Personal comments | “Door Lock”: Director thinks, the audience laughed?


This article contains spoiler, please be careful.

With the heat of a living in a living, “Door Lock”, I won a 140 million box office in four days. However, it is a reputation that the film has a decrement with the box office.

“Door Lock” Douban is only 5.5, while the latter continues to fall to the current 5.0. As far as the comment area, “Door Lock” to play 5 stars, most of the high comments of the actors, or express the attention of women’s safety, rather than the quality of the movie itself.

It is undeniable that as a thriller that combines realist elements, “Door Lock” has a relatively good opening. The movie starts with a living in a living, trying to introduce the audience into the crisis. Since then, the lens is transferred to the female protagonist Fanghua, through the daily lives of layers, and successfully led several suspects in the right way. And the presentation of the paper towel, toothbrush, etc., can also see that the script is well designed.

However, it is unexpectedly, from revealing the identity of the murderer, from the role to the plot, from the characters to the plot, the logic in the movie is fully collapsed.

Let me talk about people first. First, it is necessary to emphasize that “behavioral logic” does not point to “high IQ”, but refers to the character’s behavior in accordance with the role setting, no contradictions before and after. From the perspective of the fierce, the “door lock” is set from the protagonist to the active character, and there is no image that can be shaped in the previous stage.

First leading, it is a ingredient that is unpredictable. A few minutes ago, she still had a punishment but did not act rashly, avoiding the murderer’s sight to send positioning to the police, at least proved that she has certain mental preparation. After a few minutes, she found the murderer, but not only forgot the existence of the police, not only to call for help, but also very focused on the ground, and exhausted to the people of the people, and finally took the murderer without rebelring. Deputy driving.

The metamorphosis fails to escape the bad luck in the man. The opening does not hesitate to throw “love”, killing the prey, can see its brutal and self; Fang Hui has the key evidence of the murderer, still can not change the collaboration and discuss it, it can be seen that it is calm and calming; I have not been discovered by a trace, it can be seen that it is smart and 缜 … The above varieties are undoubtedly in hints, and the film wants to hit a mentality of high-hitting Sword.

It is unimaginable that in the discovery of the murderer, the metamorphithiators of Swings will completely convert to the “Love Network”: Know that the owner has mastered the “murderer = Jeffery”, the murderer still does not evil The call is called the waiter to check out; when the waiter has out of “Jeffery”, the murderer panicked to the female master – obviously, “accidentally exposed the identity” is a reasonable interpretation of this expression.

More confused is the obvious cutting of the “door lock” plot.

After revealing the identity of the murderer, the “door lock” suddenly turned from horror to a moving block, from the street lane, chasing the gun battle of the murderer. The bridge connection here is also extremely hard. The pre-order of the three strong men’s security Xiao Wu did not know why the murderer that did not show the arms value. The murderer has no reason to transfer Xiao Wu to other locations, as if it is to encounter the police of the clues.


In the last few minutes, when the murderer finally arrested, the data subtitles of living alone, “Door Lock” ended in the style of the science and education documentary, not to say is forced to know, at least, one sentence with the front style. .

For logic collapse, the performance of the “door lock” is also responded in an interview. This is also his first long film.

Logic collapse, is lying on the time that the length cannot display all details. For example, Fanghua is specifically running to no one.


Significant splitting is to let the murderer who are suspense after being uncovered, the plot is not high. Buick also believes that the story can not rely on the style of truth, can only rely on drama conflict to “dry”. He has also revealed that he has received a version of the script when he received “door lock”, and his screenwriter Luo Zhaoyu has changed a version, “the second half is completely different”.

Other interviews of the director again, the director did not cover his favorite of the type of type. He once said that now “pure type is still not enough”, many suspense pieces “personal literary breath is too heavy”, “I think the type of type film is still the type of film, your presentation first reaches the standard, then go Express things in your inner. “

The interpretation of integrated director is not difficult to find, from suspense, horror to crime, action, gun battle, “door lock”, has accumulated a large number of types of type piece elements. Revealing the “door lock” look, it will feel that after each of the above obvious logic, it seems to be in the introduction of “type piece element” service:

If Fang Hui can’t adjust the IQ from the high position when discovering the murderer, then the police will directly let the story end and cannot lead the subsequent action drama;


If the murderer can’t suddenly expose the identity, then the movie will take longer to describe how the murderer is exposed, so the plain drama conflict does not meet the people’s expectations;

If the security Xiao Wu is dragged to the designated place like a sack, then the murderer can not “encounter” police, can’t lead the play.

However, the good film is not equal to the invalidation of the type element.

It is difficult to speculate that during the “door lock” creation process, there is an idea to join the type of type film element, or have a storyline. It is true that the application type piece element is to produce a better connection with the audience, and it is definitely not a bad thing. However, the type piece element itself is a technique and method, and the “tool” is to be inverted by the “tool”.

In order to sacrifice the story of the movie, in order to sacrifies the mood of the drama conflict, such works are fed back to the audience, which will cause the audience to not believe in movie story and role itself because of logic. More straightforward points, that is, the audience is easy to play, and the arm stands highly high at the angle of the bystander, which is difficult to produce a total of the characters in the movie.

I still remember that the intermediary is installed in the square, but the film has adopted an extremely conventional thriller lens: The mediation finds an abnormal air conditioner, and the lens of the doubt is turned. He slowly stood behind it. Clothman murderer. It can be imagined that the originality of this movie is scary.

However, at least at the author’s viewing field, the audience did not breathe with the plot, but broke out.

An incredible movie played the banner of “realism”, which is really like the director, let the audience pay attention to the social topic of living living alone women?