Year-end clothing recommendation: 2021 word of mouth men’s down jacket, 15 models have thousands of autumn


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Hello everyone ~ I am a wool that day, and can help you with a cat sister.


I have just recommended the festival of women’s down jackets last week, and the style is very good. At the request of all the friends, I will send a 2021 men’s down jacket. Whether you are giving you a gift in the Year of the Tiger, or the old and the old welcome is worth watching.

The following description of the men’s down jacket is in the near future, reputation gold medals. The cat sister is carefully selected for your horizontal comparison. In the price value, refuse to be bloated, warm and good, good workmanship, trendy fashion, light versatile, soft and comfortable, style, simple business nine angles, a total of 15 men’s down jackets.


HLA Haishu House Goose Flush Down Jacket Men

Recommend this space joints, is not just because the cat sister is an aerospace enthusiast. This design is inspired by the vast star space, the gradual color is very dynamic, using quality whitenie down, strict chain, not gives the goosetere escape opportunity. Encrypted trace, lock whichel. It’s also very warm, it’s particularly soft. The hat is detachable and easy to match. The weight is also very good. Super warm.

Filler: White Flush, Snack: More than 90%, Charging Gork: 105 ~ 206g,

Bosideng windproof loose down jacket


Removable hats can be used with a variety of different costumes. There is a reflective strip on the bag and make travel safer. Size standard, wearing is not bloated, generous, style novel, good looking! This velvet is better, the number of filling, the cloth is very comfortable, the price is also affordable, the cost performance is high.

Fill: gray duckling, velvet: 90% or more, diachelism: 107 ~ 155g, fluffy: 600+.

Camen Leisure Down Jacket

This down jacket filled 90% of white ducklings, making the warmth of the clothes will not decline. The print design before the lock can be used to add a sense of design to the clothes.


Filler: White Duck, Snack: 90%, Charging grams: 108g, fluffy: 650+.


Duck Duck Camouflage Lover Down Jacket

Fashion hood design, warm protection head is not subject to personalized armband design, breaking through the traditional image of the down jacket. Loose version, clipping is easy to enclose different body, fashion wild. The couple’s models, wear out to the streets and dogs together.


Filler: White Duck, Contains: 90%, Charging grams: 89 ~ 121g, fluffy: 600+.


Seven wolves warm wind and wind, down jacket


Select the white duck fill, effectively to warm and warm, wearing a comfortable skin. Establish design, wind, warm, no fear of cold weather. YKK Duzzle zipper, smooth and easy tooth teeth, texture is very excellent. 007 Talkually, there is wood …

Fill: White Duck, Snack: 90%, Charging grams: 62 ~ 85g.

A21 loose hooded down jacket

Windproof hood design, strict selection of fabric production and rushing to keep warm. The right sleeve arm is flexible and wear, and it is not easy to deform. Board sleeves, not easy to leak. The clothes are exquisite, the fabric is thick, the touch is very good, the color and the same are consistent, no color difference, version is very friendly, wearing the temperament!


Filler: gray duck, velvet: 80% or more, diachestal number: 151g.


柒 柒 baseball collar down jacket


Simple color, it looks delicate and beautiful. The neckline is a baseball, and the wind is warm. Winter can also be afraid of cold, suitable for the shirt and sweater together. This dress is novel and unique, comfortable atmosphere, good warm, whether it is a basic must have a basic must be worn by the daily commuting or leisure, and it provides very flexible inclusion.


Fill: White Duck, Snack: 80 ~ 90%, Metallowa: 66 ~ 70g.

Yalu thin hooded down jacket

This down jacket is filled with white duck velvet, and it is comfortable and not bloated. The fabric is smooth and soft, and the hood design is warm and fashionable, highlighting youthful, and the drought can be superimposed in more warming. Working is very delicate, the upper body is very good, the temperament, especially the pulleys on the cap very practical. Sorry, their home did not give a model … Then come to Zhang Fei’s down jacket.

Filler: White Duck, Contains: 90%, Charging grams: 68 ~ 90g.

Tamboal collar light down jacket

Using smart fleece, uniform capacity, ensuring environmental balance, not easy to drill. The combination of the zipper and pockets add practicality, and the placement is not easy to fall. Good quality, soft and comfortable, the size is also comparable. The model, the little brother scraped the beard, should be more typeless.

Filler: gray ducklings, contour: 90%, diachelism: 78 ~ 104g.

A21 minimalist thin down jacket


Adopt heat storage black technology, absorb the heat released by the human body and convert it, and heat the heat. Plus the four-story lock crafts of advanced technology, layered locks, and ensure that they do not rush. Light and soft, version is also, the size is accurate, the upper body effect is very good, there is a portable bag. This can also be used as a couple, but it is low-key style ~

Filler: gray ducklings, contains 90% or more, diachelism: 86g.


Snowflakes warm and thin down jacket

The fill of the duck velvet is super good, and it is more warm, so that the down jacket is light. High-density waterproof fabric, waterproof and anti-wrinkle, even if it hits stains, it can be rubbed. Soft and comfortable, very fluffy, appropriate size, strict pocket zipper design, fine workmanship.


Filler: gray duck, velvet: 90% or more, filth grams: 72 ~ 103g.

Jiu Mu Wang Lisheng down jacket


Strictly select the quality down, thick wind resistance to resist cold, leisure and stand design, can fit the neck curve, wear more falls, is the ideal of the type. The upper body is very handsome, the body is repaired, but the sleeves are narrow, and it is very slight to wear too thick inside. The model is too high, and it is really in line with the brand characteristics.


Filler: White Duck, Snack: 90%, Charging Card: Lower than 100g.


Jack Jones Leisure Down Jacket

Traditional lamb hair collimates design, comfortable and warm, and good weather resistance. Gray duck velvet fill, comfortable with comfort. The smoothness is smooth and warm, and the skin is comfortable. Soft breathable. The version is full, the fluffy feels are relatively strong, the down jacket is warm, it is recommended to match dark trousers. Wearing it is very strong in Korea drama.

Filler: gray duckling, velvet: 80%, chains: 130 ~ 190g, fluffy: 650+.

BOSIE fluffy down jacket


Using a durable resin zipper Changchuan page slide anti-drilling wind to improve practicality. Combined with windproof cuffs design strong wear resistance, pull and very smooth, wind and warm, effectively prevent drilling wind, winter is more warm. It seems to be breadship, it is very thin, full of filling, wind-resistant cuffs comfortable warm, multiple structural line details, the resin zipper is convenient. Black and white two-color, can be used as a couple, white playful, black cool. The cat sister loves this white, it seems to wrap himself in the quilt.


Filler: White Duck, Contains: 90%, Charlodes: 188 ~ 247g.


Hajis warm hooded down jacket

The long version of the model, the casual breath is rich, wearing a gentleman charm of urban male. Hooded, handsome fashion, providing good defense. Worry-free travel, protect the neck skin. Super super thick, the fabric looks very high, warm and trend. This model seems to be Eddier …

Fill: White Duck, Snack: More than 88%, Charlux Card: 170g.

Final summary


The above is that the cat sister is recommended for everyone, and 15 down jackets are in one year, regardless of style, word of mouth, quality, and heat are very good. It is recommended to add a shopping cart, according to the price, like it, the body will pick up your hands. Don’t focus on the price, a little better, the man is warm, you can take care of the whole home.

I am a cat, come to the wool! Thanks for a praise, every day.