Tan Song Yun is really a big long, watching is not like 31 years old, wearing orange sweater with white cotton clothes too surprising


Winter wearing the most fear is boring, so everyone can try to choose colorful clothing in the process of matching.


The color is high, no matter whether it is used as a coat, it can easily make sunshires.

High-brightness color can be said to be a way to enhance fashion, but everyone needs attention in the process of matching.


It is to avoid the bloated feeling of jackets. Although the thick-sensitive costumes are inevitable, everyone can do their hands and feet, showing the unique charm of styling in the way, adding fashion and absorption, The charm value will be greatly doubled.

In winter, don’t be too confused, try to choose these jackets, wear simple trendy words, not afraid of shaped soil, young girls should try, several winter jackets are waiting for you to unlock, wear casual style. So,

The content of this issue takes the winter coat costume as an example, let Xiaobian lead everyone to see it!

Fashion choice for winter jacket costumes

Short cotton clothes

For everyone, the demand to wear is different,

The person is aimed at the main purpose of it, and it is necessary to further show the charm style in the process of matching, while drawing a high visual height.

On this basis, it is largely derived from the shortage of the “three or seven points” matching principles of high-spirits.


So everyone

With this opportunity to choose short cotton clothes and casual high wagon to complete

I have a kind of clothing style simple atmosphere, and it is also very grounded. For small children, it is an indispensable choice. For short cotton clothes can also avoid certain bloating in the process of mixing, so relatively, it is still very advantageous.

Light shirt


Then choose a short cotton clothing to match, many times, it is determined by the color color.

The short-color soft tones of short cotton clothes can exhibit a young side to some extent.


It is also very age and tender.

At the same time, choose a white short cotton clothing to match, you can also combine the bright colorful clothing as a line.

With fresh color tone and vitality, it is very similar to it.

For girls who like to walk with sweet winds, it is worth trying.

And the solid color cotton clothing will take a bright sweater clothing in the choice, and one is to relieve the singleness of the shape.

With bright colors and fresh color, the impact is relatively strong.

Therefore, it is more obvious that it is more obvious.

Coat’s style recommendation

Continental suit

The matching frequency of suit single products in daily life is also very high, because the suit costumes have increased fashion charm and beauty with the style of the version, and the characteristics of the characteristics, while choosing

The profile version of the suit is matched to alleviate the feeling of dullness and serious feelings.

It is very attractive to easily show a personality and advanced shape.

The contoured version of the suit generally does not exist in conventional lengths, which is a long-term style to increase the sense of fashion, and at the same time, it is difficult to generate pleated feelings under the vertical trend of the version, so The shape looks more prestigious, the aerospace field is also advanced.

Brown locomotive jacket

The uniqueness of the fabric can also add a sexy and trendy sense for the overall wearing, in which the thickness of a motor lady’s style is selected. This is the case, the fabric is very hard and there is a sense of gloss.

Combined with the delicate and advanced texture of retro skin fabrics, you can get a big bigger gamma charm.



Choose a vintage brown locomotive in daily life to match, color unique charm looks very stylish, full of trend,


At the same time, combined with the splicing design of the neckline position, collide with the cigarette cotton cloth

It is not only one to show personal charm, enhance fashion charm.

Grid woolen coat

Gripelli elements and stripe elements are some classic elements, which are very common in the daily clothing single, so everyone will match any single, style classic and have a certain fashionable charm.

Among them, you can also choose a blue grilled woolen coat to match, blue as a mainstream color.

Stitching smoke gray with black classic color matching effect

The color is deep enough to show a sense of stable wearing charm and image.

In the process of matching, you can also improve the dryness of the mold.

Exhibit random and lazy styling in the way to wear

At the same time, at the same time with the black feet pants in the styles, we will improve, simple atmosphere, and feel full.


Winter jackets have a lot of choices, but everyone wants to match fashionable effects, it is still very difficult, so everyone may wish to enhance the beauty of the shape by rich matching method, showing distinct glamor.