What is the difference between T-shirts and cotton with silk? Cool, advanced, step by step


In the first a while, “Vogue Paris” visited Chanel fitting model Amanda Sanchez in Paris home, her work, life and hanging bag tree, how many women were envious.



The world wears the most women in Chanel,

In the interior of Chanel, the Amanda’s style is also influenced by Chanel.


The most important lesson learned is

“Simple and most elegant”.

This is also the essence of Chanel’s fashion, it seems to be a often talking, but whether women are 18 years old or 80 years old.


△ Amanda Sanchez, already trial of Chanel, 12 years old, 39 years old, she is still imitation object of Paris woman clothes.

But it does not represent ordinary casual, basic single item, but also selection, tailoring.


Many elegant women are like Amanda,

Love with silk, come to the elegance.

Even the summer is a t-shirt that is a neutral role.


Also because of silk, there is a smooth sense of flow.

Cold cold, noble, light, and less smoke.

△ Even with the same white short sleeve, wear silk, in the crowd, will always be seen in the first one.



The cool cool and smooth, more suitable than the cotton, more suitable for hot summer, wearing a light and cool, sweating is not sticky.

However, the cost of silk fabric is high.

The famous star loves the theory, equipment brand, one more thousands of thousands.

In spring, we will contact it in advance.

THEORY, AMANI’s domestic foundry factory wants to make a batch of silk T-shirts.


Familiar friends may know that we have cooperated with its new silk shirts, T-shirts last year.

They all use the luxury brand as the same silk raw materials and crafts, and they are welcome, and some style will soon be out of stock.


Although this year’s silk raw material has risen, but the factory is still willing to give us a discount, and it is also recommended for us.

Domestic independent designer brand


Founder of Zhang Yichen.

△ He is a new designer, graduated from the UK London Fashion Institute, which is a personal work.

From the digital pounds of silk fabric to finally follow the luxury style, texture,

Also designed a silk splicing T-shirt, two different silk fabrics are spliced, it is really good!

Nothing to get this silk stitching T-shirt, you will find it special:


The front is noble, elegant is high.

The rear film is cool and sweat-absorbent, wearing the body as the second layer of skin, and the body and mind enjoy the gentle package.

All due to its splicing design in recent years luxury! Let a T-shirt, have a big advantage of two fabrics:


· Front silk fabric ·

The T-shirt front fabric uses a 16mmi silk silk silk, and the content is as high as 92%.

Let this t-shirt silk amount is much lower than the soft T-shirt, wearing a thick wear,

Vision is not visible.

And retain silk


Noble gloss

Before wearing

Elegant atmosphere.

▲ The model puts the shallow white, but also

The 8% spandex of the scientific ratio, so that the fabric is more elastic than the general whole silk, wearing a bondage, put on the arm, such as the wind.


· Rear STAS Silvene Solder

The silk clothing is easy to wrinkle,

Long-term backrest, or the water is washed slightly, it will shrink and deformed.

It is difficult to manage it or not.

For these problems, we used a long time.

Go to the T-shirt to scientifically match the experiment, and finally determine the rear piece and sleeve part of the silk T-shirt, which is mainly used, and silk, cotton, polyester fiber is added.


You know, from the mid-1990s,

It is known as the most valuable product in the history of artificial fiber in the past half a century.


It is raw material that is formed after the renewable bamboo, wood and so on.


Not only is it as bright as the silk, but also the hand slip.

And it is not easy to shrink, the breathable is very good, especially suitable for summer.

Other fabrics are more aggregated, and it is also very convenient to take it.



· Squiring controlled by the shoulders

To splicing both fabric, it is not sewing so simple, and the color of the fabric needs to be maintained.

This silk splicing T-shirt, uses a variety of giants armani, theory, and let the factory do it.


The front and rear sheets except for the silk, the color is basically no color difference.

Hidden walking, exquisite,

I tried to wear it to work, my colleagues thought it was a whole silk, I wanted to start.


This picking silk T-shirt has 2 style,

One is a silk splicing, cost-effective; a whole silk, exquisite.


Diverse color,

Parts are beautiful:

Due to the all-silk T-shirt, the matte motto brought by a strorn textile process is different from the brightness of the silk splicing T-shirt, and there is special, suitable for different good temperament.


White wild,


Simple and low-key, any bottoming can be easily controlled;


Champagne is very elegant,

There are also a few little girls who are both gentle.

Blue is especially white

It is very suitable for the beautiful people, I want to lighten the fairy.

The whole silk is a unique bean green,

Placeful spirit, special young


Although it is a solid color, it’s a hundred, enough to let you switch your freshness every day.

Take jeans, wide-leg pants, and clean the silky and generous neutrality.

Surprise weekend, changing the gentle and charming half-length A word skirt

Even you are fascinated.

T-shirt + continuous tape pants

More fresh


It is very suitable for personal and cool girls.


· Geometric irregular half skirt


Vintage fashion, top-top cover is very thin


If you still want to wear special, try to take the same new geometric half skirt on its family in the summer.


The irregular stripe collides with the beauty of color, very vintage trendy.

The waist is collected, the skirt pendant,

To the length of the calf


, Can modify the leg shape, no matter the fat, wear a meat is thin!

Soft Viscose fabric, touching slippery, putting cool, let you interpret

Although the T-shirt is ordinary, the version is not good, it will be fat and rustic.

This silk splicing T-shirt, design adhering to


Every detail of international luxury goods is comparable.

Pushing more than the whole silk, more noble than the cotton T-shirt.

Take it into it into it, more points and clean, very suitable for urban girls to work, gatherings, and create a little luxury.

Zhang Ailing said.


With silk, it seems to be a normal T-shirt.

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Sweet splicing T-shirt

¥ 199