Song Hui Qiao Gao Yan “Wen”, wearing a black high collar sweater to shoot fashion blockbuster, super beautiful


Hi everyone, I am strong, a few minutes and everyone talk about how to change beauty, analyze clothes fashion items matching skills.

Have to talk about

Korean female star

What is the first thing that everyone thinks?

Song Huiqiao


Her fashion taste has been online, and it is always able to bring us some surprises. This time she chose a very broad black high-neck sweater to match, and use the disappearance of the disappearance to show out. One pair of legs,

Let the whole person look great to sexy style, but will not look vulgar, special taste.

If you want to make yourself more mature, you can try it.

The big high collar sweater is simply modified by the body.

After all, it can give us a super comfortable feeling, and the broad design can help you hide the fat.

This is not two ok, at the same time, because of its large version, it is covered with a hip,

In order to easily create a feeling of disappearance, let your pair of long legs show

And you can also create an exceptionally a sense of breath.

It is very appropriate to choose high-neck design in autumn and winter.

After all, this can make your neck can also get a certain care, and can help you resist the cold wind in the winter, special warmth

. For some faces of some faces, the design is like this high-necked design, it can help you hide the doubles. How to wear a “sweater”? Learn “Song Huiqiao” such as the prostitute, beautiful and generous.


The design is more important, we can build a clean and innocent makeup like Song Huiqiao, and then with the lipstick of the bean sand, which can create an innocent breath, so that the whole person looks more gentle. Plus the wavy roll of the slightly tightness, it is more able to let Song Huiqiao will reveal a very charming breath, showing a fairly women’s taste.

As a female star in a fashion taste, Song Huiqiao’s matching is basically her unique personality, and often practicing and simple, especially suitable for light mature women. The little sisters can learn her way to make themselves look more charm.


How to wear a coat?


1 Pay attention to the version.

The first step is of course, pay attention to the design of the clothes, the right version can highlight your personal temperament. If your one is like Song Huixia, you can consider long version of the version, and you can choose straight, don’t be too slim, of course, if you want your waist line, you can get a good presence, or you can Like Song Huiji added a belt in the waist, this can play a better adjustment.

2 Color match is very important.

In terms of color, it is recommended that the little sister is best to choose a dark system in winter, which can create more calm and sucked, such as the choice of gray. This will allow you to look at the high-level and temperament, or add some grip design to create a good level.

3 Select the inside.

The right one is also quite important, if you choose long coat,


It is best to pick up the length of the square, which makes your overall coordination, don’t choose too loose

. We can choose a elegant purple long skirt like Song Huiqiao, with a waist design, more able to highlight your exquisite curve, and dress and coats are also king, you can easily let you Exhibits a high level.

It seems that the match of the coat is also very technically;


Song Huiqiao is rushing in the fashion! Know how to use the match to make you look at the advanced and temperament

The little sister can learn from her. Pay attention to me, let us get more and more fashionable!


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