FAW Volkswagen ID.6crozz and members of the Men’s Walhe Point


FAW Volkswagen ID.6crozz and Member Mall 薅 薅 毛 积 男 男 长

Hello everyone,


Today, the recommended product is a product in FAW-Volkswagen Member Mall,

Sales are not high,

The main reasons have both,

First, now people use mobile phone to pay, WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay, how convenient, wallet is getting smaller and smaller.

Second, this luxury goods, collection, limited public produce men’s long wallet price is higher, 4300 points, RMB is equivalent to 430 yuan. It is not available on the key market, which is the special offer of FAW Volkswagen Member Mall.

Lao Li is tested and sent to recommend the recommended post,

Righteousness, no retrospective,

Now still distressed points,


Because this wallet, the cold doors, fewer quantities, almost no discount, did not participate in the discount, spike activities.

The little blue waist is too beautiful. Lao Li is attracted by this design!

Ok, just when a luxury, after receiving the goods, it is still satisfied.

Still talking to our car first,

Lao Li’s car FAW-Volkswagen ID.6 Crozzz,

Locate large-sized high-end intelligent pure electric SUV, home, so space is large.

is based on

Id.Roomzz concept car design and development,


Thanks to the MEB pure electric platform and the new E3 electronic electrical architecture,

It is the most comfortable SUV of the public ID family.

3 The space is too small, 4 comfort is better than 6 or it is.

ID.6crozz also equipped with a wealth of posture auxiliary systems,


You can bring you an automatic driving experience,

In other words, it is basically equipped.

All driving assistance systems you can see on the current market,

Semi-automatic driving can be achieved,

When a long-distance travel on the high speed, the driving fatigue can be greatly relieved.

Open in the urban area, it is also possible, automatically start and stop, follow the front car, can alleviate anxiety emotions when traffic jams, and intelligent and worry.


Let’s take a look at the big men’s long wallet. The public has gone a series of long-standing, or it is deeply interested, knowing the line, and the line!

The surface is the head layer trim, the inside is 230T tweed nylon.

The outer is a hot stamping logo.


The size is 19x10x2.5cm.

After opening, there is 11 cards, 2 tickets, 1 document, 1 big bill.

With a new wallet, Lao Li and the old wallet photo contrast, look at the comparative map, long and short packets are still different.

Shijingshan Lao Li