What is the wearing a jacket? Figure II’s costume drama has a lens of Nike Socks


Hello, everyone, today, Xiaobian sorted out 5 wearing the lens, let everyone enjoy, don’t know if you have seen it, if you read it, you may wish!

Wearing the lens 1: In the “Datang Glory”, Cui Caiping is talking to the man, but the hair behind the man is wearing, this obvious is a black jacket, and this is clearly made. It’s been bold and it’s seen in a glance!

Wearing the lens 2: I want to know how many people in the first line, then first remove the appearance of the face, then take the line long, the acting is good, the rest is almost a group, And there are a lot of wearing a lens to go to the masses to find it, just like this picture in this picture, look at a group, wearing a pair of Nike’s socks, and this sock is still fake Nike, is there a sock?


Wearing the lens 3: Zhu Yilong played the little masters to balance the mother, and the father came to a line. “Your mother is this temper.” “Will no” story happened in the Song Dynasty, the title of the mother is a mother or mother, where is the “Mom”?


Wearing the lens 4: This aunt, is you lie on the side of the road? What is the quilt in your stomach? It is really speechless. Such props have been leaked, I don’t know if the director discovered it. It is really to let the audience laugh at the big teeth. Once the TV series is released, then there will be a lot of ambiguity.

Wearing the lens 5: It seems that this emperor is also a love smoking, this is not a bag in this bed, how do I see a blackliman! ! How do you feel

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