Pick This pair of comfortable, fashionable men’s slippers, release your summer energy


Asked what is the most comfortable thing in summer?


That must be slippers! !

The high temperature is not bored, not stinky

No need to wash socks, don’t brush shoes

It is definitely a lazy favorite shoes, no one!

Especially the rain in the summer, what shoes will be wet


The feet is born in the shoes,

Wet, uncomfortable

If you don’t make your feet, you will also breed a lot of bacteria.

Causes blisters, athletes, so that the feet are painful and itchy, painless

A few days ago, heavy rain, the road is full of water

Everyone can only go through the water

Put on


Small series

I will sit down with water.

sports shoes


Brush shoe washing socks busy for more than half an hour


Speaking of slippers, many people think is the ugly home slippers


In fact, in recent years, slippers have become more and more common

Chanel, LV this fashion big name has new slippers every year

Stars and fashion bloggers have also played slippers fashion

Daily shopping, airport show slippers spectating special high

But when Xiaobian went to buy slippers, it was found.

Men’s slippers have no design

Slippers of the stars are so beautiful and fashionable

When you buy it, you will be ugly to the home slippers.

I want to buy a pair of fashion, I can wear the slippers wear.

We have been found in the whole network in the whole network, finally found a

Set of men’s slippers

It is from Singapore International Fashion Brand



Cartier crocodile

Singapore light luxury brand

74 years of shoes experience, the favorite of the Royal Singapore

Cartelo is a national old brand in Singapore



Founded in 1947

Since the preferences of the people of Singapore

Even in international competition, it has been the most intense.

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea


More than 60 international markets



The annual income is as high as 2.3 billion

Opened the first store in Shanghai in 1993

Its excellent quality, advanced design and technology


Deeply affected by Shanghai nobles

The stores after more than ten years are all over the country.


Cartier’s store has reached

More than 2,500


Can tell you the most prosperous location to each city


I can see the figure of Carton.

Its family’s shoes have a good word of mouthful and durable.

This macro-slip also inherited

Carton’s super high quality, it is more comfortable after the feet!

A lot of bright upper, sweating is full of ash black sweat

Sliding and ugly, there is a bad breath, there will be a stinky


This shoe

Scrubbed shoe


Very comfortable foot

Not only the color is high, it is very non-slip.

40 degrees high temperature summer,

Foot sweat is not slippery

Xiao Bian, who loves the foot sweat, simply love him too much.

Wearing it for more than an hour outside outdoors

Although the foot sweating, the shoes are not slippery.

Unlike the previous sweat, you can walk the foot of the family.

Upper and comfortable breathable canvas

Although the upper and the foot is in a whole day

But the foot will not feel hot

The design of the camouflage can be simply too cool.

The strong canvas is very qualitative


Shoes put on a second to change the harden


Everyone’s feet are different, and some foot is low


In order to make everyone wear comfort

It also designed convenient card design

Can adjust the tightness of the shoes according to its own situation

When you sit, you can close the loose, give your foot more spatial breathing

Touching a little while walking

The smaller the space between the shoes and the feet, the more saves it.


As a pair of outdoor slippers, wearing it to walk must be comfortable


Ordinary slippers, the upper, only the front foot can touch the upper

So get up very hard, it is easy to lose shoes.

This shoe will

Upper widening

, Upper in the middle of the foot

Stress point is exactly in the foot


The upper is firmly grasped, and the road is very labor-saving.


The road to take a day is not tired.

Sole uses


Soft and flexible EVA

Very soft, and special wear


In order to enhance anti-slip capability, the soles are designed to large-scale wavy

3 mm concave tank

, Let the upper grip more


Walking in slipping or slope is not slipping


# 街 色 色 一 # #

For the color of the color, very tough guys


Army green, brown, black

Three colors optional



The camouflage army, just like wearing military shoes

I feel that I instantly become a tough guy.


Brown stability maturity is not in style

The tooling of the workpiece must not be less.



Black classic minimalism, any style can be controlled


Whether it is a student who is going to school or a boss


I don’t know what color is selected, I am wrong.

color? size

Size has from 39-45 yards

Whether it is a small feet or a big foot, you can buy your right size

Summer is the most headache of the foot sweat

Canvas shoes are stuffy, sandals are easy to say


Style is not easy to wear like uncle

This simple fashionable dress wind slippers

Anti-slip anti-stinky foot sweat, completely not picking people

A three generations can wear from their sons to Dad

And weighing a pair to wear a whole summer.

Send parents, the old man is still suitable for children.

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