Is there a men’s casual shoes suitable for winter? How does the peculiar gerbera MAX high?


Social pole journey MAX high-top cotton shoes, winter new, trend comfortable sports shoes! Size, keep warm, there is no discomfort, it is not bad, the appearance is good! The rubber under the palm of the whole palm, the front palm, the following, and the radiosity of rubber, anti-slip wear!

The official flagship store of the peak, the package is very good, how to say it, very handsome! The material is a synthetic leather and fabric, and it is increasing, and it is not so particularly abrupt!

Pixel is extremely journey MAX high-top cotton shoes, very handsome, super comfortable, or the soft glossy sensation of the foot, there are many fluffs, very warm, completely wear in cold weather. The upper waterproof and breathable, watching the big but weight, or the best quality of the shoes!

In the northeast, winter is not very at outdoor activities, wearing this shoes enough!

It’s just that the shoe size is large. I am a big size look like a boat. It is better than my usual shoes. Although I look at the whole, I’m really too big, I can choose a small code. I will buy a peer shoe in the future!

Softness: It is very soft to wear, suitable for a variety of roads, and the text below the shoes is also very much!

As usual, wearing shoes, the color is also high, the color is also the color I like, and I have not seen it. Very satisfied with a pair of outdoor shoes, can be coupon, the activity is very cost-effective, worth starting! !

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Peak (PEAK) cases MAX cotton shoes men’s winter warm stylish comfortable slow earthquake outdoor high-top casual shoes rice gray 41

¥ 459