A mature man with a short neck, it is recommended to wear more “Cuba Chalk Shirt”, Slim Strife


Regardless of how men’s costumes change and develop, the shirts are the second floor of men, so almost every man’s wardrobe will not lack the figure of the shirt, but most of the shirts will be the first button. Designed in the neck, it doesn’t have to wear too official, the neck is also more short, which is even more disadvantageous to the neck of itself.


Sexy neck and throat are only under the sharp angle, will be more vintage gentlemen taste and will not look felt, and the Cuba collar shirt is such a single product, just design

The first button near the chest position, plus V-neck design

, Comfortable and unique charm of shirts.


Speaking of the Cuban leaps, it will not make people think of “Due to the riot” Ri Yanzu wearing the Cuban legends, full printing, retro and fashion, remembering the high commander inside “The City of Love” The Cuban led shirt fully demonstrated the superiority of this item. However, hundreds of slimming also need more decent dress to play a better cost of clothing.


The tone of mature men’s clothes is steady, so wearing a total of three seven-day open proportions, seven-point basis, three-point-embellished dressing law, avoiding the monotonous boring of the whole body base base color, two is just right The embellishment avoids the nation of the whole body.

1. Foundation design plus graphic


Cuban collar shirts are neither a traditional dress, but at the same time, it retains the board of the base shirt. There is a sleeve, and the mix and match all kinds are believers, so add a few printed design in the costumes. It is more suitable for weekdays, casual occasions.


The vertical stripes have long figure, V-neck neck lines, double blessings, so that even the neck is short, the upper body is more stronger in the slim, because the embellishment is on the shirt, at this time, the pants are pants. Mainly, keep the foundation greater than the adjustment of the embellishment.


In addition to holiday, most men put on a warm large printing, returning to the city, more suggests that small partial printing, leisure, and work can be hold.

Choosing a printed Cuba led shirt, the printing choice appears in the upper body’s more visual focus locks above the top of the upper body shape, but also is relatively strong due to the casual feelings, so the fabric at this time takes cotton, numbness Good, pants abandoned the traditional suit pants, a pair of Laofu shoes that exposed an ankle made the entire simplicity and advanced.

2. Basic models

The charm of inside and outside is always charming, but it is naturally rich since the layers of stacking itself, so it is more combined with the superimposed in combination.

When the Cuban led shirt is the inner, it is best to choose the color of the brightening, compared to pure white, and the steady rice is more reflected in the Confucian temperament, the coat and the lilies are not too large, there is obvious color Edge transition.

When the Cuban led shirt as a coat, remember to be in the same color in the same color with the trousers, and the shackles have a high shape, if the shape is relatively thick, cof color, dark gray, dark blue, black, etc. is a nice thin color system. And the interior costumes must also pass the embellishment, so that the whole person does not fall into the heavy body of the whole body, make the body touched more.


If you want more distinctive, the inner clothing can expose a small area of ​​color printing or match a simple print scarf, so that wear clothes are richer.


For men, the choice of shirts and wearing is just one,

The overall “shape” is especially important


The men’s wardrobe is relatively streamlined, which reduces the possibility of dressing, but a few good version of clothing can bring further texture.

The simplest shape of the hardest style is that as a embellished accessories

. The Cuban collar shirt is unique, just in the thoracic position, there is a necklace of the necklace, but because the gentleman of the shirt is cold, the color is better than the necklace, the silver is better than the gold, the medium is medium, too fine and inevitable exquisite, too Rough and coarse mine, then assist in a watch, and there is also a style.


Secondly, the hard wind is created in the full body profile.

Whether the men’s body is fat or thin, dragging clothes must not be, so the first costume should be fit, and whether it is to put on the fork, or simple semelet, it is the most important, followed by the waistline. There is a more three-dimensional strin for the middle sewing and side seam design on the trousers. The last pants are in the ankle, because the slim of their trousers, so the shoes choose the size of the medium-sized quantity, the color is color, so that the shoe is more refined It is also a better way to make your leg shape.


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