Angelababy mother and child rare with box, wearing a bachelor’s clothing to take pictures, the son is sweating, cute


Dressing is not only on clothing, but also is also important, especially when facing basic single items, using good clothes can not only improve the stylish style, but also get rid of basic single items. Simple, shaping a different fashion charm, such as wearing big, not wearing small, is a common way.

Speaking of dressing, female stars are naturally the most, in order to cope with various occasions, female stars are also brain juice. Under choosing the same style, choose different clothes to improve the beauty, and avoid I can use clothes to attract the eyes of the public, and do the most exciting.


Wearing a small knowledge: black bachelor’s clothing, oversize size is like a student

Life never lacks large-size clothes, but it is the upper clothes, there is not much, but the bachelor’s service is an exception, many girls do not catch a cold, but I don’t know this style. In terms of concave shape, it is also quite good. One looks like a small body, two come as an outer, can shape the perfect figure.

This time, I appeared in Beijing Global Studios, Angelababy chose a large size bachelor’s service, pure black fashion elements, plus this version, more like a goddess, just like a student, where is it like a When a mother, you are young and cute.

Wearing a small knowledge: elastic combination, highlighting the perfect body ratio

Whether it is a slim coat or a large-size jacket, the female driving this type of style has a common point, that is, I like to open the door, I really choose this kind of jacket, the closed-type wearing and open, there is a big Difference, open clothes, can show inside, but also shape the perfect body ratio, avoiding single.


Angelababy wants to be deeply versed, in the wearing, deliberately open the clothes, can find that in the inner, the goddess chose the sky blue loose shirt with black tight jeans, under such color, also use the plug Clothing beauty has a full body ratio, and the whole dress is very good, very nice.

Wearing a small knowledge: wearing a duckling cap with a shocking day, swing V is young

Girls have a lot of advantages in dressing, because the decoration on the details is more favorable for them, once the relative weakening and no attractive clothing, the details can often play Different effects, such as caps, accessories, etc., can play the role of the eye.

Angelababy is very good at this piece, every time you come, whether in the airport or life, you will wear a hat, such as such a small decoration, to enhance the charm of the style, this time, wear a white duckling cap, Put the v-letter to take pictures, like a student who has just graduated, young and beautiful.


Wearing a small knowledge: Huang Xiaoming family finally in the same box, son wearing green sweater like Dad

This time, in addition to Angelababy, there is Huang Xiaoming and his son. This family can say that it is finally the same box. Although Xiao Mingge is not very obvious, it can be found that the small sponge is still very eye-catching. A green hooded sweater milk is like a small milk, and the father Huang Xiaoming is really like, it seems that this family is very mood.


QS: Angelababy What to do in work?

Select Tips: Sexy Woman Van

In terms of wearing, Angelababy is really going to get off work in two states. This is more than her actuatics, and it has a hard base body. Angelababy is not afraid of any style. Whether it is sweet or spicy, it takes advantage. . This activity look, seems to be black-orimized, color is monotonous, but large-scale skin plus irregular design, instantly make this personalized dress amazing a lot, beautiful is very characteristic.

Choose Tips: Skate Queen

Today, women’s clothing will not lose their charm because of color, just take an ALABABY ALL BLACK Dressress, large-scale black-oriented, but have rich fashion elements to embellish, not only avoided black Monozoity, the button of the next panties, the golden light, which is more amazing, personal scissors tube, and looks very good.

Choose TIPS: Campus Goddess


The set is monotonous, the style will also be subject to certain restrictions, but this does not mean that there is no stylish charm, and the full screen of the school uniforms, the full screen of the school student is very like, no silk The silk is tender, beautiful is very natural, Angelababy heads tail, very good, said that she is a small sister of the female group.


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