Is the ferment bed? How do you see this?


In recent years, with the slogan of environmentally friendly ecological breeding, the national farmers have turned their attention to ferment bed culture. However, it can really use the breeding household for the fermentation bed. Further, some farmers began to make a big fear. “This thing is the trick of the deception, which is easy to use. This is the deception of selling strains, lie to our hard-earned money.” But is it true? ” Is the fermentation bed reliable?

Generally speaking, the cause of the fermentation bed is the following:

1. The fermentation capacity of strains is not strong and unstable

2. The mold is molded with mold, the flush cycle is short, and even 2 days will turn it once.

3. The fermentation is not complete

4. The ammonia flavor of the circle is seriously exceeded

5. The fermentation bed is too much, like a matrix, and livestock lives in this environment, it is easier to sick.

These seem simply simple but easily neglected problems, resulting in a bad understanding of the fermentation bed. Even the farmers who are preparing to use the fermentation bed have heard the news similar to “useless”, “人”, “false advertisement”, is it. More somewhat farmers will reject people who have heard the sales of the fermentation bed. Have to say that these are all human temperament, but it is impossible to deny the meaning of fermentation bed.

I believe that more concerns that are still watching the farmers are still in that once the breeding fails, they are sorry, so they don’t dare to apply. However, in other words, if you and a high quality of the company, the company’s complete business (company) cooperation is concerned. In the case of Jinyuan Oasis, the application effect is obvious, the feedback is good during many years of sales, and has a professional technical guidance for our customers. Let you have no worries.


Method for using super strong strains such as gold EM bacteria:



Such as Jinmai fermentation bed super functional bacteria 1kg can be paved 12-15 m2 fermentation bed, 5kg bran (corn flour, or rice bran) is mixed without water per kilogram of strains.

Note: The joining carrier not only has the effect of expanding the fermentation bed, but also makes the operation easier.

2. Preparing


The pig size of 20m2 needs to be sawed 10 party. The sawdust is non-toxic and harmless, and it is used to use it. Corn straw, peanut shell, rice husk can also be used as fermentation bed.

3. Pavettype

Each 10cm thick sawdust is laid into a strain, or it can be mixed and then stored, and it is not necessary to add water. Submit a layer, 50cm thick pigthers, 5 layers.

4. Passing

The pig is required to have a sawdust thickness 50cm (chicken, duck, goose, sheep 40cm). Since the fermentation is officially enabled, the sawdust will be sinking, so it is necessary to pave the pad. If the saw is not easy, it can be partially used with a rice husk, a peanut shell, straw instead, and the surface layer 20-30 cm must be used.

5. Livestock and poultry

Fermentation beds are completed, and livestock can immediately enter the bed, and the fermentation bed in 7-14 days can be started normally.

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