Gao Weigang clothing is unique, the trend of the denim jacket is full, this long leg is really envious


Cowboy elements are able to highlight youthful vitality, let the whole person look spiritual, aged. Compared to jeans, the trend in denim jackets is often better, on this basis, joining novel designs can also make the shape more unique.


The artist Gao Wengui chose the special denim jacket to highlight fashion, highlighting the unique clothing, while lining out a good figure. Gao Weiguang’s own body conditions are quite superior. The long legs are highly passed high. The whole person has the vitality of the gas field and the boy. This is also a great effort.

The wearing mode used by Gao Wenguang did not show special, his fashion sensation mainly stems to control the trend. Flexible use of novel elements into wear, easily shape fashion, but also highlight superior body, this fashionable and clothing is really convinced!

1. Add unique and trend adding denim jackets

Although overall, Gao Weigui chose the simplicity of the denim jacket to overlay in the solid color, which is quite common in daily life, but the fashion effect of presenting is quite uncommon, and even the tide male wear template. .

1 unique single product added fashion

First, on the choice of single product, the taste of Gao Wenguang is quite outstanding. He didn’t choose a thousand unique solid color cowboy, but a jacket combined with the buffet of Bai Ni and wash cowboy, let the whole match look fashion Exploit.

Not only don’t match the colors, but also in the version and style, Gao Weiguang chose is quite outstanding. On the side of the arm, the lantern is designed to design, and the other side is the simple laminated design that makes the same level, and the whole is novel.

2 color color deep shallow combination simple generous

The cowboy coat is a good look at it, and the inside is chosen, and the contrast is compared with the light jacket, so that the whole of the deep shallow combination is especially simple. Of course, such a match is also a good effect for the highlight, and the light-colored cardigan can be seen in the dark, so the Gao Wenguang looks quite tall.


3 loose trousers cut out long legs


When choosing pants, Gao Weizu cooperates with a relaxed pure black trousers to make the overall wear more casual, and of course, the material with a dreamer can draw the size of the body, so although the version is very loose However, it is put off the superior long legs, combined with aged small white shoes, and adds youthful to youth.

2, hundred-change model “highlights superior body

Gao Wenguang’s superior figure not only comes from the outstanding self-service, but also the decoration of the body is not good. His wearing can not only switch between various styles, but also do not forget to modify the body, and have a fashionableness.


1 Direct trousers pull long leg ratio


In men’s clothing, the slim pants is always uncomfortable, and the slightly loose pants are actually more modified with legs. Gao Wei Guang chose a slightly loose denim trousers, slightly brought hard to the bags of the leg lines extremely strong, and the legs were long straight. With the high waist, wear the waist line, the long leg effect is superior.


2 wide leg pants more obvious


Material with light sense is often tall, with a wide-leg version to make the shape of the model. Gao Weiguang chose black wide-leggous with the same color shoes, also visually forms an integrated, thereby eliminating the ratio of legs, even if it is simply superimposed on the basic T-shirt, good physical fitness and superior body are difficult to cover up!

If you want to put a wide-leg pants, you can also consider using different colors and style, such as small white shoes to make the overall shape more light, and the mix and match shirts have a few more ways, with high waist Wear the body and make the overall matching.


3 Tongzhao is stacked and not dull

Gao Wenguang’s dressing skill is very light. He not only has sharp taste, but also exceeds super clothing when carrying it. The suit jacket with loose sense is equipped with the color T-shirt as the inner ride. By casual casual feelings to get rid of a single color, and the straight high wagon is selected to create the same color, and the small color difference is added, let The shape looks more enriched.


Even with thick sweater, it can also be passed from Gao Weiwei, and the big ham is good. Men’s sweater is not suitable for high waist, so the sweater that chooses to have a closer design can make the coating of the upper and lower installations more smooth.

Because the sweater is from the thickness of the thickness, it is a usual technique that makes the whole shape. Of course, the patent version is loose, but the shape is still handsome.

4 new odd wear method makes the shape more colorful

In addition to these kinds of ways often used in daily life, Gao Wengui often uses new odd wearing methods to make the shape more colorful, light-color printing short-sleeved shirts make the whole person look cool and casual, and he cooperates with white long sleeves as The inner, the outer short, the long-term long wear is full, and the light-color match is also new and unique.


Although Gao Giauang has enviable good body, most of his fashion styling is due to his superior clothing and vision, in his trend, it can only say that the body has played the role of Jinhua, for fashion trends control It is the key to create a superior shape. The body will not determine the fashion effect, improve your stylish product position and dressing skill, is the correct opening of the trend.

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