The turtleneck “abdication”, the most practical of this year is a semi-high-necked shirt, wear clothing elegance


# What to wear today?

# 变 美 百科 全 # #

# Winter life card season #

Classic style foundation

Stylish simplicity

, Elegant and with them also super simple, different fashion sense can easily interpret it. Prepare a better

classic style

It can be put on for several years, but that will not become obsolete.

Like suitable for winter wear half-collar shirt, is such a presence, whether it is with a shirt, coat or suit jacket, skirt or pants, you can demonstrate a

Simple and Advanced


Half-height collar shirt, worn alone or inside the ride is as perfect, the year has three seasons have

High utilization.

And the classic version

Solid strong and wear,

Full of warm breath between mind, brought fashion degree is also high, it can not have the same trend style architecture, and the like

Dressing style

Also can dress the demands they need a good show.

Half-height collar shirt color rendering

The turtleneck “abdication”, the most practical of this year is a semi-high-necked shirt, piercing


. Half full of elegant high-necked shirt, and together with their variability of colors, you can wear clothing with different

Beautiful feeling.

And like this

Trendy temperament

In many women dress among all

Super charming

, Everyone’s favorite is super fit, wear clothing with different

Modeling features.

Rosy red, eye-catching suction eye

Dazzling red half-collar shirt,


Fashionable and dazzling

Can bring eye-catching, visually compelling

Visual overhangs.

In the bleak season, wear clothing with beautiful overhangs feeling.

And this color

Higher degree of recognition

Can be very good to enhance color, the different lines of sight are

Easy compelling

, Fashion degree and warmth are taken into account, watching feel very

Excellent color.


Half-height collar shirt fashion trends

Half-Black high-necked shirt,

Classic to date

In the eyes of many women is unique existence. Suitable for all age levels, bringing classic wild charm, how to look is properly the completed

Trendy style.

In many among the women outfit, the color should be the highest proportion, can be

Sound and subtle

I am feeling very relaxed interpretation, will

Simple casual

Perfectly stand out.

Bright yellow, sunny vitality

Half-bright pale yellow shirt collar, with a full

Sense of vitality

as well as


The youthful vigor and a sense of feeling are well built out. And worn out

Fashion sense

But also ultra-high, appear fresh and by age, for many young girls are

Very attractive.

Coat with a combination of dark lines, but also a lot of piercing

Level feeling

, The stereoscopic style are all lifted.


Half-height collar shirt turned out so good to wear with a suit coat are advanced, elegant women are wearing.

Half high collar

It is better with the suit and coat in combination with very advanced, elegant woman are wearing.

And it’s wearing them

Are having looked super

Trendy charm

Will wear will take the woman liked.

Warm care, romantic and sweet

Half-height collar shirt, unlike the high collar so cumbersome, just the warm locked, wearing

Simple and elegant

But also do not have much sense of restraint.


Romantic and sweet


The atmosphere, the gentle femininity are all show, which take a lot of wear among women, are very fashion sense, but also brought

Fashion style

Also it will easily show, fashion wear clothing different tonality.

Slim was thin, improve temperament

Most half-height collar shirt version of the type having

Slim design

, This can be a good show slim figure, his temperament very well rise. Piercing

Fashion slim


And wearing them stretch too strong for the body fat, thin, have a good

Sense of inclusion

, Different body are shaping up well, wear clothing with delicate and beautiful


Outfit flexible, strong variability


High-necked shirt in half with the above, but also has a lot of

With diversification,



High flexibility


Variety shape can wear different years, different flavor are all fashion shows, upper body or individual

As the ride through

, All looked very fit, will have its shape


Perfect architecture

, You need to wear clothing fashion style, watching

Romantic overhangs.

Note Can fit

Any one clothing, will have a place that needs attention, semi-high-necked shirt, too, some minor

Place details

, But also hard to be mastered, so that it

Not easy to make an error

The different interpretation of the trend of charm transparent, creating a distinctive

Fashionable style.

Note that color matching outside the ride

As the ride

Many opportunities, then choose the matching coat color above, this consideration is the need for good job.



The use of depth,

These same color or hit color

The color blending


In order to wear clothing with their own needs

Stylish charm

, Different interpretation of fashion sense are all, to wear clothing with a different kind of trend of breath.


First, we need to be matched with their stature in the version above, so as not to appear

Modeling errors above.

Will not be too thin or too fat, the body will show up the shortcomings, so choose the style above, this figure would have to fit together with each other, in order to look stylish they need


Half-height collar bottoming shirt outfit Guide

Half wearing shirt collar catch, the actual need some specific compositions, which before seen

Fashion taste.

Actual mix and match their outfit will also show a lot of skill, I believe will bring some inspiration to help you with it.

Coat with flowers, trendy bright

Half-height collar suit jacket and shirt combination of plain, classic suit coat overhangs, wear will look


Western style fashion

, If the color colorful, bright dazzling visual sense of purpose and a half wells using high-necked shirt

Su hue blessing.

So fashionable overhangs will portray the level of charm

More profound


, Will be a different fashion

, Wear clothing

Unique fashionable

, But beautiful aesthetic look

Particularly overhangs


And the atmosphere are all fashion shows.

With a long coat, chic informality

Half-height collar shirt and long coat fit each other,

Free and easy and straightforward,

Chic charm with uninhibited passion, above all in the visual extension, watching

Elegant atmosphere and very good.

May have different fashion sense to design fashionable style to wear clothing required by such a combination,

Beautiful but good.

Half-height collar shirt outfit at the top, with



The styling has become more

A sense of apathy


, Which most people like outfit styling.

If you have read more like friends, then look to get together, wear clothing with their own unique

Fashion style.

Half-height collar shirt fashion trends


Fashion sense

Half high collar



Perfect architecture

Note Can fit