Wearing a cowbois jacket this year, try to match the pants! Try these 3 skirts, hipster eye-catching


Autumn is coming, the weather is getting colder, everyone must wear a coat, don’t wear a single dress again, wear too cold in the morning and evening! Cowboy jacket everyone must try, hundreds of age is still just, wearing a cold! With the pants, they are free, but they are not enough to have a woman, so we recommend that everyone is worn with a skirt.

How to choose a skirt? How to match it? Cowboy jacket + skirt, one should pay attention to the length, a long short match to pull the body line, adjust the ratio. Second, pay attention to the integration of smittingation, one more and more distinction is more eye-catching. Today, Xiaobian will share 3 skirts suitable for mixing with denim jackets, hipster-like eye-catching.

First: Fragrant

I selection skills


❶ ❶ 型 清新

The floral dress wants to wear a sense of age, pay attention to the color and size of the pattern,

Two three colors, the net colorine is more sweet,

The smaller the pattern, the more suitable for young women, the priests can try big prints, enthusiasm, look at the atmosphere!


Fabric light breathable


Autumn and winter clothes must avoid bloating, even wearing a skirt, pay attention to the sense. The floral skirt is covered with small flowers, small clearance, looks very intensive, only choose chiffon, thin yarn, etc., and it will not be heavy.

II matching skills

❶ ❶ 简 结, balance the body weight

The flower skirt is rich in flowers, the color is elegant, the style and color match are wonderful, so only


Pay attention to the selection of denim coats.


The cowboy jacket is selected and the most classic retro blue, simple and generous, the body is clean, do not bring a full print pattern or some double pockets, etc.


Wear LOOK: Light Blue Cow Tile + Black Skirt

Basic denim jacket,

Short slim, worn, do not give people a feeling, with a white crane skirt with black bottoming, wearing trendy foreign age.

The concise contrast between the draffed skirt and the denim jacket is obvious.

Make the main point of the main point and will not give the feelings.

❷ ❷ ❷ 长长, highlight the long legs

Whether it is a small child or a high child, the pursuit is more thin when dressing, pay attention to the length when it is mixed with a broken skirt, and the long-term floral skirt highlights the long legs, adjusts the body ratio, and the people are more tall . Cowboy jackets should not be too short, the length is over, slightly smashed someone, and the longness of avoiding the shortness is more slim.


Wear LOOK: Short denim jacket + floral dress

The crane skirt and denim jacket should pay attention to the length, in addition to pay attention to the length of the contrast, pay attention to the overall length, the length of the cowboy jacket is around the waist, the chop is longer, this length is also very friendly for little son, no It will be short, but also has a certain level.

Article 2: A word skirt

Said that it is slim, it has to mention a word skirt, version is presented, the upper narrow is wide,

High waist design + loose skirt,

You can cover the waist, the calf woman chooses the length of the short skirt near the thigh, and the thin leg is more slim. If it is a leg-looking woman, wear a dress in the calf belly. all in all,

The length is not important, the version is only the key!

✔ denim skirt


With the same material with the denim coat, it is not only the version of the meat, but the fabric is very hard, wear the line of the lower body. It is recommended to choose some cowboy skirts in a soft and hit, and some skirts will not have tight feelings.

✔ cotton and linen skirt

The advantages of cotton and linen skirts don’t have to say more, soft and wear, don’t pick people, thick thickness, and don’t cool cold in autumn. A-zon can make some pleats, stripe design, enhanced modeling, making it more fluent.

◆ Wear highlights:



Put together with stockings

Cowboy jacket + a word skirt, very hot girl feel. With a donkey skirt, a pair of stockings are equipped with a pair of legs, which can extend the lines of the legs, more legal length.


The color of stockings can be more bold, white black is the most basic, hipster women love retro stockings, brown yellow, wine, etc., as long as they are partially echoed to some accessories.

Select hierarchy

The denim jacket is a basic single product. The style is simple. If you want to get your stay, you can wear the Oversize wind cowboy jacket, the contour is larger, and it is more relaxed. At this time, the base denim jacket + hierarchy irregular skirt, just a little.

Article 3: Sling skirt


Any short coat can be equipped with a long dress, the length is short, how to wear it! It is recommended that the denim jacket is loose. Slim sling, you can post out the lines of the chest, do tube top design, you can also make a loose waist or tighten the design, and put the fine waist out, wear a thin and significant figure.


★ Selection of small skills


❶ fabric:

The satin, silk, the sling skirt is very small, fine shoulder strap, revealing slim shoulders, watching slim, but falling in autumn, there is a bit cold, and the cowboy jacket can increase the warmth, and it will not be too exposed.

Satin, silk material’s hanging skirt will be more texture, wearing a very expensive

Compared with Danning fabrics, a light and thick, very leveling.

❷ Color:

The color of the suspended skirt is more beautiful, in addition to large-scale printing, there are some solid color slings skirts with high saturation, such as

Wine red, bright yellow, ink green, style thin skin, color bright

Very pure feeling.


Color chooses to force

According to the selection of your own skin, the skin is dark yellow, picking up the color tone, using the cold color brightener.


Wear demonstration 1: light blue cowboy + black hanging skirt

Black suspenders, sexy and charming, but fabric smooth, smooth lines, with short denim jackets, very women’s taste, but will not be treated. Woman with meat in the abdomen can choose


Direct slung skirt,

Do not do the waist design, the waist is loose to cover the small belly, but the chest is tight, the whole should have an arc, and it will not be more fat.



The blue denim jacket is more classic. When you don’t pick people, a coat can meet a variety of clothes, but you want more fashionable women, you can

Try black denim jacket, white denim coat,

The same style, change color, style may vary, white denim coats are definitely more pure than blue.


Wearing demonstration 2: denim coat + floral slings skirt


When the cowboy jacket is in a skirt, pay attention to the choice of the shoes. If you want a sweet and cool woman with short boots, such as Martin boots, bare boots, etc., recommended retro brown, card, like pure age, choose some canvas shoes, Hundreds of comfort, high-top canvas shoes are higher.

Early autumn is tens of millions, today mainly sharing the denim jacket + skirt, everyone still wants to know what wear? You can tell Xiaobian in the comment area!