Rose couple carries with the airport, the colorful cotton jackets are in front of pregnant women, do you want to personally?


Interesting to wear a soul, a hundred-changing dressing posture, the webmaster continues to broadcast the latest information for you, this period of the master, is a couple of rose,


Wei Wei wants everyone to be very familiar, Chinese actress, singer, she married the happy life after Korean star Li Chengxu, and many Koreans have envied! But we like her, but not just these, but also her cheerful personality, so everyone will be kind to her brother, and she is also a famous cosmetics and fashionist people! Regarding their wear will appear in the audience’s field of view.


Recently, the two also join hands in the airport, a very conspicuous personality dress, I can recognize it in the crowd. Towell is wearing a loose cotton jacket similar to hydrogen balloon, and the color is also special bright and conspicuous. Such clothes may not be able to control others, but the weighing is both fashionable and featured. But this is the style of 戚 哥, there is a gas field.

Inside her, she took a black bottoming shirt, and she took a black tight leggings. I came up and down. I was very spent on the coat, so I won’t look more chaotic, and the bottom pants It’s a good self-cultivation effect, there is no shortcomings in the legs at all, it seems that our brothers are still straight! Shoes she wears a pair of white sneakers, so that it is more leisure and energetic.


She wore a black duck hat, so that the color not only looks very similar to the whole, and it will look very young, black ink is also a cool feeling, sexy red lips appear to be fashionable. Vitality, it seems to be lively, and the gas field is full. Look at Li Chengxu next to it, the upper body is also a casual bright set sweater, the color is very good with the brother, don’t look carefully, I thought it was a couple!

He also matches a very casual black sweeping shoes, and a pair of black casual sneakers, the neck wearing a silver necklace is embellished, making the whole person becomes fashionable, the same black duck hat on the head, and cool Cool glasses, is the two look very well?

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