Huaihua depth clothing market: Evolution is the most popular style


This year, there are many rainy days, making the sales of brand sports clothing are also uncomfortable. (Photographed by Yang Linbin)

“We also have to eat in the world”

It is necessary to have a good food in the costume business, no matter whether you believe it, Zhang Jianjun.

“In the first half of this year, there are many rain, and it is harmful.” Hengyang people Zhang Jianjun complained, “I always rained, there are several people to go shopping in the street to buy clothes? How can I be good? I do this, I have to eat old. Heaven’s face! “

As a Huaihua regional distributor, he has been working with the manufacturer, and there is a total of 5 Jordan Sporting Goods and Sports Clothing Stores in Huaihua City. For the 178th year of Act, he always feels like sportswear business. It is time to eat. ” He particularly missed 2004 to 2008, the business is best to do, money is good, basically, what is hanging in the store, what consumers are sought after, what to buy, “fashion” is basically a “seller” market”. He believes that today’s clothing business is not good, the big economic environment is weak, dragging the hind legs of this industry.

Shaoyang people, Huang Guiqiang in Huaihua For more than 20 years, the brand has been doing 10, the first is Rommont is then the Jinba, do more than 10 years, in the center of Hmbing Road and the city, have two Jinba store, the last 5 Years have lost millions of dollars. He said that the current business is still poor than the road. He missed the operational situation of 2008, at that time he had average a single store, the monthly sales of more than 100,000 yuan, up to 140,000 yuan, now the two stores are added together, the monthly sales is 40,000 Yuan or so, just a single store zero head. Since the Huaihua to make a clothing business, I will first be Hmbing Road, and then the people’s road, then it is Fu Xing Road, and then it is Hmbing Road. Walk away from the road to stop and stop, the store has moved seven eight times, not repair The road is to dig the road, once the move, hundreds of thousands of decoration, put the water drift, which makes him wounded, until today’s big loss. He said that the rent has also risen, and it is one or two. The road sections that have been moved will be staged “golden dock”. The rent is often the wind or waves, and the sound is rising and falling. It makes people should have no choice but to, “especially in the last three years, most of them suffer, manufacturers have lost, some have closed, only the landlord earned.”

Zhang Jianjun introduced that today’s men’s women’s clothing will pay attention to the store, everyone is not easy, he said that the weather factor is really large, sometimes even threats. He bluntly, the warm winter phenomenon that has repeatedly presented the previous year, so that the cotton clothes in his store always puts more difficult to sell, and the rainy season in the forty-five jind, leading to the rare and rare, and the business is light, “20 this year A few days of rain, what do you say? “He found that every year from March to June to the rainy season, the costume business is the most difficult, the most bleak business,” I have to pay this time, but I have to do it. “

The marketing magic weapon, which is the underground mall, and clothing dealers, are still a discount. (Photographed by Yang Linbin)

Online shop, your name is “hedging”

The 4-facing facade of Waihua International Trade City is connected to the four facades, and the owner Wang Youzhen is here to do women’s clothing. She is a Dushu Bridge, first made four or five years of clothing business, and then moved to the gorgeous market for four or five years, then displaced to the Golden Emperor’s clothing market, one is twelve three years, until last year The International Trade City opened and turned out this place. “I mainly do two categories in summer and winter, and the summer is mainly cheongsam. Winter is mainly double-sided, the wool coat and fur, a total of four or five brands.” She said that she is currently the main attack, shampoo ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The preliminary calculation, the costume business batching costs brought to her a month to bring her four or 50,000 yuan. In addition to Huaihua City, the surrounding area of ​​Yucu, Guizhou is also her business capital, and the size of the size adds 100. The reporter said that it is said that the current costume business is not good, she called myself, “business is not good, mainly see if I know marketing.” Her main medium-end price, winter unit price is generally 7800 yuan to a few thousand yuan, up to 10,000 yuan; summer dress is more than 10,000 yuan. She believes that the costumes have been doing some years before, now it is a little, “most people feel bad”, because people doing this, more and more, and market capacity is relatively limited. “I found that online store business is very big.” She said that many traditional customers have declined varying degrees, pay more and more, and more and more in the pursuit of middle and low ends. Therefore, according to market changes, adjust the business strategy in time, pay attention to high and low-end matching, can do business well.


If the online sales in full swing, it is clear that the costume store has created a campaign, and it is difficult to “hedge” marketing efforts. “The online shop is too big to hit the physical store, getting bigger and bigger.” 21-year-old Mayang, Teng called his facade, and managed the costume business. His family clothing business is his father’s 20 years ago. Teng Zhaongui once graduated from Guangzhou to experience a life in Guangzhou, helping a store to make a Japanese cuisine, and then stay in Shenzhen. After half a year, he will call home, take over the family business, mainly attacking young women’s clothes, there are three or four brands, The purchase channel is spread in Zhuzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan, etc. Yuan up and down.

Teng Zhao also believes that it is mainly affected by the online store. The business of the physical apparel store is more and more obvious, but he does not open the online shop selling clothes, even though he is also Taobao, wearable equipment, jewelry and luxury Products. Talking about the future development trend of the apparel industry, he feels that this problem is not good, but I feel that “women’s clothing should be better than men’s clothing”, children’s clothing first, women’s second, men’s third, “children’s clothing most investment value”. On the regaining market, he believes that we must pay attention to the store’s decoration, the decoration must have a style, to attract people, give people a sense of grade, at the same time, there must be eyes, can not be in a chaotic, pigs, pick The basket is vegetable. He suggested that when the peers were doing pricing programs, he should look at the market trend. It is divided into the peak season, so that the price is flexible, there is room for adjustment. He said that he can have four or five thousand yuan in sales in his peak season. There is a lot of time in the off-season, and the worst a month is not even in the peak season. “The low season is currently the current seven, August”, but the peak season is coming soon, “the weather is coming”. “

Discount advertisements in the clothing store have no shortage. (Photographed by Yang Linbin)

Don’t stare at the performance! “Clothes consultant to be a good customer”


About a year ago, the old clothing store in Xia Qiyun didn’t have a middle-aged lady. She is a manager of a hospital in Hongjiang City. At that time, she was in front of the store, and she went to the store. Xia Qiyun recommended a new year, she had a feeling after she tried, and the two sides made a single 200 yuan. Not long, the lady took her sister again, and I purchased a thousand dollar clothing once, gave Xia Qiuyun a surprise. Third, ladies brought several colleagues and took care of business and threw her a large number of more than 4,000 yuan. “This may be the fate of everyone.”


After the summer and autumn clouds, I shared this “adventure” experience, “Since then, this honorable guest includes her relatives and family, before and after, I spent tens of thousands of yuan in my store, I have done my best every time. They are a good consultant. “It is the Golden Lord of Pingshuo, thinks that the store of Xia Qiyun is too small, it is recommended that she is big, so that the old shop will change the door, which has become a new VIVI show today.

Xia Qiyun is from the Hecheng District Ganfang Cloud, she used to help people in the field, do the counter brand clothing, and then Huai Huai’s own entrepreneurship, Vivi show is the name of her own to the store, because if you use the brand, manufacturers It is necessary to collect high franchise fees, it is not worthy, it is better to give customers, “customers generally hope to buy clothing is higher, and others are virtual.” She will serve, the price is good, and the main cause of harvest is my own. “Integrity is very important, and the mutual trust of customers is very important. Don’t be greedy, you have to make a lot of money, don’t put the water, let customers Come to your store, I don’t want to come. ” She mainly engaged in middle-aged and old-aged clothing, paying attention to leisure, pursuing simple style, “Now everyone is in order to live, more attention to life.”

The apparel industry can reflect the most intuitive “fashion” of real life. Currently in phased wilting as performance characteristics, “avatar” is quietly changing, even reversed changes. Xia Queyun believes that before the customer chooses to be small, the dress requirements are low, the merchants are purely out of the seller’s market position, and the filling sales is naturally relaxed; now the customers are more diversified, personalized, “buyer market” is obvious, and it is difficult to adjust The marketing is getting harder and harder, the channel is getting wider, business seems to be more difficult, this requires the merchant to have a lot of hand, her almisk is to think for customers, give them tailoring, reasonable match, customer satisfaction If the business is done long. “Be a clothing business, I think it is a process of sharing experience and experience with customers.” She frank, “a dress, a dress, if the customer feels that wear it, it is not good, I will never suggest she bought, I Will try to give her a good set of staff, dress consultants. “She believes that everyone is not necessary to expand the sales performance, to stand on the position of the customer, so the business will be better.”

“To help customers, save, this saves, so that he can make him feel respectful, but also care, not only take care of the face, and get benefits, do not have a long-term interaction between the two sides.” Summer Qiu Yun believes “customer The first “is not empty,” if the customer bought it back, it means that the business is smashed, and his marketing method has a vulnerability, it will lose a good customer. “In the first half of the year, there is a woman with Jishou After three daughters, I came to Huai Huai for the first time, I was very vocal with the summer and autumn clouds. I bought 5 clothes when I left the store. After two months, I will visit procurement. “The customers always trust me, I like to wear my recommended clothes, listen to my matching suggestion, let me don’t do good reason, don’t do the service well.” Many people in her customer group did not order garment. Home, but through WeChat order, sit and wait for the installation of goods to send the door, “I am a coat consultant, I am very trusted by customers, let me feel warm and lucky.”

Many industry insiders believe that women’s business is relatively good than men’s clothing business, every new shelf, there is always a pursuit of Taobao. (Photographed by Yang Linbin)

Ou Fu Japan, how to deal with “popular wind”

Shaowong Yang Xihong, is carefully cooked with her “Men’s Jia” clothing store, she believes that “let everyone wear the brand.” In addition to the retail sales, she also does the wholesale business, the group purchase is relatively, and the membership system has been implemented, and more than 800 members have been handed. She believes that clothing operators must talk about integrity, to follow the principle of “let strangers satisfied”, and can’t slaughter familiarity. “Marketing must be targeted, respect and guide customers’ personalized consumption differences.”

Xia Qiyun believes that selling clothes is selling prices, selling brands, selling mouths, but also sell services. She said that the equipment industry is currently affected by e-commerce, which is both challenges and opportunities. It is necessary to change the merchants to change, marketing mode is timely followed, so that it is not washed away by the shuffle. “Dragonfly and other consumables, such as cosmetics, pay attention to experience, feel, color, version, materials, upper body effects, etc. I personally go to the door experience, I can feel it, so I have a sufficient confidence in the end of the clothing. “

How to make clothing business regain the glory of the past? Zhang Jianjun believes that first, a fixed mature business circle must be formed, thereby driving the clothing distribution resource precipitation, agglomeration, it is recommended to restore the Circle Commercial Circle, Renmin Road Business Circle, Renmin Road Business Circle, should be restored and divided into fixed parking spaces, delineate the zebra crossing, allowing the line It is only free to pass through the past, so it is popular, and the merchant has a business. He believes that the manufacturer must cancel the order system, because several orders will be made every year, so that the merchants are exhausted, and this year’s order management is produced, and it cannot be randomly adjusted, allowed (divided) soldiers passive. He said that now brand clothing has entered supermarkets, the other deduction points are high, and the few people are about 15% -20%. Many 20% -25%, up to 30%, “everyone is working in the supermarket”, this situation should have The adjusted.

In the interview, Feng Yongzhong, director of the Marketing Department of Guangdong Chaohui Apparel Co., Ltd., and he went to Huaihua for the first time and prepared to develop this market in the market.

It is reported that there has been more than 20 years of history, and the image spokesperson is Nicholas Tse. It is integrated with research and development, design, production, marketing and other intensive power, mainly attacking the South Market of the Yangtze River. City”. He censed in recent years in recent years, it is not good, its company’s sales have dropped to the past 3 to 4%, the profit margin is 40%, “the culprit” is the first to the Internet, and the differentiation of various brands is not obvious The image positioning converge is also an important cause. He believes that the apparel industry has reached a bottleneck period, the market is accelerating, shuffling, so-called “Yangtze River, the waves are in the beach”, only more powerful, more pragmatic enterprises can persist, “clothing enterprises should pursue Cultural grades, market positioning should be accurate, so consumers feel that you have a value of your clothes. ” He introduced that their company has launched a household costume, pursuing the personalization and differentiation of customers, “I used to pursue Japanese and Korean winds, and there is a number of more European style; now pay attention to European style, with a small amount, everyone should keep up with this trend “. He said that one-third of the manufacturers and dealers must adjust their business strategies and marketing strategies, resettle, card, and position in market competition.

“Popular Wind” quietly transformed, so that Li Bikai, Li Biakai, is imagined. He is in Huaihua Main clothing business for many years, and he is working to introduce Blue Guowei brand. He said that he has to go to this day, it feels that this line is more difficult, so preparing to change the brain change brand, with the Blue Ancient Weili Camp, the partner framework of the two sides is already pushing details. “Don’t have advanced marketing philosophy, you can’t meet the traditional way of business.” He has a way, “must keep up with the times, otherwise it will not return.” (Our reporter Yang Linbin)

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What is the current situation in my country’s clothing market? Many people care about this problem because this status quo determines the development direction and future prospects of the apparel industry chain.

The authoritative data shows that last year, China’s clothing prices fell by 2.7%. The clothing discounts have become the main promotional means of shopping mall sales, and the national large shopping malls’ costume holiday discount sales have extends to almost all weekends. Some of the clothing brands even started discount sales when they changed their new products, and some of the world’s top famous brands had to enter the countryside. According to the relevant market survey, 50% consumers choose to buy when they replace the season, and consumers who purchase clothing when they started and the premium prices, only 3% of all relevant consumers Seventeenth.

The survey shows that China and high-end brand clothing, especially the high market share, and sales have a large increase in sales. Among them, the top ten brands of knitted underwear has reached sixty-five percent, especially urban consumers’ epidemic trend of clothing, more and more attention. The survey shows that there are 47% of people often buy and read fashion newspapers, and 35% are very concerned about the trend of clothing. The popular trend is largely guided the hobby choice of consumers. It is understood that the buyout, franchise, etc. have gradually emerged.

According to the survey, 40% consumers purchased clothing in large shopping malls, 30% consumers liked to buy their favorite brands. Last year, big shopping malls began to use current or futures in the market, with the exact form of stocks, with the stock of spot or futures, and bought it to operate. The franchise of the store is also gradually warmed. This is a new marketing way of interactive concept, culture, management, training, and service “one dragon”.

Professionals analyzed that this year’s national clothing consumer goods retail sales are expected to account for about 13% of the total retail sales of consumer goods, which is basically flat with the previous year growth. The spending of urban clothes will continue to grow, but the amplitude is small. In addition, this year, the changes in the adjustment of apparel industry upgrade structures will continue to appear through the market, and clothing demand will happen to pursue high quality tendencies. Consumers will be further enhanced by brand philosophy and epidemic trends. The clothing processing plant also has a sense of transition and upgrading, and cannot stay only on simple processing and develop in all directions. (This newspaper comprehensive)