Can anyone reject this bucket “blind box maryilin”? Pure cocoa butter + New Zealand milk source, alcohol thick silk, buy a full relief


Why do you eat not greasy: Alcohol cocoa 麦 素!

0 flavor, 0 trans fatty acid


Pure cocoa butter + New Zealand milk source

Alcohol fragrance, happiness, happy value!

01 #

“Ceiling” in Mai Liji, unforgettable

I found that chocolate is a secret weapon that makes food eat. In the “Love Chocolate”, J J Jueli said: “You can’t refuse chocolate, just like you can’t refuse to love.”

Especially in the autumn and winter season, eat a chocolate food, and the worse mood will be cured ~ Staying chocolate, Mai Lei must count one.

When I was a child, I went to the small selling department to spend 1 dollar to buy a pack, and I went home on the way and chatted with my classmates. The distance between school will be shortened.

After growing, there are more and more Mai Lisin on the market, but the taste has already changed, and it is like plastic in the mouth. It does not find the feeling of childhood. At first glance, I know that the current Mai Li is, in order to save costs, I will choose the cheaper generation to cocoa, so that you have eaten a lot of unhealthy chemistry add!

Several findings, finally found this rare cocoa-cocoa-cocoa, Maii!


From the strength of the domestic product brand.

The taste is very smooth and natural because it uses a 24-hour acid process, retaining cocoa.


The outer layer of the chocolate made with pure cocoae, put it in the mouth of alcohol, this is the chocolate that is dreaming ~

0 generation can, 0 flavors, 0 pigment, 0 preservative, no trans fatty acid! Adult children can eat with confidence.

Before you eat it, I also had an impression of Mai Li, which is a sweet thing.

But didn’t expect that this TofinesatrRarley can make such a clear flavor difference, we found the reason from its raw materials:

1, ≥ 58% pure cocoa butter:

Natural ingredients such as the high quality “cocoa butter, cocoa liquid, cocoa liquid block” selected by West Africa, and “a certain time” or the original material!


2, New Zealand high quality milk source:

The thick milk is a good milk source from New Zealand, and the new Zealand milk powder content is ≥5%.

3, “呲 呲呲” brittle:


The sandwich sequel is selected from high quality barley malt, low temperature baking for 8 hours, crisp, and full of air.


4, diverting and healthier:

In order to highlight the thick fragrance of chocolate, a hypoglycemic treatment is done, which is less than half of the ordinary wheat sugar, and it will not be sweet.

When you open your tin, it’s more fragrant.


I can’t wait to take out a gently put on the top of the tongue. In the mouth, that moment, the rich chocolate fragrance is “big explosion” in his mouth!


With the crisp and unique cereal, soft, soft, the tongue is blooming, and the happy value is soaring!

At this moment, there is only the advertisement word “a piece of silk” ~~~


This is only a good taste of raw materials and pure cocoarate to bring the feelings! I have opened my door to the Novi New World in Mai! It is said that he is the “ceiling” of the wheat, is not too ~

It has a surprise that is far more than this, excellent one barrel, there are four flavors inside:


Classic milk, mellow black, cattle, raisin

Pick up one if you have a surprise like a blind box.

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[TofineStar Mai Lei] 520 grams of girl pink large bucket, a bucket contains four flavors


520g / can: ¥ 49

It has a large bucket of 520g, a full 1 catties! Super cold packaging, girl is bursting, no girl can refuse this temptation!

Help you realize the freedom of Mai Li, the light is full of happiness ~

02 #

West Africa pure cocoa, New Zealand milk source

Quality Chocolate is expensive in our country, because of the domestic production of purely available factories, less equipment, and many raw materials need to be imported, so the production cost is very high.

In order to solve this problem, the Tofinestar team heavy supply upgrade equipment, independent research and development and self-control raw materials, and greatly improve the product cost performance while ensuring product quality.

Teaching the Chocolate Master launched a pure coco chocolate brand –


Tofinestar multiraka.


In order to make a purely flavored chocolate, the team chooses cocasted materials from West Africa and New Zealand milk.


It is preferred from New Zealand’s imported milk source from “Gold Milk Strip”. To ensure smoothness, the milk is more rich.


It is worth mentioning that West Africa is a high-quality national producer in the world, and the output accounts for 70% of the world. It is possible to produce quality raw materials produced by producing chocolate here. Many raw materials called the big chocolate named are from here.

And in the grinding process, it is a good effort: 4 hours exquisite fine grinding + 8 hours to adjust the chocolate depth.

Such a grinding degree is more delicate than a lot of boutique chocolate, the created chocolate silk, fragrant, no impurities!

Take a look, the pellets of the malt are mouse, and the milk is overflowing ~

In the mouth, in the mouth, when the shell is about to finish, the sweetness of the wheat heart penetrates into the mouth through the spongeon, mixing the thick fragrance of chocolate, and cry!

03 #

“Happy Blind Box” of four flavors

Ordinary wheaton only has a taste, but Tofinestar Mai Lisin is more than 4 kinds of rich tastes: classic milk, mellow, and white, raisins.

Every taste can make you experience your feelings!

Classic milk

I can taste the “New Zealand Ranch” fresh milk classic milk flavor, which is more sweet and romantic than a hacker.


The entrance instantly melts, with the breath of wheat, keeps the mouth, let you continue to have a good time for a long time.


Uncoised and slightly bitter tastes slowly slowly in the tongue, each of which is just right. There will be a particularly comfortable aftertaste in your mouth, one is more than addiction ~



White chocolate makes the milk core more gentle in sweetness, and the taste is more soft. Pure white color is like a snow under winter, romantic and brilliant ~



Didn’t stand it again, 咦? ! I have eaten the grape fruit!

The real nuts can meet, emit silky milk, the entrance is sweet, full, like a large raisins to explode in the mouth.


In addition to the rich taste, everyone can also start the cerebellar, unlock a variety of ways:


Eat together with Toast:

Clean the two-piece toast, the charter is heated, and the sandwich Mai Lisu sandwich makes you feel the thrill of pulp!

Match fruit, squeezing cream

It is a small sweet dessert, take the inside of the INS!


Can also be mixed with milk, milk tea:

On the side, you can enjoy the sandwich of Mai Lisu, the taste is excellent!

The packaging has made a high-value pink, whether it is sending yourself, or sending a dear TA, it is very suitable ~

Food grade materials, open cover design, can’t eat, don’t worry, can be treated, you can repeatedly use it as food storage box!


Tired work, come to a few, add energy, full of energy ~

The mouth is lonely, come to a few, 馋 馋, over the mouth addiction ~


Guests and relatives, don’t forget to share it when you go to visit, you like it!

Today is full of pure cocoa butfinesatr, wheat, is 49 yuan! A bucket of 520g, the heart-moving friends don’t hesitate, miss the active price and take the thigh!

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[TofineStar Mai Lei] 520 grams of girl pink large bucket, a bucket contains four flavors

[TofineStar Mai Lei] 520 grams of girl pink large bucket, a bucket contains four flavors

520g / can: ¥ 49

520g / can: ¥ 49