Motorcycle mobile phone bracket you will choose?


I heard a lot of people say that the mobile phone camera will often be shaken! Generally, the mobile phone brackets bought have no anti-shock pads, so the mobile phone is placed on the motorcycle mobile phone bracket. It will find the camera to shake. The camera will not be scanned. Especially Apple phones, because Apple mobile phone is equipped with optical anti-shake even, even a smooth car will also shock the camera.

Android phones may not be so serious. There are two solutions:

One; change your phone!

This is not suitable for most people, usually we will not consider it!

Second; change a better mobile phone bracket:

Of course, better mobile phone bracket price will be high but the total fly mobile phone camera is then changed to the mobile phone bracket or change the phone more appropriate!


This mobile phone bracket is a three-level anti-earthquake. It cannot be said to ensure that your mobile phone has no problem, but at least more mobile phone brackets that are one hundred pieces of money.


Everyone maybe one is that I am afraid that the phone has no electric mobile phone bracket with wireless charging during the driving process. One thing that may be why the charge has not been fetched yet! This is that there is no Amway to the kind of charging.

It is best to find the five wireless fast charge mobile phone brackets, of course, must not forget the anti-vibration, don’t make a bad camera!