I don’t know how to choose in autumn and winter jacket? A knitted jacket is enough, it’s too old.


After the autumn and winter, many people began to prepare some external things, but some people don’t know how to wear, and even some people don’t know how to choose the style. Some people don’t like the coat, I feel too long, especially for the coat. Comparing a small child, too long style will be mopped, so it is really unhearted, let’s take a look at how to choose a jacket after entering autumn and winter.

In this issue, Xiaobian is shared with everyone how to choose after entering the autumn, how should the jacket coat?

How to choose a sweater jacket?


First, the color does not feel

In fact, when we choose a sweater jacket, everyone should know that the sweater jacket itself is relatively gentle, but also relatively warm style, because of this characteristics and traits, it is very suitable for autumn, it is also very Suitable for winter match, so let’s take a look at some of the choices and matching skills of knit jackets.


In fact, the knit jacket is in the eyes of everyone, it is absolutely good, and it is one of the styles of the topic. So we choose the color of the style is relatively comparable, so to refuse some Hui whistle. Or reject some of the complicated style, a little choice, and a little choice.

For example, this fashion blogger’s jacket is very suitable, the style is also relatively low-key and elegant, there is not too many flowers whistle, and there is no feeling of lotus patterns. When you look at it is very clean, simple, so In fact, the biggest advantage is to match.

Second, work must be fine

In fact, the sweater and sweaters are similar, whether it is a sweater jacket or a sweater jacket, it is relatively warm, and it is relatively warm, and it is also one of the more gentle style in everyone’s eyes, so The second technique in selecting a sweater jacket is to look at whether the work is fine.

Many knitted jackets are actually not fine, and they are very messy. It is not good to see, such a style, everyone should not choose, the first possibility is a cloth, in fact, it is not so good, the second possibility is more workmanship Amortic, the upper body is not good, so the effect is warm, but there may not work fine, and many of the sweaters, we have to choose fine knit, do not choose too thick knit.

For example, this knitted jacket in the picture, the feeling of giving everyone is very exquisite, then the upper body effect is also very good, so this is a kind of sweater style, which is more exquisite, the effect of wearing the upper body, obviously more than Other messy styles are very good.


And there is a very pure and clean feeling. This is a fine workmanship, and it is more meticulous to wear, the whole, it is a lot of people like. If the work is more messy, it will give the entire sweater jacket. Many score.


Third, the style is loose and more

This is what we share today, some tips to choose the jacket jacket, that is, share the last tip, whether it is a sweater or everyone likes the sweater, especially the style of the jacket coat, absolutely do not choose Tight, this skill is also one of the skills that everyone must pay attention to in one choice and purchase style.

Choose a very loose knitted style, in fact, it will be more technically, except for more three-dimensional, the upper body effect is also very good, and the relaxation will look slightly thin, this is a loose knitting jacket. And loose, inside can be slightly selected to be loose, so it will be able to cover some shortcomings, the focus is that tight-fitting sweater jacket is too ugly.


Everyone must pay attention to it in the purchase style. Otherwise, when you accidentally step on the thunder, the loose style is actually bringing us more different, it is also equivalent to having more possibilities, inside The inner selection is also a relatively wide range, at least will not feel more tight, some people will ask, is the loose style is cold in autumn and winter? In fact, the loose style is not cold in autumn and winter. It is actually able to keep warm, and there is not much difference for tight and loose.

This is the most important skill that everyone will pay attention to, and use these, if you still don’t look good, then it really can’t say it, this is definitely very very popular.

Ponating analysis of sweaters


First, sweaters with a half skirt


There is also an unparalleled relationship between the knitted sweater and the semi-skirt. These two are definitely very good, and the sweater jacket itself is a relatively gentle style, and then the half skirt is more elegant style, two The match is definitely able to produce different sparks, let’s take a look at it?

In fact, the sweater jacket also uses a skill we just say, that is, the selected style is relaxed, and the overall style is also very single. There is no more flowers, and even the button is a relatively low-key single-row button, color is also There is only one color, and the inside is also chosen as a shirt as a built-in, let’s take a look at the next half.

The fashion blogger chose a very loose pleated dress in the lower body, very loose pleated skirt is also very stereo, the whole looks relatively relatively simple, then look at the half body and feel very gentle .


In fact, such a match, we can also directly like this fashion blogger, put the clothes in the skirt, so you can see some of the proportion of the body, at least a three-seven-point body feel At least five or five points, it is also a small skill designed to optimize a proportion of the body, so regardless of the selected style or match, we often share some tips.


For some girls who prefer to have a glitch or more like gentle and elegant style, you can try some knitted jackets, really very beautiful, well, this phase is actually shared here, if You also like knit jackets, hurry together!


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