DYMAX Dai Mas release new product: 9501-F structural adhesive glue for electric vehicle battery pack


Provide excellent protection for electric vehicle components, from impact, vibration, and other destructive power

Shenzhen December 2, 2021 / US News Society / – The world’s leading rapid curing material and equipment manufacturer DYMAX introduced the latest adhesive 9501-f for electric vehicle battery pack. The product is a circular battery and a plastic base and the bonding application development, low shrinkage ratio, a common substrate such as PC, PC / ABS, nickel-plated steel and aluminum, and aluminum has excellent adhesive strength.

9501-F electric vehicle battery pack structure glue

9501-F can be cured in UV / visible light irradiation, or can be cured at 385 NM wavelength LEDs to speed up the rapid curing speed of the component online assembly speed, thereby increasing production line capacity and reducing overall manufacturing and labor cost it is still Common electric vehicle performance tests show high reliability, such as high temperature, high humidity and thermal shock test.


The material is polyurethane acrylate, no solvent, single component, can replace conventional solvent-based epoxy acrylate and silicone, is a green environmental adhesive viscosity of 10,000 CP, with large flow resistance, dispensing to part The displacement will not be displaced, so it is easy to accurately apply bonding and solidifying the material or the light irrigation and seal of the connector, the thermal switch and the sensor, and the ideal material for tamper-proof applications is issued under low strength black light. Blue fluorescence is convenient for manufacturers to check online.