Top ten men’s belt brand recommendation


The belt played a regulation, whether it is a loose and fat pants, the waist is not suitable, the user can also pass the belt, let the trousers are well bonded in their own body, which is just that the body is thin, it is simply The gospel of the sky, this paper collected the corresponding belt in the three major markets of high and low-end.

The belt is equivalent to the earrings for women. For women’s value, women’s decoration will have a lot, such as bags, earrings, scarves, scarves, necklaces, etc., men’s tie, watch, and belt, for frequent wear For business people in shirts, the belt is your symbol of your taste. The good belt has high quality and wear-resistant leather. No matter how many times have been used, he can make him new.

For all kinds of men, the belt is not only the role of stable requirements, and it is also your most fashionable definition, and the international big name will push a few newly designed belts in various quarters.

1 septwolves seven wolves

Seven wolves is a leather company founded in 1996. The head office has a diverse business project, from men and women’s clothing to accessories and briefcases, travel bags, classic business gifts, in these 25 years of history Slow forward, steady development, always challenge life, never look back as its own business belief, pursue everything with honesty, pursue practical, put the letter, dedication to the first right, the seven wolves know the corporate culture The importance, he has been following the trend of the times, and strives to make the company’s system to make the company’s system to create a young team with a corporate cultural awareness. So far, all leather goods under the seven wolves products Various standard indicators have been obtained, becoming the benchmark for Chinese leather goods.

For environmentally friendly, the seven wolves used this belt raw material for fake crocodile skin, the head on the belt is used with steel gray stainless steel, symbolic seven wolves stand stands on the head of the belt, coffee stripe design embellishment Color colors of the entire black belt.

2 Goldlion Jin Lilai

Jin Li is from 30 years ago, it has been contributing to China’s 35- and 45-year-old middle-aged male middle-aged male, now Jinli’s brand has been deep into the hearts of middle-aged men, and it is also a young junior to send his father’s best gift option. Some of the best-selling styles of the most popular style. He perfectly gave the innovation and the classic core concept, using a soft PU skin material, in order to make the overall do not seem to be monotonous, some fine threaded roads, For the user convenient to remove the wearing belt, a small button is also set in the bottom of the leather head, and the details will make Jin Li to have praised.

3 lacoste crocodile (France)

Crocodile Lacoste is a well-known French T-shirt, POLO shirt, all kinds of leather brands, and his various products are pursuit of perfection, especially the thick plate LOGO in the polo shirt is the most novel design in the POLO shirt industry. It has its own factory, and many of the latest designs cannot be imitated by peers.

The belt is also a newest industry derived from the crocodile card. This brown belt is the latest color of the crocodile. It uses the leather material. The perfect sewing allows overall to look more high-end, even the wearer’s trousers are updated. This belt can still be a new.

4 Tucano Woodpecker (Italy)

Since its establishment in Rome, the Woodpecker has created the costume and leather as its own main product, and in the market for many years, MRL is the founder of the woodpecker brand. Before the official businessman, Mr. Monde is a wild. Animal research enthusiast, especially likes to communicate in nature and animals, where the woodpecker is one of his favorite birds. At the same time, the woodpecker is also a source of inspiration he created this brand. He hopes to develop a noble life taste and have The traditional cost of costumes, the descendants of the descendants also inherited his costume concept, and injected all inspirations and design wisdom. Nowadays, the woodpecker has already enjoyed a certain reputation in Europe, regardless of men and women In the 1980s, in the 1980s, the Woodpecker’s planner saw the vast China market. Therefore, the dispute is officially announced to introduce the Chinese market, since the introduction of quality and design fashion And the people in the Mainland are keen and love.


Among them, the woodpecker belt is the most hot product in the domestic market. It adopts bright fine grain design, very low color, whether it is leisure, or business people, it is especially suitable.

5 Pierre-Cardin Pierndan (France)

Pierier Cardan also is also a French costume brand. His position in the world and crocodile can be higher than that, the main product and crocodile card is similar, and the polo shirt is also extraordinary costumes. The most classic is that it contains iron. The cotton ammonia POLO of the standard and leather logo, this POLO design is imitated by the major sects of garment industry.


Mr. Pier Carnan has a unique eye and excellent leadership. After he created this brand of Pierkan, the brand market was quickly entered into China, except for good marketing awareness, and rich Some design philosophy of designing talents, most of the design concepts of Pierier advocated, and today his concept is still followed by the future, and more admirable is that Mr. Pierndan is the first to make high-end The costumes are no longer only showcased on T-Taiwan and serving in a high-order class. He will play more fashion ideas to ordinary people, and strive to make their own feelings to each class. In addition, he is also a diplomat with a broad interpersonal network. Almost all of each large country has a high-class population called Peltar Dan’s good quality, and Mr. Pierkan, who has these capabilities, is now a The legendary figure is already a matter of normal.

The Q version of the Pierkan in the belt is fashionable on the head of the belt, but it will not be love.

6 POLO Saint Paul (USA)

St. Paul is also a costume brand that is getting rich by Polo shirts. Its main costume series is very wide casual wear, sportswear, and official suit all have involved, some small accessories, such as handbags, luggage, stationery, glasses, Watch gifts, these are also the scope of Sao Paulo.

The essence of Sao Paulo is actually a polo club, so its logo is designed to be a horse ball player, which has been created in California, and has come to a hundred years of history. His name and The label is now deeply rooted in the hearts of the world.

7 Playboy Puppy

Since its in 1986, Playboy has entered the Chinese market. At present, there is a representative of a flowerboy in China’s major markets. The brand is a costume, footwear, and leather. The owner of the company, the age group corresponding to the costumes, is the 20 ~ 50-year-old, and its products are biased toward business.


This belt uses the cortical of the birch tree, and the belt is deeply gray stainless steel, and the black body belt echoes, low-key and unique.


The full name of the Wanli Malays is called Guangdong Wanli Horse Industrial Co., Ltd., which is an emerging apparel brand. It has its own research and development plant, production department, retail department, and various management and integration. Nowadays, it has become a very well known. Companies, the series of products, the whole style is the business style, men and women shoes, straps, handbags, suitcases, and shoes are still the product, in order to further start their own name, Wanli borrowed oneself Superiority, successful Saint Jack and Oilily have successfully achieved cooperation. The successful Warm Miles reached a grade in the world’s popularity, of course, this is more than the superior and design of the quality of Wanma itself.

The Wanli Miles Family is the latest belt category, which uses pure bright wrinkle design, thick stripes. The leader of the belt also takes a bright stainless steel, the whole model is more exaggerated, but it can make a dull suit with a suit. It is no longer the dullness, you can do your eyes in the dress, it is worth noting that you should not use this belt with colorful suit, which will seem to be more complicated, it is reversible.

9 AOKANG Aokang

Akang’s full name is called Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co., Ltd., this is a company with shoe industry as its own product product, and the rest of the shoes are biased toward business types, and they are well known in the major markets of shoes in China. A certain public foundation, starting with other products, such as a suitcase and belt.

In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Akang was a supplier of leather goods products, which started his signature.

10 Montagut Dream Clarion (France)

Dream Shijiao, as early as 1880, in the France Sowal Mountain Area, the initial period is an early stage, and the most classic is the bright silk knitting series of Monteji and a series of men’s clothing under the brand. With ornaments, it is committed to serving male fashion, now


There has been achieved on the global men’s clothing list.

Men’s belt under Monte Jiao uses large granules of the head of the cowhide material. In order to be neat and beautiful, he sets the belt to the inner deduction, because the head iron piece is more heavy, this belt is recommended in performance When using clothing use, wear this belt on informal occasions, there is a struggle.

That brand makes a good belt?

In order to ensure that you buy a good belt, please pay attention to the description of the product. The leather in the belt plays a huge role in the quality of the belt.

A good belt is made of whole grain leather. The crack belt is not so good, and the adhesive belt is combined with other synthetic materials, and the leather inside may be very small.

If you want a real full grain leather, your best choice is to buy a handmade leather belt. Many Italian companies, such as Gucci, French fashion companies, such as Hermes, sold handmade men’s belts. This is also a company specializing in the United States, such as Shinola, is also the same.


How to buy men’s belt?

Buying a men’s belt is a unique experience. This is different from the purchase of other clothing, because the belt is different from any of the other clothing. Almost all men’s tie and men’s socks are suitable for any buyers, while men’s belts must be appropriate.

Of course, you need to consider size, but there are also personal styles and fashionable issues. What is a stylish belt? The belt is one of the lowest tuning items in your wardrobe, but it can produce the greatest impact. Please read the product description and online customer comment on the belt.

The first is the measurement

When ordering a men’s belt, the first thing to consider is the size of the belt itself. Like a pants, the width of the belt is usually in cm. But unlike the trousers, you should not buy the width corresponding to the waist size of the wearer. Be sure to buy a belt size of at least two cm. For example, if you usually wear 32 pants, you should purchase a belt of 34.

When the belt is buckled, there must be a overlap of the overlap. This allows the belt of the belt to pass through the buckle and step into the belt ring when needed. Some people like longer belts, and individuals also like to be short. If you buy it for others, ask the other party before you pick the size. It is best to be two times.

Belt + shoes

Appropriate dimensions are not the only consideration. The color and width of the belt will play a big role in determining what color and styles. In addition, the environment is also very important. Is it going to meet or speaking? Different belts should be selected for different occasions.

Habit black belt with black shoes, brown belt with brown shoes. It shows a matching look, which is elegant and fashionable.

When the color does not match – whether it is a black belt with a brown shoe or brown belt with black shoes – these items are highlighted in distinct contrast. This is especially true if it is a suit. This contrast makes people feel Tang Jun. You want to look very organized, from the head to the foot, it is seamless, or all kinds do not match? The suit makes you feel confident, and the coordinated belt and men’s dress can help you achieve your wish.

General mature people like wear black shoes and belts. But black and brown shoes can be equipped with suit. Just make sure the belt and shoes are matched.


Let the belt with clothes match

The width of the belt does not formulate, the clothes and the environment is to determine which belt is most matching. If you plan to wear men’s jeans, a wider belt may be a good choice. A wider belt – we can define 4 to 7cm or wider belts. The effect is very good. This is a standard IT Look.

The same width belt and suits will be cumbersome, which may interfere with the concise lines of suit.

Most of the belt introduced herein is the price that the low and medium-sized class can be accepted. Each belt has its own characteristics. According to the softness of the leather, the texture is different, consumers can choose according to their own needs.