Winter in winter is wearing, men recommend following these, warm and fashionable


We need to dress with clothes, especially when men are picking up in the bottom, there is a bit of measures, there is no way. I don’t know if you have the same feelings?

Now the temperature is engaged in just, but also can play the cold warmth effect, but also get the effect of the fancy on the brown, so that your dress is more fashionable.

There are actually a lot of style, men want to wear temperament, but also need to master some dressing skills. Let’s share the attention of the bottoming shirt, I hope you will wear this winter, warm and elegant!

First, the more simple style is the gas.


Winter jackets are all bloated, like woolen coats, down jackets or cotton clothes, in order to avoid loading and swollen, the inner line can be thin, and daily activities will not be restricted. When combining the jacket, you can match the pipe tube pants, cone pants, and single wear in the bottomless shirt, the lower body may wish to wear straight pants to pick with more relaxation.

The men’s body is relatively large, the bottom sweater can choose the simplicity of the minimalism, or the habitual amount, can wear a spatial quantity, and it is slight. The inner style does not need to be more complicated, the more simple style, the more wearing the atmosphere, the better, the better, and all kinds of items are matched. Don’t believe you try it?

Second, the selection of the bottoming sweater is also very important.


The wearing effect of the bottom sweater is not good, in addition to the style, there is also important. Everyone can choose a large number of wells, such as: V collar, round neck, love lead, half a high collar or high collar.


At the selection of the collapsed type, Xiaobian suggests from these two aspects:

First, consider the face, the round face is best not to wear a round neck, add a shirt, the bottomless bottoming sweater is replaced with V-colisters, more literary temperament.


The second is the difference between the neck. The neck is more crude or short, and it is best to avoid high-tee sweater, you can choose V-neck, round neck sweaters, invisible to pull the neck line.

Third, the collar of the bottoming sweater must also be coordinated with the coat.

After the bottom of the bottom sweater is selected, we have to match the bottom of the bottom shirt when we choose the jacket.

We know that the coat is generally collar, but it will not be too high, so we can choose a half-high collar or high collar sweater, through the sense, and easily play the cold warmth effect. It can be described as two.

If the collar of the jacket is big and thick, the collar inside the bottom of the shirt is also a bunch of piles, so that you will be heavy, give others a good thing.

Fourth, color matching should be simple and resistant, don’t be too cumbersome.


Men want to use a bottoming sweater to enhance the senior sense, then pay attention to the color matching problem, try to ensure the simple color of color, and the feeling of obstacles.

The most common combinations such as:

1, hierarchical horses, such as beige, milk tea, camel jacket stacked the beige high collar bottoming shirt, the color is different, this is to use the same color to improve the clothes level.

2, combined color overlay method, if you are worried about the lack of highlights, we can choose, black woolen coat + white, rice, coffee and other sweaters, coffee tall coat + red, caramel-wairt, etc. The aim is to highlight or lining jackets.

The above is a few aspects of our dressing in our winter.

If you don’t like the net bottoming shirt, you can choose a lively, sticky shirt with a pattern or color, as long as you master the connection between them and the level. Perhaps these effects can create a novel atmosphere.


Ok, the above share is here! If you can help the majority of men, if you like it, then quickly learn from it!