There is a skill in winter shoes, keep in mind, don’t destroy your baby’s feet.


The weather is getting colder, how many Bao Da Bao Ma is worried, how to choose a pair of suitable shoes?

Many parents want to buy their children to buy double warm shoes, whether there is a first standard for fur. However, is the child’s winter shoes and a warm warm? In fact, shoes fleece not only will not be a baby’s feet, and it is not necessary to harm the baby’s body development! What are the common shoes that are easy to “step on the thunder” now?

1, cashmere shoes

In recent years, plush shoes become hot style, “warm”, “soft”, “step on the feelings”, etc., is also quite attractive, not only for children to buy, parents also like to wear.

However, there is a characteristic of too soft shoes that is poor stability, and the foot that cannot be given provides sufficient protection and support, which is easy to cause the child to be flat enough.

2, snow boots

The snow boots have almost become a “warm artifact” in winter, Mao, easy to wear, but it is because it is thick, and is in a sealed space, long-term wearing is easy to sweat, breed bacteria, resulting in a child’s foot stinky, foot gas .

In addition, the soles of snow boots are generally very flat, which is easy to cause children to walk, there is a certain safety hazard.

3, children’s high heels

The people who love beauty are all, the better children, the better, but the parents should want to be healthy with their children, avoiding such shoes.

Mainly because children’s high-heeled shoes have great influence on children’s body and foot function, it may destroy the body’s ability to balance, easy to fall, and often wear the child standing, walking and spinal health.

For children’s shoes, the new national standard provides for the provisions: no more than 2.5cm, parents can refer to this high to choose the right children’s shoes!

Parents think that these warm and beautiful winter shoes are very likely to harm their children’s growth, so “good things” ≠ suitable.

How do the parents choose a healthy and comfortable shoes for their children? Please note that dry goods are coming! Call the key points ~

1, 9 ~ 12 months

This period is the baby’s school, and the baby will start to help things attempt to stand and try to study, because this stage of baby is large, the foot will sweat.

Therefore, it is recommended that parents should try to buy breathable and strong sweat-resistant. However, this stage is not much chance to support the body weight of the body with a feet, so there is no need to buy a hardness sole, and there is no need to buy a step.

2, 12 ~ 24 months

During this period, the baby just started to learn to walk, the number of times the way, this stage, you need to buy a school steps, the body is designed, soft and soft, breathable

For the health of the baby, the shoes should be in the hands of the feet, and the pedestal shoes have spring and summer models and autumn and winter models, and autumn and winter has warm design.

Parents don’t have to buy a big one-size shoes in order to stuff the thick socks. Choose a high foot, the shoes with deep shoes, so the shoes are more feet, the shoes are not easy to fall.

3, 24 months later


When the baby is in 24 months, it is more stable to walk, and you can walk, run, jump, etc., and the number of outdoor sports has more, this stage recommends that parents choose some of the body, package Strong color, good sole non-slip effect, breathable shoes.

It is especially noted that the insole can’t be too soft, so that the feet have the feeling of gripping. Exercise the muscles of the foot, stimulate the bottom neurological development, form a healthy arch.

“Baby” shoes tutorial, welcome you “copying” ~

TEP1 look:

Look at the thickness of the sole, can’t exceed 2.5 cm, otherwise the baby is easy to lose.

TEP2 touch:

The front of the touch shoes can feel the hardness, so hardness can protect the baby’s soft toes and feet.

TEP3: fold

Down, the bending position is just 1/3 of the front, and other parts will not be bent, so the shoes can guide the baby’s foot to do the correct arc movement.


TEP4: Screw


There is no obvious deformerus against screwing shoes, indicating that the soft hard is appropriate. It is not easy to cause a tumored and bad posture, no matter whether the baby is learning or walking.

Using the most suitable way, take care of your child’s healthy growth, not only the shoes need to be selected,

Baby’s food and clothing. Whether the baby can grow up healthily and play a key role.

Therefore, each area requires parents to choose, especially those “food”.

Choose a milk powder that is suitable for your baby, you can better promote your healthy growth.