Autumn hipster combination: sports shoes + wide pants, modeling hundreds of landing, hidden people are wearing


For many trend people, buy a pair of shoes for long-awaited shoes, happy value is completely unbeaten, enough to make yourself happy for a long time. Even many star artists, buy beloved shoes will not help but take pictures, thereby visible to the importance of our daily wear.

If you want to become a trendy, it’s not enough to wear a trendy sense. Know the match relationship between the items, understand what shoes are matched with a good look, and it is a potential to have a potential, you can feel with confidence. Sneakers is a single product that is relatively high in a daily penetration, because of its many kinds of people.

Sports shoes are not just a kind of shoes, it can be divided into basic sports shoes, old shoes, panel shoes, canvas shoes, etc. Autumn is also a good time to wear sneakers, a wide pants + a pair of sneakers, the shape is very good and very grounded, and it is a great hipster combination that is wearing.

First, sports shoes + wide pants, vitality full of chances


1 change the length of the trouser, add a bit of energy for sports shoes

Seeing the match of sneakers and wort pants, many people may think that it is too ordinary, it is a combination of personal styles. In fact, in the style of changing the styles of the trousers and sneakers, it can also make the styling style.


Since the version of the pants can change the space is not very big, then do the changes in the trousers, let the trousers reach the effect of nine pants through the full pants, and then with a pair of basic sports shoes, it can be said that it is full of vitality, very Agefield.

This is a tip of the flue-wearing, whether you are a vibrant fresh meat or a beard uncle, you can let you get rid of greasy wear a refreshing teenager. It seems that a combination of inconspicuous, in fact, super practical is still very good, how can people not love?


2 trousers with sneakers, high show long legs

Compared with the short pants tube, the long pants tube is more helpful to improve people’s body proportions. If you want to wear a supermodel “one meter long legs”, this long-winged trousers + sports shoes are not missed. Plus an arbitrary top matching, you can wear the whole person to be high and the legs are long.


Don’t think that the length of trousers is too uncomfortable, there is a support of sneakers, you don’t have to worry about stepping on your trousers, or let your trousers mopping dirty. The pants loose version, but it is the perfect effect of eliminating leg ratio and modified body shape.

Second, wide pants + panel shoes, seconds and exquisite literary youth

1 trendy wide pants with board shoes, exquisite and eye-catching

Of course, there are also many literary youths that have a soft spot for shoes. Because of its simple version, smooth lines are exquisite, very popular. Plate shoes usually have black and white two colors, under the matching of trend, more exquisite fashion, very eye-catching.

Many people prefer card color, dark brown, olive green and other trendy wide pants, which are exquisite and culturally, very high-level. At this time, whether it is a white shoes or blackboard shoes, it is ok, but it is better to match the light-color shoes with dark wort pants.

Virtienly, the classic camel bright pants are also completely unpleasant, still “a deep shallow” match principle, which is very effective in overall shape. At this time, the color of the coat can be echoed with the shoes, and also choose black, let the styles are harmonious.

2 daily color wort pants are more classic, and the shoes are not good.


In addition to the trend, some tones are relatively daily wort pants that will be very classic, and they will be more grounded more ground when they match the shoes. A clean white shoes, matching a classic daily color wide pants such as dark blue, black, is a combination of highlights in autumn.

If we say that weapon is a must-have item that enhances the feeling of trend, then the shoes are the soul element that enhances the trend, and can make people look at the temperament and very energetic. How can we get a pair of shoes and a wide pants everyday? Exquisite handsome and eye-catching, leisurely wearing such an effect can be said to be very perfect.


Wide pants + panel shoes, this autumn classic fashion combination, don’t smash it. Whether it is to create something style, it can be competent. At the same time, it is also a match with a high comfort in the casual installation. The tide people are wearing, the slim is still very high, and the shape is also grounded.


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