Girls wearing glasses are really hard


Recently, Tan Jian and Jin Shijia’s new drama

“Huuni Task”

Very fire, often brushing to two male interviews and videos. Curiously and see, good guys, really good!

“Hunter Task” is talking about the simulation portrait teacher and the criminal police captain Du City forced partnership, and teamed up with a number of stories that born to the bisersery. It is also rare.

Quality domestic suspended drama


, Hurry, go see!


But today’s focus is not in the plot, but in two starring,


Tan Health

And Jin Shijia, this time is the carnival of the uncle!

Especially Jin Shijia has come out again, netizens: “I don’t like it.”

Bearded girl with glasses

However, he is Jin Shijia. “


Jin Shijia belongs to


Wear glasses better than do not wear glasses

People, most of the outlines are the shape of glasses,

Sword defeated

Who is going to live!

Now my myopia is so high.

Most sisters need to wear glasses

However, it is very few, but it is very few, I believe this is also the trouble of many sisters.

So, how to wear glasses


Maximum recovery our beauty


Add flowers on the brown

Woolen cloth? Today, you Mi will analyze you!

Black-rimmed glasses

Many sisters will first

Exclusion of crude black boxes

It will not be considered at all, it is not necessary to be so absolute, it is not allowed to wear black box glasses best!


Black frame glasses look very well, more


Be uncomfortable

It is very suitable for


Five-aex clear sweet dollar




Zhou Xun’s photo of this group of black frames is too amazing,


Aura is compelling!

Wear black frame glasses, automatically transform

Learning + 乖乖

, Look at the affinity. No matter how many cool, wear glasses, instantly become a good child in honesty.

The college wind sister is very suitable for black frame glasses.


Clean and refreshing

Youth is full.



Cool Girl

It is also very suitable for wearing a black box, which will look more inflatable, and can also install a “cultural man”.

If the eyes are small in the face, or


People, it is also very suitable for wearing black frame glasses, but will look more spirit.


Metal fashion glasses

Swuse defeated the exclusive glasses frame!

How many people are planted by their own love!

Metal figs are more than the crude black box, more or not, because


So even better, good to control.

Moreover, the metal fashion is more trendy, and the model will be more strong, and the style will be more




Because the book is getting angry, the sense of age is also strong, so it is comparable to soft female stars.


Male star is more able to wear the “charm” of the fashion glasses

Every male star is a person in hand!


Transparent frame glasses

If the metal thin frame glasses are fashionable, then this transparent frame glasses are


Trendy sterile skills


The atmosphere is full!

This transparent box

Huge giant appearance

No matter how much your face is, you can put it into a small face.


Image Source: Little Red Book @ Totta Levi

And as a large frame glasses, the transparent frame will not be dull, some sisters wear big frame glasses


Crimping makeup and gas field by glasses

However, the transparent frame does not have this problem.


Although the transparent frame glasses look at a little exaggeration, it is actually better than you imagined.



No matter what you are

Korean Xiaoxin New

still is

Y2K hot girl

And transparent frame glasses can be perfectly adapted to you.

Image Source: Little Red Book @ 小 @ 半 Salad

Round face-square mirror frame

As far as I know, there is still a lot of crumbs in malt. In my opinion, the round face is more suitable

Reserved frame



The corners of the square lower edge, will


Brownish face underwater

That is, it will be narrower, and the purpose of being thinned is not to achieve?


Or you can choose

Mirror frame with narrow width


The lines like V are also visually phenotypsically, the appearance of the lower half of the face is, and the effect of improving the face.


Round face sisters are not only

Not suitable for the round mirror frame

Instead, it will look more flesh!

Many round faces also have a small BUG with a wide face, then

Rectangular narrow mirror box

It must also be avoided, because this frame will pull the face even more wider!

Facial face – round frame

Compared to the round face, the face is needed to be reversed.

Frame frame

Will be more suitable.


Square mirror frame

Decades the face of the face


It looks more to face. We can understand “what is missing,”

Pretty slightest line

Let the temperament are more gentle.


Looping glasses frame, such as

Cat eye

It is also very suitable for fashionable side face sisters, which can eliminate face, and can be thin.

Image Source: Little Red Book @Jasminekwong

Because the face face is sometimes lost, it can be

Try to avoid cumbersome frames

Increase the thickness, a lot of Pick lightweight figures.

Image source: Xiaohong book @ 到

Long face – large frame glasses


The choice of long face is very simple. Many long face sisters will be long, which will be mature. So we need

Magnifying glasses

This is not so long so that the court looks.

As for the shape of the frame, look

Whether the face line is smooth

. If you are a long geese face, there is no problem with the humerus, the lower jaws, then basically don’t pick the frame shape, just wear it ~

If your face line is not smooth enough, there is

The cheekbones have been highlighted, the lower jaw is more

The problem, must be width on both sides of the frame to cover the humerus,

Don’t be too sharp in shape

, Smooth round frame lines are very delicious ~

Many sisters will not make makeup when they wear glasses, and even feel


Makeup useless

Anyway, it is blocked by the glasses.

In fact, wearing glasses and makeup are complementary relationships,


Glasses can add makeup

, Makeup can look


More spiritually

. Share several glasses makeup tips, let you wear glasses can also beautiful!

First, the place where the nose and skin contact is too easy to remove makeup, and the card powder is ugly. The solution is very simple, where you are in touch

Remove the extra foundation

, Thin makeup, the situation will be much better.

Animum Source: Tit @ 程 十 安 An

Sisters who are not bad money can be bought

Nose pads


Pad, dry skin to buy sand silicone, oil skin to buy sponge, can also reduce the makeup.

Many sisters reflecting glasses will look very dirty, it is likely because


Your eye makeup is too “full”

. Glasses and thick maker are very good, after all, the sense of spectacles is very strong.


Moreover, the upper edge of the glasses is generally between the eyebrows, so

It’s good to look faint eye.


. Eyes shadow does not need hierarchy, because the shadow of the glasses is the level of nature.


The lower eyelids can emphasize,

Silk silkworm, lower eyelashes

Can add, zoom in, and make fun of the eyes.


Wearing glasses will pay the nose, it is easy to see the nose, need to carry


Nethating action


. Here is the tutorial of the Anmian Tenian Ten Annly Nasle.


First of all


On both sides of the nose, the triangular area above the nose

It can be seen that the nose is much smaller.


Above the triangle area, sides of the tip of the nose


Conducting, it will look more refined with nose.


I want the nose to keep a little bit.


Take a little high light at the tip of the nose

If you blush, I suggest

Look at personal style

If it is a soft cute girl, you can judge ten sides on both sides of the nose.


Grouped blush


Biased, neutral style


The blush is actually weakened, according to their own face, put the blush

Gently hit the cheeks


Just good.

Ok, today’s dry goods are here, and the sisters wearing glasses must look at it!



Animum Source: Tit @ 程 十 安 An

Animum Source: Tit @ 程 十 安 An

Animum Source: Tit @ 程 十 安 An


Animum Source: Tit @ 程 十 安 An

Animum Source: Tit @ 程 十 安 An

Animum Source: Tit @ 程 十 安 An

Animum Source: Tit @ 程 十 安 An