Mao Causa bread, nutritious and delicious


A more classic bread, many bakery have his figure.

By Yang Yang Tongs you play baking



High-gluten flour 130g

Low-gluten flour 20g

Dry yeast 4.5g

Egg 40g

White sugar 40g


Salt 3g


Milk 65g

Butter 30g

2. Buffet

Egg liquid 40g


Tiera oil 25g

Water 60g


High-gluten flour 25g

Practice steps


1, 1, milk, egg liquid, salt, white sugar, high-glute flour, low-gluten flour, butter into the bread barrel, dry yeast is placed in the yeast container, select “and face function” about 40 minutes The first fermentation for about 30 minutes.

2, 2, take out the dough, evenly divided into 3 copies and cover the wet towel to wake up about 20 minutes.

3, 3, put the wake up the dough is evenly enzymed, lift the noodles, reverse, laterally placed in the bottom of the face, to unplug some dough with your fingers so that it is easy to bond.

4, 4, the dough is rolled up, pinch, and use both hands to grow the strip.

5, 1, put the butter, clean water, and pull the oil into the pot and heated to boiling.

6, 2, the high-gluten flour is mixed evenly.

7, 3, after standing slightly, add the egg liquid to the bacadi and stir well.

8, 6, uniformly brush the fermented dough and brush on the fizzant. Preheat the oven, choose the baking function, 160 degrees to get on fire, 150 degrees for the fire (set the baking temperature according to different brand ovens)

9, 7, put the dough into the oven for about 20 minutes.

10, 8, after leaving, slightly shock. The middle can be cut to add cream sandwich, and the lateral vertical direction is possible.


High-gluten flour


Yangxin, Yi Kidney, in addition to heat, thirst, dirty, annoyance, thirst, brickness, swelling, traumatic bleeding and burns.

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Butter 30g