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The Chinese man is wearing, really a bit ugly. /”struggle”

A rich and ugly, maybe for Chinese men, compared to the fashionable fashionable fashion in the magazine, or Jobs and Zachberg wardrobes are more convincing.

“The sister of the wind and savvy” fire, some people propose, can you take a male version of the “brother of the wind and waves”?

It is very difficult, I want to find a group of three or forty male artists in China, the works are solid, more versatile, the value of people, the body is first-class, there is no belly, there is no greasy feel, the difficulty is not general.

Furthermore, whether the male artifact can wear and have a taste and taste, and it is also a question.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

Not long ago, Guo Jingming was a variety show group in the Weibo real name, and the drama group was born in the distribution of clothing, dance, beauty, and the arming, and the appearance of the governing of the actors left the governor and Hu Wenyi.

Look at this costume, pink lapel reflective suit, nailed rice white suit, is really ugly.

Let the male artist’s own clothing is not reliable. They can have the value of the color, but they often wear the car, regardless of the airport street, or the red carpet is showing, if you don’t pay attention, you will be too powerful. Big brand and tide cards can be no tide.

Xu Wei, known as “Mountain Give Brother”, is active, attitudeful strength? In 2013, he received Thailand when the work “Thailand,” “

At this time, you will find that the sisters of the wind and savings are all smashed, but we can’t expect a group of middle-aged male artists to make more good-looking, they may even wear clothes. This is full.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

You can’t blame them, most Chinese men are unlikely to dress clothes.

Ordinary men don’t have to say, Wan years unchanged sneakers and shoulder bags have become standard, roering and stripe t is also the earth’s culture icon; a little a little pursuit, it is easy to go to Tony teacher. Road, black small suit tightened the belly shoes, the waist is a good haircut tool.

Wearing a suit, it is easy to become a scissors Tony teacher and a chain home brother.

Although many men attached importance to the image, there is also a kind of male in the big city CBD, but it can’t cover the power of straight men’s aesthetic and programmer style. Gao Xiaosong said that there is not much advantage in the global blind date market, I am afraid there is a reason to dress aesthetics.

Is it a man’s wrong? Not too good. Throughout the market, Chinese men choose not much in the clothes, the ordinary working class can be selected, or the European and American sports or fast fashion brands, many men wear the minimum size is too big; either the Japanese and Korean brand, because It is not designed for Chinese men. It is always not right to wear temperament.

Why didn’t it be a dress for Chinese men? It is the Chinese native melted brand.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

Du Fu shoots the Haiyu home propaganda film.

Chinese men’s clothing brand, embarrassing existence

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

What level is the Chinese men’s clothing design?

The “Men’s Wardrobe” should have a saying, more than ten years ago, Hong Xiaotian took the dance of jumping, let Haishu House are well known, laying a “soil” color for this men’s clothing. .

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

Open the wardrobe of Haishu House, the magical colorful color of natural earth is everywhere: red polo shirt + white casual trousers, green and white striped t + khaki pants + green slippers, gray suit with pink shirt, black Western pants are biased, a white shaking plastic tape …

A men’s brand of the main middle-aged, finally won the title of “Dad is too too too”.

In the past few years, Haishu House made a brand upgrade, looking for a lot of senior measures against business people, as if to counter the rhythm of Uniqlo and ZARA.

But I will find more eyes, this men’s clothing is still difficult, and I have to let Lin update wear red, and the blue tights are played. Pose.

It can be seen that only upgrade spokesperson, do not upgrade the clothing design, and then handsome little meat is “handsome but three seconds”.

Wearing Shanghai House, Lin updated and earth.

The same is the local brand, the seven wolves’ double-sided jacket, once is a fashion item in the middle-aged man’s wardrobe.

After a small name, the seven wolves embarked on the old road propaganda of the local costume brand. Throwing gold invited Sun Honglei, Zhang Hanqi, etc.

Unfortunately, with many domestic men’s brand amenities, the seven wolves’ costumes can not be able to go to the pace of brand upgrade, the more the mature and tightening male temperament is, the more embarrassed.

In these years, the seven wolves’ posters are like “men more than one side”, but every side is Taobao with the same paragraph.

There is no designed look, but it is a strip of the stripes, and the checkered short-sleeved, and the mixed trousers is finished.

Understanding new Middle ages, many of them through Metersbonwe.

As a “star belt”, the eyes of Metersbonwe have been first class, first aiming at Super traffic Jay Chou as a saying, then finds a flower band, Guo Fucheng, Pan Yibai and other big coffa. .

Stepping on the hot spot Metersbonwe also “does not take the common road”, please “jailbreak” male protagonist Miller speaks, implant advertisements in “Transformers 2” and “Transformers 3”, and it seems precise capture today. It’s natural to sell, and sales is nature.

Time shifts, but Metersbonwe has not changed. In 2015, Meibang found a red Li Yifeng, and Zhou Jielun formed “double endorsement”, thinking that “double kill”, the new generation of young people do not buy account.

The beautiful scenery is no longer. / Creative Creative

I like Jay Chou’s fans who have already arrived in middle age, it is not the target group of the United States, but the US clothing door and clothing design have no significant change.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

When it comes, the clothes are looking at the value, and the drinks that buy bottles of love beans are drinking without harm, clothes, who is ugly, who knows. The spokesperson who advancing with the times will not be more young people who keep up with the times.

There are quite a lot of domestic men’s clothing brands, and the costume design must be the shortest. In these years, we have seen the store upgrade, display upgrades, and the advertisement upgrade, but it will not come to the clothing design upgrade.

A e-commerce brand is filled with Korean, Japanese suit.

The brand, who is working in the year, has never been able to imitate and entered, and explore its own style. The native men’s industry still passes the replica of European and American winds, Japan and South Korea, British wind, staying in the primary stage of apparel production, failed to form a fashion industry.

Does not have their own native men’s brands, how can I help Chinese men become fashionable?

Of course, our men’s brand may not care about men’s clothing is ugly. Haishu family began to engage in women’s clothing a few years ago. In 2016, the women’s growth growth exceeded men’s clothing. Later, women’s clothing were also selling, and they played the idea of ​​children’s clothing.

Men’s? Let it continue to be embarrassed.

Compared with men’s clothing, women’s design levels and selectivity are high. / “Sister Take Wind and Wave”

Chinese men’s clothing in business

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

Chinese men’s clothing is not always so embarrassed, and they have both styles and more.

As early as the end of the 19th century, the suit made by Ningbo’s red tailor has been named, and the business has developed to Yokohama, Tokyo, Kobe in Japan.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

“The Strings” This is playing the word that is used to describe the unique suit made by Ningbo’s red cream. Today, I’m not seeing the custom-made suit from going abroad, and I don’t see more than Ningbo red.

In their store custom suit, more than 130 ways, most sewing is hand-made. The tailors can use a pair of eyes “to measure” if the customer looks in the foreign movie, they can copy it. Mei Lanfang and Cheng Yiliu such as a picky pear garden artist are their hide.

1912-1 In 1917, a family of university teachers in Shandong.

At the time, these fashionable dress only had a minority city or knowledge elites to afford, and the fashion door opened to the generals of the Pools.

In 1979, French clothing designer Pierndan took 12 models and staged China’s first fashion show in Beijing Cultural Palace. After that, the US and Japanese fashion show team came to China. Not long, the Chinese began their own fashion model show.

In 1987, Japanese film “Wang Township” and “Hunting” are popular in China, and the protagonist wearing a rapid infection of fashionable young people. On the street, wearing pets, wearing sunglasses, and young people who have long haired are increasing, causing a lot of decent.

At that time, a song “Yan Powder Street” sang: “One day, a long-haired big brother walks in Yan Pin Street, his horn is fashionable and special, and he will provoke a disaster, and he is escorted by the big mom on the street. Travel Street … “

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

To this end, “China Youth Daily” also specially wrote a comment: “The Chinese Tang Dynasty murals flying, the people in dance are not all wearing a horn pants? So the horn pants are from China, not the West, is our nation. “

The 1980s of the tigers played in the 1980s, wearing a petule. / “My thirty years”

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

An article that makes the conservative old people can say anything. Since then, the dress is increasingly personalized, and the men’s clothing also ushered in their golden age.

In Ningbo, some of the “Red Help Tailor” has entered the state-owned garment factory or cotton spinning factory, and the state-owned factory gradually led the company’s reform. Jacor, Subcading suit, and later Taiping birds are raised at this stage.

The Wenzhou people who are not far from Ningbo, the Wenzhou people who will do business are also followed. In the early 1990s, Wenzhou has established nearly 2,000 apparel companies, “newsbird” “Metersbon Wei” “Sen Ma” is here.

The Guangzhou clothing industry has also been prosperous. Many mature Hong Kong clothing brands, such as Giordano, Fort Lion Dragon enters Guangzhou. A large number of Hong Kong and foreign clothing companies also transferred to Guangzhou and Yusi’s Yang’s brothers, in 1995, the factory moved back Huizhou.

Standing in the air, the men’s clothing only needs to be sampled. Please endorse, the advertisement bomb can go straight. In the golden period, the market share of saicos suit is as high as 37.4%. One of the 12 shirts in the market is Yorgor. In 2011, Metersbonwe’s revenue reached 9.945 billion yuan.

Domestic drama men’s clothing is also difficult. / “Shanli”

It is a pity that the big banknote earned to sell men’s clothing, no one stopped and pondered the design of clothing.

Shanni is “not working”, turning to the development of lithium batteries, investing in private hospitals, and is also preparing to develop a small town in Turpan, Guilin, etc. Zhang Han still also.

Jacor began investing in real estate. She just won the core block in Wenzhou, and the ambitiously did not know, it was more unknown that Yaleor also opened home in Ningbo. In 2017, a tourist was held by tiger. The tragedy who bite in the park.

On January 29, 2017, the Tiger bite incident in the Jacor Zoo was killed.

The founder of Mei Bang did not care about Ma Yun’s persuasion, insisting on burning money from built e-commerce platform, and defeated it, only got a sense of emotion: “To resist loneliness, tempting to temptation; do the right turtle, don’t make a wrong rabbit.”

There is no chance to come back. In 2012, the impact of Zara, H & M et al., China consumers’ fashion selection doubled, plus the rise of online shopping, and the roads of local men’s clothing will become more and more difficult.

Unfortunately, Chinese men’s clothing may have missed it through the timing of imitating the creation.

The native men’s clothing faces the impact of international fast fashion brands, and there is a few unscading power.

There are men’s clothing, no men’s culture

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

Before 1960, Japan is also a fashion desert.

For the conservative Japanese male, it is excessive to wear, which means that it becomes female. When Japanese men go to school, they are wearing unified learning and blue uniforms. After graduation, they will change their serious suits, never hurt their brains.

But now, Japan’s fashion aesthetics has affected the global fashion trend. No matter if you are interested in fashion, I’ve listened to Yaoto, Chuanju Baoling and three homes.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

How is the Japanese men’s clothing developed?

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

After World War II, the United States is responsible for reconstructing Japan. The lack of Japanese materials after the war, most Japanese only have a very simple clothing, and Americans are rich, and they have a soft and neck.

Naturally, all related things related to the United States are more advanced in the eyes of the Japanese. The Japanese began to listen to Jazz and American pop music, from comics and movies to learn about the American middle class’s happiness.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

In the 1960s, Japan was popular in Changchun College.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

Japanese men’s fashion starting point – men’s brand VAN, which starts to imitate the style of American ivy.

The Japanese men do not accept the Japanese men. Bensuke ishizu quickly realized that if you want to let the Japanese men who don’t have fashionable people buy their clothes, they must first let this group get fashion education.

To this end, Shijin Qieqi joined the “Men’s Apparel” magazine editorial team, such as textbooks, providing men with different situations, establishing a routine. Of course, you don’t forget to implant your own product advertisement.

By fashion magazine, Shijin modest successfully allows young boy to accept the ivy style. After that, in 1964, the Tokyo Olympics will be promoted to the country.

Shijin Qie Qian.

Why is a magazine have such energy? The founder of Undercover has mentioned: “Japanese people are magazine as the Bible, see the pictures in the magazine, do not have those things, and do not count any price. Japanese generally can’t rely on their own ideas, must have examples Talent. “

Review the history of modern Japanese men’s clothing will discover the wave of costumes, including jeans revolution, Yangji wind, ancient tide, etc., accompanied by education books in Japan’s fashion magazine.

For example, “The last button of the outer sleeve” “Oxford Shirt is not ironed after washing”, this kind of education seems to be dead, but helping Japanese men build a comprehensive fashion knowledge system, nourishing Japanese male fashion aesthetics. .

In the 1960s, Japan’s men’s fashion magazine.

The trend of clothing is coming soon in China, it will be fast, the trend is full, likes and don’t like to have a station team, haven’t come to discuss, a burst of fashion is blowing.

In Japan, when a new clothing trend is incorporated, it often experiences a long resistance, education, and acceptable process. In the end, this costumes are slowly internalized and improved during this process.

In addition to the numerous education of fashion magazines, Japanese men’s clothing companies are also incorporated by entering and imitating, and continuously internalization, putting American clothing products as prototypes, disassemble, patiently study, and then innovate.

Full count jeans founder is dry, carefully studied each detail of Levi’s retro jeans, each suture, found that the cotton fiber of the old jeans is longer, which is a top-grade raw material that is difficult to bear the industrial spinning technology, thereby invented the advanced Dennin cloth.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

In 1964, Japanese magazine published men’s clothing, there is a casual dress, and there is also a dress.

This “imitation”, penetrates all industries, food, comics, cars, home appliances, etc. in Japan. In Japanese traditional art education, “imitation for innovation” has an important role.

Japanese Men’s Magazine “Men’s Club” edit black mustache’s development of Japanese men’s clothing has a very metaphor:

“I vine and fried pork chops are very similar. This is originally German, but now it has been part of Japanese cuisine. I think I vine is the same as the fried pork chop, although I was from the United States for sixty years ago, but I have developed sixty in Japan. It has become more suitable for us later. “

David Max, who has in-depth research in Japanese men’s culture, also believes: “After seventy-decimal to the United States, the Japanese has drawn all possible ideas from the American history. … Playing the future, the world’s imitation object is very It may be a living Japanese example, not a dying primitive American style. “

Today’s Americans love the dubbed library is not surprising.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

1994 “Men ‘s Apparel” Magazine.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

Looking back to see the development of Chinese men’s clothing, establishing your own fashion system never the goal, so I will attack it immediately after making a quick money.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

On the other hand, although there are some independent designer brands working hard to improve Chinese men’s clothing, they can’t afford to swim in this blue sea. The majority of men lack fashion education see these clothing, maybe they will be disappeared.

A rich and ugly, maybe for Chinese men, compared to the fashionable fashionable fashion in the magazine, or Jobs and Zachberg wardrobes are more convincing.

In the case of their words, men always have more important things that need to be handled, wear the same gray T every day, “In order not to waste time, consider wearing”.

Since choosing to be a spiritual zuckerberg, do you still need to wear it? They don’t know, the small t-shirt is $ 300; they are also automatically ignored, Xiaoba is in the hands of the suits, wearing a proper post.

多少精神小伙,毁于中国男装 | 原创

The so-called “straight men’s aesthetics”, saying good to “how to wear how to wear”, there is no aesthetics.


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