Jinka Dyanshan is in the middle of the family! 3-year-old Gagozi like a female star, silver boots step on the foot thief


The American ladies’ family’s Kardashian family is famous for the five people, and the genes that are very powerful. They are also a small fashion man. It is estimated that they will not lose their mothers at all. Among them, the two daughter of Kardashian family has a high heat, and has become the first place in the United States, her price is higher than the boat,

“Caijin one hand”



On November 11, November 11, Jin Jie has updated a set of photos on the social platform, and the four-frame picture of the four children is more eye-catching.


01. Small northwest fashion styling

Small northwest as the first child of Jinjie and Camp, completely inherited the outstanding genes of parents, and the eyebrows were exquisitely exquisite.


Wearing a lot of caucasian

So small northwest

I have become a lot of people in a lot of people early.

Xiaowei squatting on the ground, and her brother sister is generally high, the dark skin does not cover the high look of small northwestern, very delicate five senses, even if the little girl’s expression management is not perfect, but in four The people are still the most colorful people. Suddenly found that small northwesses have a little blessing, and the rising slice lines expose double chin.

02. Chicago’s fashion

Since birth, Chicago has always been the value of the card in the card, and she has a female star’s gas field.


Chicago with a signboard move in “Purchasing”


A POSE that is casual will do the trend of Chicago.

Chicago is wearing a plaid shirt, red + white + black three-color composition of the most classic elements, conventional plaid shirts cover Chicago’s figure, with black printing T-shirts, no matter whether it is color, or hierarchical I have become very distinctive.

Chicago played the fashion, pink hot pants with silver Martin boots, and a little cooked with the double melon head with Chicago, and there is no feeling.


Whether it is a stylish shape of small northwest, or the fashion style of Chicago is deeply affected by Jin Jie, after all, Jin Jie is the “hanger”, her.

California dressing style can be moved

03. Jie Jie’s fashion style

Dominent full body black LOOK

The 41-year-old Jiejie is quite a speech for the maintenance of the body and the value. The front convex backward body is wrapped in the black dress of the Qing Dynasty.

Jiejie will play its own strength, full of chest and slim waist to form a distinct contrast in the picture, and even with hips is very fat.


A black dress does not have too many colors and elements, but it is not a monotonous wear with the deputy anti-eye-catching sunglasses on the nose of the nose. It is full of scientific skills, it looks super invincible with personality. , Highlighting the fashionable feelings of golden sister.


Sexy a white LOOK

When Jin Jie is wearing white and wearing black clothes, there is not much difference. It is still a very sexy style. Unattended, even if it is the same as me, it is still under the charm of Jin Jie. Jinka Dyanshan is in the middle of the family! 3-year-old Gagozi like a female star, silver boots step on the foot thief


Jin Jie has created a whole body white LOOK through a slim dress, and it is also very elegant with a very elegant to bring a lot of women.

The black hair flies on the shoulders, forms a distinctive visual impact with tasty white


The whole picture is really nourishing.

Jinka Dyan’s gene is powerful! 8-year-old northwest sister, the top of the top, 3 years old Chikado gas field

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