Well-known actress Kitchen show! The skin is white and the hair is wet, wearing a undergarment.


Recently, the Korean artist Jin Xiangya released a group of very bold photos on their own social platform, and the upper body was wearing a blouse, and the lower body was only filmed on the kitchen and the sofa. The photo atmosphere was full.

In sharing photos, her hair is slightly wet, and her face is almost vegetarian state. Although the skin is still very white and delicate under the illumination of the flash. She is sitting in the kitchen table, and her eyes are fascinated. But 29-year-old Kaiya is in the absence of makeup, and the skin is a bit aging.


In the photo, Yan Ya wearing a flour and toned sleeveless shirt, the lower body only wore a pink underwear, and her devil’s body directly appeared, very sexy. But that is, this more naked dress has exposed the tattoo on the Ya Ya.


In these groups, Jindang Jaya is sitting directly at the kitchen table. From time to time, it is holding a hair on the brown leather sofa. It seems to give the human perspective as the perspective of boyfriend, appearance. It’s really a sexy goddess.


Ya Ya is often released a lot of very bold photos on the social platform, and the lively clothing is a major feature in the weekday. It is also because this unusual match makes it in a very characterful of the unique style, regardless of the media and popular discussion.

For example, in recent years, in the fashion item, the crescent bottoming shirt, as well as the color of the explosive model, is a fashion item with fire, long time, this bright eye, but there is some cute The style is called “Ya Ya” by the public.

These bright and quirky wearing a single product not only spread in the public, but also many stars have also followed this boom. For example, Yang Mi, Wu Xuanyi has passed through the moon to teeth.

But the radish cabbage has a love, some people like to say that there are people who don’t understand, and there are many netizens who don’t understand it for the boom of Ya Ya.


As a singer, the singer, in addition to the public, private appearance is very beautiful, although it will suffer from the bold wear, but she doesn’t care about those rumors, after all Individuals have its own characteristics.