Wei Daxun’s clothing is really not covered, wearing a sequined shirt is very eye-catching, although it is a black but very trend


Although the aesthetic awareness of modern people has been more advanced,

But there are still some people who have improved fashion, there are some things that don’t know much.


Because with the advancement of fashion aesthetics, more and more kinds of garments have emerged, and our fashion pursuit will be higher.

So when choosing a clothing product,

There must be more skills to support, especially for men

When choosing a clothing product, you must understand whether this single product is in line with your own temperament and your own image.

Want to make your shape be more fashionable,


Boskeys must have a lot of skills to use fashion.

So what is the tide of men’s trend with Xiaobian?

There is also a lot of clothing items that men can choose.

But when dressing up

There will be some people who don’t know how to choose costumes that suits them.

under these circumstances,

If you can use some fashionable wear skills,

It is possible to have a certain help to your own dressing. Many male stars among the entertainment circles are very fashionable.

For example, male stars Wei Dafun’s wearing model is very reference value,

Wei Daxun’s body is very good, the long-term phase is also very handsome

So many of his styles are more fashionable. It is a typical tide man wearing.

So everyone may wish to learn about these tide men in Wei Daxun.

According to Wei Daxun’s wearing styling to enhance their own fashion charm, it also makes your temperament better, so you can show a good charm of men.

Wei Daxun’s clothing is really not covered, wearing a sequined shirt is very eye-catching, although it is a black but very tide, men come to learn Wei Daxun’s shape, 4 tide men wear very charm, mastering very fashionable.

Wei Daxun’s tide man

Black sequins long shirt + black dress pants

In an important occasion, if you want to make your shape more refined and conspicuous,

Then I suggest that you use the sequins of clothing items to match yourself.

The styling of the sequins can make men’s temperament more high, and it will give people a feeling of very fashionable feelings.

Sequential clothing suggests to choose a black style,

It is recommended to use a black sequined shirt to match yourself.

Use a shirt to enhance the gentleman feeling, but the black shirt will give people a handsome feeling, plus the sequins, will improve the trend well.

Black sequins shirt suggests to choose the pattern of long section,

The long section is better for the body’s modification.

Especially the long paragraphs often means that the version is also very loose, and it will not seem to be too vulgar, but there is a lazy feeling inside.


Black sequins long shirt suggestions and black dress pants to match,

Such a matching shape can make men’s temperament more handsome

At the same time, the styling is a black style, which will give people a very low-key feeling.

Black workfalls can also match a pair of black Martin boots,

Such shape is very obvious in terms of handsome display. And it will also look more tap, which can make men’s figure better.

If you want to use your accessories to improve your stylish charm,

It is recommended that you use a golden fine link to match yourself.

But necklace should not be too long, and it is almost the length of the neck.

Other tide men with reference

Black jacket + khaki dress

The temperament that the boys most want to show is handsome,

So use the jacket jacket and the matching pants.

It is easy to show handsome, jacket jacket suggest that black style is selected, and the black jacket jacket is not only handsome, but also very low.


Black jacket jacket can take a black T-shirt or a black half-collar bowl

The black T-shirt will show handsome, and the half-high collar shirt will make men’s image more retro and gentleman.

Black jacket jackets choose trousers, pay attention to it,

Because the color of the upper body is very deep, it is recommended to use the card with a card to work.

Sprinkler with simple khaki to adjust the shape.

Old lattice shirt + blue jeans

Boys can not only show handsome,

You can also use old flower elements to enhance the vintage temperament of the image.


Then you may wish to choose the old lattice shirt to match, you can choose short sleeve style, and add a lovely cartoon pattern on it.

Old lattice shirt can be superimposed with stripes,


This stacked shape will have a great help for the improvement of the overall temperament.


And let the image become more fashionable, and the overall shape is better.

Because the design of the upper body is very strong,

Therefore, the trousers do not recommend that they are too stylish. Otherwise, the overall shape will be shaken, you can use a simple blue jeans to match yourself.

Black vest + denim shirt

It is also a good choice to use the stylish of the superimposed to improve the image.

The stacked itself is a very fashionable dressing.

If you use it properly, you will make your temperament more outstanding, then it is recommended to choose the superimposed design of black vests and denim shirts.

Black vest is very low-key,


Cowboy shirt will create a relatively retro feel

, With a black trousers, it is also relatively casual, men can try it.

Wei Daxun’s tide man wears a very reference value. If everyone can wear Wei Daxun’s tide men wear more superior temperament, then it will make your own image want to get stronger.