Double 11-send skin care product sample cost? The essence of a single price of 1000 is only half of it.


Double eleven express, everyone received it? As a former spending a girl, how much is a man, the skin is more expensive, this year, the double eleven, I keenly found that the surrounding sisters began to pick up.

Skin care product


It’s not that they love to buy small things, but this year’s double eleven activities, they are not discounted, that is, by sending you a sample.



. Dedicated to the sample, more than the dress, I don’t know, I thought it made wholesale!

But the sample is so small,

Can you really squeeze enough products? How much can you really use it in your hand?

Today, I will take everyone to squeeze a sample, and the test is not like a sample!

First, the experiment preparation

【experimental design】

Select 8 common samples, use the power of the biusing to extrud out / pour it out, and see if the weighing volume and quality can be squeezed out of the product.

[Experimental Choose]


Several various samples

[Experimental statement] This variety of sample is limited, and the measured results represent only the actual capacity of the sample sample; The final result is for reference only.

First, skin care products

Lancome powder

Lancome powder double eleven activities is to buy 400ml is holding 600ml, good guy, this adds up to have 1L skin care!


After using this 1 liter, I feel that this 1 is also over.

Average 0.435 yuan per milliliter

In the 600ml of the attached, 4 125ml and 2 50ml samples are very mighty. Next, we will open it directly! First put out two specifications of powder

My pink water column is drained, and I will directly amazing!

125ml of powder is only poured out of 117ml, there is 8ml in full! At first I thought that the actual amount of the product is the wall rate of the product, that is, the amount of remaining in the bottle, but can this be 8ml? ? Feeling may be small

It is insufficient



In order to minimize the influence of the wall, I put these two samples for 2 hours, and the powder is slowly dripped.


! So everyone should not throw it, I can throw it out, I can have a miracle!

Finally 50ml of powder is poured out of 49ml, basically reached the standard. But this 125ml powder … I don’t believe this bottle can still hang 6ml [sleepy]


Lancome powder 125ml small sample: actual door 119ml

Lancome powder 50ml small sample: actual to hand 49ml


Unhaly: 4.3%

Water drills: 11.3 yuan

Estee Lauder small brown bottle

Estee Lauder’s small brown bottle is 50ml to send 48ml of the same model, and the sample is in the same size. I wonder you buy 50 to send 48ml, I don’t send it directly, I have to be dismantled.


3 vials


2 bags

? Are you a difference?

Average 9.18 yuan per milliliter

I was very embarrassed after I had already measured Lancome powder, and I was afraid that only 15ml small brown bottle was less than 5ml. However, after I finished and stand, the small brown bottle is good, even slightly more than 1ml, straight to 16ml! This is equivalent to me, 9 yuan!


Look at

Esteelan bag

. Due to 1.5ml of a bag, the error may be relatively large, so I crowded 2 bags.

The Esteelan pockets out of 2.6ml, with an average of 1.3ml per bag, the hanging bag is as high as 13.3%, but the overall adding is cost-effective [dog head]

Estee Little Brown Bottle 15ml Sample: Real Each 16ml

Ya Shili small brown bottle 1.5ml small: actual to hand 1.3ml

Utilization: 105.4%

Water drift: I didn’t play the drift, but I earned 23.9 yuan.


Herlina Green Bottle

The green treasure bottle is a standard to buy one get one free, buy 30ml to send 3 10ml small! A set of 1080 yuan, counting 180 pieces each sample, 1ml is 18, top, I have a cork! It is a lot of lack of skin care …

Average 18 yuan per milliliter

The texture of Herlina essence is very much like yogurt, very sticky, directly inverting roots, can only transfer with the drippers in the bottle


The result is very amazing!

10ml sample, with a dropper can only take 5ml! Don’t the lady not only drink yogurt, but only half of the 180 extracters is only halfd? ? ? Anyway, I can’t. Go, iron stand! Take it out!


Finally, after 3 hours, the essence fell to 8ml, it is recommended to buy Herona’s classmates. Although there is still a residue in the bottle, it is also the same, I fully explain what you have.

Skin care products that spend money

The white part of the bottle is the essence of residual


Herlina green bottle 10ml small: pure dropper to 5ml, desperately pour to hand 8ml

Unremissive: 20.0%

Water blew money: 108 yuan


Xikai plant extract

Xi Le can buy 30ml to send 28ml, but the gift of 28ml has been dismantled into 7 4ml small, and the scene is rolled out, I don’t know if I still bought it.

7 bottles of oral liquid


Average 10.26 yuan per milliliter


Xi Lee essence is relatively fresh, 4ml bottles are also very small, and it is empty. But only fell out of 3.4ml … there are more than 6 pieces of money and drift …

If each sample is 0.6ml, the seven 0.6ml is equivalent to a small bottle is empty.岂 可 修! Thanks to a bottle of repairing!

Xikai can be planted 4ml small sample: actual to hand 3.4ml


Unhaly: 15.0%

Water drift money: 43.1 yuan

Second, cosmetics

Estee Lauder Wine Powder Soil

The Estee Lauder’s water is found to buy 30ml to send 6 5ml, and it is also a standard to buy one get one free.

Average 8.83 yuan per milliliter

This 5ml sample is too much mini, like the one-time toothpaste of the hotel, just started to pinch very relaxed,


Shattened to the eldened tooth cream.

But it’s hard to squeeze it later.



Like. Later I was really squeezed, I can only put it


Buffalizing the bones, then dug in the bottom of the powder with the medicine spoon, then use another medicine spoon to scratch this picker, and then use another medicine pspistery to scratch the powder on the bottom of the powder. …

Not only that, the foundation of the foundation of the foundation also affects the reading. I stand for an hour, and the last rough reading is 4.1ml. If there is 0.9ml every 5ml, 6 is a 5.4ml, which is equivalent to a tube and empty …

It seems that the number of samples is too much is not entirely a good thing …

Estee Lauder Win Powder Bottom 5ml Sample: Rough Read 4.1ml

Unremissive: 18.0%

Water drift money: 47.7 yuan

Beauty Lotus Eye Lip Cleansing Solution

US Bao Lotus Eye Lip Cleansing Separation, buy 2 bottles of 150ml Put 4 bottles of 40ml small sample, calculating

Buy two get one or more

It’s really a good discount.

Average 0.23 yuan per milliliter

This makeup remover is a typical

Water oil two-phase mixing system

,upper layer

Blue oil liquid

Enjoy the eye, can’t help but want to install the separatory functions. In order to avoid oil phase adhesion bottle wall, a wave is turned into the cylinder.


This bottle of makeup solution is very low, there is no residue in the bottle, just left some bubbles inside the tube. But the foam is usually not used, and it is not used.

After all, wait for the bubble to make your makeup, I spent me how to remember.

… we directly read! 39ml, the difference is almost!

US Bao Lotus Eye Lip Cleansing Sluoperia 40ml Sample: Real Go Hand 39ml

Unremissive: 2.5%

Water drift money: 0.9 yuan


Third, other daily necessities

Anti-taking powder gold bottle

Buy 60ml An Nai Sunshift Small Gold Bottle to send 2 12ml powder gold bottles, two small love, like two bons under the big gold bottle.


Average 2.48 yuan per milliliter

But the saying goes well:


Powder bottle gold bottle, is enough material!

Is there 12ml of this bottle?

The package of the elliptical station is very smooth.



I haven’t worried about my mood.




. Said how good 12ml is crowded.



? ?

I suspect that it is a packaging design that causes fluid in partial area to not participate in the main fluid flow to form a dead zone, and the classmates who are studying chemicals leave your optimization plan in the comment area [Dog head]

An Naroyan powder gold bottle 12ml small sample: actual to hand 9.4ml

Unremissive: 21.7%

Water drills: 12.9 yuan

Fu Lifang


Fu Lifang bought 200G facial cleanser to send six 20g small samples, quite very much.

Average 0.77 yuan per gram

The bottle is marked is quality, so it can be squeezed directly. But it’s easy to get it, do it. Everyone watched how much passed at the beginning, and later had more pain, and finally didn’t squeeze it, only after moving the knife, then scraped a two net!

Zero zero straw pile together, the final result is as follows:


Squeezed facial cleanser is really like potato powder …


Fu Lai Fang Wire 20g Sample: Fighting the old life about 19.1g

Unremissive: 4.5%

Water, boiling water: 4.1 yuan

Summary and prospect

This article cuts from the problem of the beauty product sample (Qiong), after a series of fighting, fighting for the old man, fighting the operation of the iron stand on the iron stand, finally unveiled The final actual amount of makeup product samples. Below

Summary of this sample evaluation:

conclusion as below:

1. The number of milliliters of small samples are generally used.

. Only the small cans of Estee Lauder’s small brown bottle do [Like]

2, the highest unhareble rate is the sample of the sun powder gold bottle, followed by Hermina,

20% cannot be used.

3, don’t lose it out.

After the sample is inverted, it can also recover at least 2ml, like Horena, can even recover approaching half of the amount.

4, the overall waste price is remarkable.

If you have doubled a bunch of small, plan


After washing your face, apply

Skin care, use

Sun protection, squeeze

Makeup, finally used

Remover, you will waste in the same sample

184.9 yuan

However, the above conclusion is based on calculating the value as a set of sets, and it feels that there is no such a pity. But if you only look at the given gift of the sample, then you will definitely cost it. [Dog head]



Lancome powder



Herlina Green Bottle

Estee Lauder Wine Powder Soil

Beauty Lotus Eye Lip Cleansing Solution

Anti-taking powder gold bottle