The gambling king, thousands of gold, Chaoyli finally put a famous lady! Wear bubble sleeve long skirt romantic sweet, temperament


White long skirts can be described as a lot of moonlight in the minds of small fairy. With the effect of clean and neat, it is a refreshing and sweet girl. It is very good to show a gorgeous and noble gas field. Recently, the gambling king He Chaolian attended the brand activity, choosing the bubble sleeve white long skirt, and the silver bag is highlighting the temperament of retro romantic little fairy. It is very good to showcase the appearance of cute play, the simple style is still It is a beautiful gas field.

Romantic style


U collar bubble sleeve long skirt + Qi ear hair

List: U collar; bubble sleeves; solid color; satin; Slim;

1 u The word is filled with the skin of the skin, and it creates a refreshing and simple style.

During the process of matching, the overall look is a simple, so you want to get a beautiful feeling, you must learn to use the elements and techniques. He Chaolian This set of styles will be a decorated, which expands the skin area from the visual above, and then creates refreshing and small sexy, and the simple style is still a beautiful and beautiful. It can show out exquisite and beautiful clavicle and superior vetypy neck.

Small suggestion: Plus the necklace dixer will be more bright


The match of the U-shaped neckline will result in an increase in the skin area, so be sure to learn to use some ornaments in the process of matching, so it can also reduce the blank feeling of the shape, but also give more exquisite Aesthetic, a gorgeous and noble gas field.


2 bubble sleeves element to create a retro romantic style


Secondly, the other elements are used to properly transfer the vision. He Chaolilian chooses bubble sleeve elements to embellish, the bubble sleeve element is a big bursting in the last two years. Under the element of the long sleeve of the bubble, it is a good modified arm line. The key is that the bubble sleeves can give the shape of a sweet age, and then create a retro courtyard, and deduct a romantic girl’s breath.

3 Pure color style uses satin materials to create a high level


White skirts are generally limited in the style and color, so in the process of matching, select the combined material will create a different effect from visual and tactile. He Chaolian This model uses the satin design so that it can create a comfortable warm style, and the solid-style style is guaranteed to improve the high-level and texture of the shape, and it can improve the temperament of the entire person. Atmosphere.


4 Slim elements and single product embellishments, reflect more delicate and playful

This dress chooses the styles of the slim, so you can use the body curve to show your horizon’s vision, and then create a lady’s gas field. Combined with the silver series, it shows gorgeous and noble, but also highlights the passage of hard nucleation queen, combined with short hair, deducts the gas field of the doctors and the sturdy.


If the white bubble sleeve is given a romantic sweet gas field, then it is homogeneous with the solid color of the windbreaker. A dual-button windbreaker modeling, interpretation of exquisite and no goddess, the simple style is still domineering.

Stereo windbreaker

This shape focuses on highlighting the gas field and the top of the body, selecting a tough material to combine a characterized version of the A-shaped version, can be visually highlighting the body curve, and then interpret the gas field of the domineering.

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