5 kinds of cats that are best for girls, beautiful and good, is your cat on the list?


More and more people like to raise cats, especially girls, facing such soft cute animals, but also no fight. What kind of cats are suitable for girls? Below these 5 kinds of cats, beautiful and good, best for women, your cat is on the list?

1, British short-haired cat

Price: 1000-2000 yuan

Features: Good to support, gentle, not messy

British chicket is a gentleman in the cat, and it is beautiful, cute, one of the varieties of girls like. It can accompany the owner quietly, and you can still have a long time, and don’t picky food, good temper. Such a beautiful and good-raised English cat, the best for women!

However, it is necessary, the short-term cat is more greed, and it is necessary to control good!

2, Garfield

Price: 2000-8000 yuan

Features: Wen Jing, cute, good temper

Garfield likes to please the owner, in its heart, the master is the day, it is the “licking dog” in the cat world, especially suitable for girls who are flattering. Raising only Garfield will make you have needed, loved, as a queen, and so on, it is also a very suitable cat.

Because of the gene reasons, Garfield is very laminated. It is recommended that the pet mainly insists on scrubbing the eyes while the diet should be light.


3, American shorthair cat


Price: 1500-2000 yuan

Features: loyalty, friendliness, strong ability

American short-haired cat is the American native cat, their elf, beautiful, beautiful, good health, strong adaptability, like people, and is particularly loyal to the owner. If you like a cat, it is afraid that it is not good, and the US Tmall is a good choice, because it is really worry-free.

Beautiful short cat is more energetic, like climbing, it is best to put some cat climbers at home, for it!

4, Persian cat


Price: 2000-3000 yuan

Features: quiet, elegant, love spoiled


The Persian cat is coming, and it is elegant by Mao Wan, and there is an elegant manner, so there is “the prince”, “Wang Hao”. Persian cat is very quiet, elegant, especially suitable for quiet girls, and the length of such a sweet, absolutely the type of girl who is controlled.


Persian cat’s hair is relatively long, in order to avoid hair knots, affect the value, it is best to stick to it!

5, Cabin Cat

Price: 5000-10000 yuan

Features: high quality, quiet, sticky, patience

The Cat cat is highly high, and it is known as “Cat Different Little Fair”, which is a very eye-catching cat. Cabccat likes to get along with humans, like sticking the owner, and the patience is very strong, even if you accidentally distract it, you will only silently, and there will be no attacker’s behavior. “Cat Mei Shan” wrapper cat, with girls are also perfect!


Cats, I like to be with the owner, the pet is going to spend more time to accompany it, interact with it, it will be very happy!



What cat is you raising?