13 kinds of water-absorbing process of jeans; low temperature dehydrate


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13 kinds of water-absorbing crafts in jeans

Cowboy clothing is a more special link, so the cowboy brand product development enterprise must clear the wetting process of denim costumes, generally have the following:


Pu was washed with ordinary washing, but the washing familiar familiar to our weekdays has been mechanized, and its water temperature is around 60 ° to 90 ° C, add a certain detergent, after 15 minutes of ordinary washing, the water is soft and soft The agent can make the fabric more soft, comfortable, and more naturally cleaner visually. It is usually based on the length of the washing time and the amount of chemicals, and the mushroom can be divided into light purple, Puja, and heavy scold. These three washing methods have no significant boundaries.

2. Enzyme Wash

Enzyme is a cellulase that can degrade the fiber structure at a certain pH and temperature, so that the surface of the fiber is lost, thereby improving the smoothness of the fabric surface and flexibility, so that the layout can be mildly faded, fading Mao (producing “peak” effect) and gets a long-lasting soft effect. It can be used as a stone with or instead of stone, and is usually referred to as enzyme stone wash.

3. Stone Wash

Stone washing is added to the washing, which is ground to polish the flumite to the clothes, and the water level in the mating cylinder is performed in a low water level that is completely soaked so that the float can be in contact with the laundry. Puja or rinsing can be performed before the stone mill is also rinsed after the stone mill. It can be washed with yellow stone, white stone, AAA stone, artificial stone, gum, etc. to achieve different water-absorbing effects, and the layout is gray, old feeling, and the clothing is slight to severe damage. )

4. Bleach Wash

In order to make the clothing have a white or bright appearance and a soft feel, it is necessary to rinse the clothes, that is, after the normal washing, heating to 60 ° C, according to the shallow color of the bleaching color, add the appropriate amount of bleach (Bleaching agent) The color is consistent with the panel within 7-10 minutes. After the laundry bleached, the residual bleaching water in the water was carried out in a large (small) soda (Na2CO3, NaHCO3), and the bleaching was completely stopped. After the water is sealed, the detergent, fluorescent whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide, etc. are applied in 50 ° C water temperature, and the neutralization pH, fluorescence whitening, etc., and finally perform soft treatment.

Rinsing can be divided into oxygen and chloro. Oxygen is used to destroy the dye structure by oxidizing the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide and temperature to achieve fading, whitening, and generally the drifting surface will be slightly red. Chlorof flops use the oxidation of sodium hypochlorite to destroy the dye structure, thereby achieving the purpose of fading. The fading effect of chloro floating is rough, mostly used in the rinsing of Dioba. After bleaching the plate, it should be neutralized with sea wave in water and laundry, so that bleaching stops, bleaching is bleached, then it is called stone rinsing (Bleach Stone Wash).

5. Fried snowflake (pickled)

The fried snowflakes were dry and stir-fry, so excreted the dry pumice with potassium permanganate solution, and then polished directly with the laundry in the dedicated cylinder, polished by pumice on the laundry, so that potassium permanganate was oxidized. Make the layout for irregular fading, forming a white point similar to snowflakes.

The general process process of snow washing is as follows:


Potolite soaking potassium permanganate – pumice with clothing dry mill – Snowflake effect to plate – Take out of the clothing in the wash cylinder with water to remove the dust-oxalic acid neutralization (dechlorination) – Wash – Wash – – Soft Slutile – Centrifugation Dehydration – Cast Dry Machine Dry. )

6. Hand Brush

Press the effect to strong alignment: Hand Wipe

7. Sand Wash

Sand washed with some alkaline, oxidative auxiliaries, so that there is a certain fading effect after washing, if the stone mill is matched, the surface of the fabric will produce a layer of soft frost, and then add some softener. The fabric can be loose, soft, thus increasing the dressing.

Sand washing agents generally require puffed agents, sandhalants, softeners. According to the fiber category, the fabric tissue structure and the fastener, the puffing agent and concentration, temperature, time and other puffing conditions are selected. When the cotton coatings can be used to expand the alkaline puffed, such as pure alkaline, and after the laundry, fibers Locus, re-use, to rub the friction, so that the loose surface fibers produce a plumply gentle mulberry hair; softener for sand wash to achieve soft belt, so that the fabric can increase, and the dralettability should be significantly improved. Therefore, such softener carbon chains are long and have cationic, and can be adsorbed on the fabric to achieve weight gain.

8. Spriage Stone Wash / Sand Blast

The sand is also called sand. It is a special equipment (the image point is an electric large toothbrush, but the roller type) is grinded on the fabric, usually there is an inflatable model cooperation. (The clothing fabric cowboy sand blasting machine is through powerful compressed air, the brown jade sand will enter the sandblashes from the storage pan, sandblasting in various denim clothing surfaces. Many diverse whitening effects can be sprayed. .)

The aim is to obtain a partial wear effect. It is usually prepared by the air compressor and the blasting device to complete the blasting step by the air compressor and the blasting device before the denim apparel is washed. Under the action of strong gas flow, alumina fine particles spray in the surface of the garment at a very fast speed. The wear is limited to the fibers of topical and indigo dyes on the surface of the fabric under friction.

9. Monkey Wash

Usually after washing in the denim clothing, the potassium permanganate solution was sprayed into the clothes by design, and the chemical reaction caused the fabric to fade, with a concentration and injection amount to control the extent of fading. Wash the water after spraying the water. Spray horses can form a variety of shapes, such as cats, white strips, etc. (The cat must also be treated with a hand).

The difference between the essentials of the spray horses and the sands is the former, and the latter is a physical role. From the effect, the former faded is uniform, and the layers in the surface are faded, and it can achieve a strong fading effect. The latter only has faded in the surface layer, which can see the physical damage of the fiber.

10. Moustache Effect)

The cat must be WHINKER, but WHINKER is more professional. The cat must be a kind of hand sand (hand rub, hand brush), which only grinds into the shape of the cat. You can also use the cat to be reached with a cat. At present, there are such three kinds of cats: 1 is the ordinary cat, that is, it is above; 2 is the three-dimensional cat must be (cost is more expensive), and the difference between it is that it has level, generally dark On the two layers, the one is clear, and the three-handed cat mustaches, the handfound here can be hot press or line seam. The hot press formation is applied to the drug after hot pressing. It is formed after washing, and it is characterized by a crease. For example, the high temperature is constitutive, it maintains a three-dimensional effect for a long time; the line seam is not coated with water, after the line seam Washing water can be effectively, the line seam is shameful, the line sewelling low is the original color of the denim, and the shape is irregular, special, strong.

11. Chemical Wash)

Chemoon was mainly to achieve fading purposes by using a strong alkali auxiliaries (NAOH, Nasio3, etc.), and the laundry has a more obvious old feeling, then adding the soft agent, the clothing will have a soft and full effect.

If the stone is added in chemical washing, Chemical Stone Wash can enhance the fading and wear effect, which makes the clothing have strong residual feelings, fossil wash chemical washing and stone washing effects. The effect of simulation and hair can be reached after washing.

12. Pigment Dyeing

There are currently more than many countries in Europe. Pigment Wash / Pigment Dyed Wash, also called “single-sided coating / coating dyeing”, meaning that this watering method is designed for coating dyeing clothing, its role is to consolidate the original Gorgeous color and increase the softness of the hand. There are currently more than many countries in Europe.

13. Destroy Wash

After the garment is polished and the auxiliary treatment, it produces a certain degree of damage in some parts (bone position, leading corner, etc.), and the laminate will have a more obvious residual effect. It can also be specified in the specified position to draw the layout, and then the effect is reached after washing.