Seven small objects that improve life! How many?


If you want to live, happiness is good to buy.

Come, take everyone to see small material collection that can improve life, have you?

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1, automatic spray machine

The taste is one of the main sensories when you come, or even before the visual.

Because dirty can handle hidden in a short time, it is not easy to cover up. So your life is enough, a big part of the taste.


I will start an automatic sprayer, which can help you get a full of fragrance and create a pleasant mood. When you come at home, you can show your taste in order to come.

So I want to enhance the happiness of life, buy a spray machine!

2, spring tray

If you don’t have a paper, you need to use your hand to go in.

With this spring paper cartridge, this problem is perfectly solved. Don’t look only a small design improvement, but there is a great improvement of the convenience and psychological happiness of life.


3, cork rack

It is too easy to cooking the bench is too easy! ! !


But use a pot to make this perfect to avoid this!

When you need seasonings, take food, take food, these things don’t have to be put on the desk, ensuring health, and convenient storage!

Buy buy! ! !

4, mini electric stirrup

This little thing is very easy to use!


I usually want to get a garlic, the meat, and I don’t have it.


Just charge the electricity, gently, you can solve the problem of daily filling production ~

5, octagonal rice stone wok

Mai rice stone pot is not sticky, everyone knows, and the value is very high.

But this octagonal pot has a good thing is that it is particularly convenient to warm the temperature!

As long as you gently rotate an angle, the cover can make the air outlet, which is convenient for cooking. Unlike a circular pot cover, how to put it.

6, four-hole fried egg pot

The fried egg is always impacted, I want to fry a few more and easy to stick together, simply affect the mood!

Come, use this four-hole omelet! Help you fry 4 eggs once, and you look good and complete, proper accomplishment, happiness is full! ! !

7,360 ° splash of telescopic faucet

If you are also a boots faucet, the water is splashing everywhere, it is recommended to use this splash to telescide the faucet!

The head can not only draw, but also change the water column shape, like a shower. Wash the dishes, wash the dishes, and the wash pool is super convenient!

I have said such a few households, have you used a few?