color of the plaid streamer shirt is recommended for coffee color.

Because coffee is one of Mocha color, the retro feeling of this color is very strong. Coffee lattice streamers can also add dark blue to look more charm.

Bubble sleeve streamer shirt

Although the streamer shirt will show a sense of sexual charm and retro feel,


But if you add some other temperament elements

The overall shape will also present other feelings. For example, the design of the bubble sleeves will make the shape more sweet.

The design of the bubble sleeves is very fluffy design.

So is not suitable for women with fat.

But if you especially like to wear bubble sleeves, then it is recommended to use dark coffee style to match yourself, use dark color to modify your body lines.

Doll collar trace shirt skirt

The streamer shirt can also choose the style of the dress.

Use the streamed shirt dress to match yourself

In the midst of gentle temperament, the streamed shirt skirt can choose the design of the doll collar.

Use the doll collar to make women’s image more sweet and gentle

And the doll collar also has a good modification for the neck line, and the red dress is designed with a black streamer, and there will be a mature retro temperament.

Rape shirt temperament

Rifting shirt + suit suit

Are these matching styles in the streamer shirt?


First, the most suitable match of the belt shirt is the match of the suit suit,

Because the suit and shirts can show the feeling of practicing and intellectual.

Suit suggestion suggests that retro feeling ink green,

In this way, combined with the streamed shirt will make the overall image very retro and advanced, and there is also a very good role in your skin color.

Band shirt + wide legs

Of course, the belt shirt can be dressed, not with a suit jacket,

Then you can use trousers to match the streamed shirt,

Lifting shirts, it is recommended to choose a relatively common white shirt, which will make your own image more intended to use a white shirt.

White streamer shirt can be matched with light colored trousers,

For example, light yellow trousers is a good choice, from color, such a match will make the shape simpler and fresh.

At the same time, we can choose a wide-legged trousers.


Use wide pants to modify women’s leg lines well.

At the same time, it will make the shape of more practicing and refreshing, and can create a charm of literacy.

Rifting shirt + velvet suit + jeans

The streamer shirt is if it is matched with the suit.

You can also choose the style of the set,

For example, it is a good choice to use the velvet suit to match the belt shirt. White streamer shirt with black velvet suit, looks very vintage and advanced.

Wild belts, shirts and velvet suites,

If you can match a light blue jeans

The overall shape looks very refreshing, but also does not lose retro temperament.

Although there is a lot of styles, as long as you use your heart to match, you can always find the matching method and shape of yourself, so that your image is more outstanding.