Curved flower skirt skirt, wearing thin and wild


Flower skirts are thin and thin, especially for girls with pear-type body, this small package brings the wool flower skirt skirt, come and see!

01 Very good-looking flower skirt, the hair fabric is very textured, highlighting the luxury of the girl, the simple style plus the wave skirt, so that girls add sweet feelings.


02 This flower skirt is very classic, simple A-style version of design, perfect cover, big skirt looks more fashionable, plus the fabric design, retro and wild.

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03 black half-length short skirt super wild, concise style combines small A-type version of the version of the version, a topped a piece of fabric, created the perfect body of the fine waist hips, the wool flower skirt plus wrinkled design, more It is the sweetness of the girl.

The 04 dark gray wool flower skirt is very classic, and the irregular skirt design makes the girl’s fashion, plus the color matching of the waist, and can also be visually modified the girl’s body, thin and high!


05 wool flower short skirt makes girls to wear sexy and lossless women, the slim version is very thin, the style is simple, so that you can easily attend all kinds of occasions without pressure, very fashionable!


The floral flower skirt is slim and thin, the next flower skirt is equipped with pictures, you must not miss it!


With LOOK.1 lace shirt + flower skirt

Very sweet breath, simple style plus the bows of the bows, stylish and sweet, trumpet sleeves design plus the colorful design retro and trend, the lower body is mixed with a denim skirt, thin and beautiful.


Match LOOK.2 Lantern Sleeve Shirt + Flower Dress


Very good shirt, high-quality fabric looks very texture, plus the design retro in the lantern sleeves, the lower body is matched with a light gray flower skirt, the fishing skirt, let the girl look sexy It is not a woman’s taste.


With LOOK.3 T-shirt + flower skirt


Loose minimalist T-shirt, wearing a comfortable and casual, rabbit print design, add a silk girl to girls, with a striped flower skirt, vertical striped striped girl’s body proportion, waist the wrinkles touch Uppeasonal design, thin and sweet.

Match LOOK.4 sweater + flower skirt


Pure white sweater is simple and wild, threaded semi-high collar design is comfortable and warm, the laying of the body can also be visually modified, the body, the flower skirt, the lattice design retro and trend, plus the strap Design, fashion and good look.

Matching the LOOK.5 portrait / flower dress


White top is designed with a lens, plus the design, sexy and stylish, plus a half-length flower skirt, the design is sweet and beautiful, plus the design of the fish tail skirt, let the girl emit Sexy woman flavor.


Flower skirt with map fashion and sweet you learn? Are you interested in what the flower skirts bring on Xiaobian? Let’s take a look!


Match 01 flower skirt + striped sweater

This flower skirt is very special, the cowboy fabric plus the buckle zipper design is very personality, the skirt of the pores, the design of the bow straps, more sweet temperament, match the striped sweater, simple and generous Plus the design of the trumpet sleeves to add retro taste.


Match 02 flower skirt + black sweater

The red flower skirt is very eye-catching, simple style plus wrinkled design, showing the sweet temperament of girls, with a simple black sweater, simply getting fantasy.

Match 03 flower skirt + three-dimensional flower T-shirt

White T-shirt is elegant, the three-dimensional flowers on the body is romantic and fashionable, put on the sweet and cute temperament of girls, the lower body with the flower skirt, the lace is stylish, and the whole set is very good.

Match 04 flower skirt + backclockwear

Black top Slim and slim, the silent design reveals a good-looking clavicle, so that the girl looks sexy and a woman taste, the lower body is matched with a rose red flower skirt, and instantly brightens the whole set of matching, trend and fashion.

With 05 flower skirt + lotus leaf chiffon

Yellow color plus fashion flower print design is very nice, collar’s lotus leaf design is unique and add sweet temperament, black tie design is a fashionable temperament, the lower body is mixed with denim skirt, add pleated elements Sweet and age.

Flower skirt is thin and sweet, like girls must start with a flower skirt brought by Xiaobian!