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素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Seven days (not only) holidays are really a blink of an eye.

I believe that there is also a lot of people who have not slowed their gods like me.

So, today we will come to some relaxed dry goods –

“人 transformation”

This interesting and practical article is not only a good guy, I’m writing is also very happy ~



素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Man model woodwood

Is a comparison

Typical “疵 皮”

Although I can make makeup occasionally, she has several people in their makeup.

Very confused point

Su Yan and makeup


I feel that the skin and the facial official do not get obvious modifications;

Born eight eyebrows (), make makeup

Nothing spirit

Although the absolute value of the face is not large, it looks

Flat and large

(Lack of profile sensation);


Simply put, the situation of wood is to belong to “

Invalid makeup

“: There is no long-term extension, and it is difficult to add points to the color after makeup.

So before we start making makeup, let’s take a look at her face.

Which features


素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满


Woody wood is a relatively typical “

Big skeleton girl

“Her shoulders are relatively wide, and

178 C

M’s height

Also let her in the crowd



In addition to the size of the body itself, her face has more obvious “

Mongolian characteristics


High bone

, The bone and contours of the face look more obvious.

The nose is not highlighted with the mountain root.

The nose is very small

The lips are relatively thin, the shape is very delicate, and there is still an enviable “

Lip beads



Although it is long and thick, it is


“The” Mao Qi “is also rough, so it doesn’t have the spirit of your eyes when you look.


Facial features

Has a certain curvature, the style looks shivy;


Brought a certain



Therefore, it is possible to control different types of styles.

But her skin is not particularly good, on the face

Acne marks



It is very obvious, so when giving people the first impression, the good-looking five senses will

Give the “grab the limelight”

So, in our makeup transformation today, “

Uniform skin


Beautify the five senses

“These two keywords must be prioritized!

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Makeup misunderstanding

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

In fact, the wooden wood will work hard in the makeup in the makeup – but

The direction is not looking for


As a large dry skin, she is always selected.


They are all concealer, but the moisturization is low.


Makeup powder

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

And in order to prevent the card powder, she is after the foundation

Will not be concealer

The product is not too dare to use, because a powder is easily “blast”.

And the result of this is not only

No 干 遮

The skin looks also

Dry and tight


The portrait of the five senses can be used in one sentence: the highlighted line and contour have not prominent, the process of makeup

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Just add a color in the five senses

The effect is probably the same as in the picture, but it is no wonder that she will say: “

I feel that the makeup seems to be almost the same!


After the transformation of this “slogan”, she


Machine effect

This is such a 👇:

Creation makeup Do not exist, even if it is a state of facial expression, it is also

The affinity of one hundred points of sweet sister


Detail of hairstyle and makeup

Slightly adjust

, Can also form another style – so

Cool glamorous big sister

Who can see if I can say “I can”? “

Although the brightness after the makeup, it has increased a lot, but

Makeup feelings are not very heavy

No matter whether it is to work, it is still possible to see friends.


I believe that all of the donors here, they should be sigh.


The magical 🧚♀️.

But “changed” is just a ridicule. Let’s take a closer look at the makeup on the wooden face. In fact, there is a big thick makeup “changed to the face”, and there is no difficult technique.


素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Very easy to be very high


The direction is more important than the method

If you are also curious today, “transforming magic” should start starting from starting, then follow me to enter the “implementation” part!

product description

Before starting to do make makeup, I want to show you.

Use the product today

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

At first glance, it is a bit more, but it is actually

Very basic product

Most people should have similar products in the cosmetic bags, the color number is also

Very high work


Use of the product


: L.A Girl- makeup quarantine #Green, Givenchy-star soft light powder, dermacol-miracle gold tube concealer foundation, n.x-moisturizing oil makeup spray # 水润光 感, Color Key-fog light makeup powder # three-dimensional makeup

Eye makeup

: 3CE-nine-color eye shadow tray # smoother, shiseido-love magic mirror mascara # Surreal exclusive version, Kato-eyeliner brush # 01, FLORTTE-Fruit Salad Eye Pen # sesame crispy


: Sephora- Monochrome Compression # 35, Make Up for EVER – Matte Highlight # H100, Cezanne – Monochrome Blush # 20

Lip makeup

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

: Hedone-mirror water glazed #oaty defin

Day: gentle sweet style

Good makeup color reference (1)

This set of makeup

Overall color matching is relatively light

, More than makeup

Fresh, soft

It will not be wrong in a variety of different occasions.

Due to the wooden face

Acne marks and flourish

So before I was on the bottom of the powder, I used it first.

L.a girl makeup

Pretty milk (green)

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

I have done some of her part. “

Skin color correction

This kind of color saturation is high, you can try as much as possible

There is less, thin and thin

The range of use

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Don’t go too much.



When I gave wood, I used it.

Givenchy (Givenchy) star soft light powder foundation

. Its moisturizing degree is medium, although concealer is not particularly strong,

Good makeup is delicate

There is no powder in the face after face.



Work, I will hand it over to the “cover tattoo”

Dermacol (Maxi)

“Small gold tube”

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

. The concealing power will not be too dry, it is recommended that there is an arms of the concealend to try it ~

We best use it when we can

Dotting, pressing method

To make up, this will not spend the previous nice liquid foundation.

Large range

Light color 可以 can be small

Beauty egg

To cover; like acne marks, spots, etc.

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Fine department


I will still be more recommended to use professional.

Concealer brush

In fact, after the steps of concealing, the skin of Muwu looks a lot of clean.


“Mute” makeup

Ability to make the skin and outline look more

Uniform, flat



素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

This step is also impossible to ignore.

After completing the above changing steps, on the wooden face

The five senses finally became “obvious”

The whole person’s color is also very good.

Eyebrow eye makeup

When Mu Mu usually makes makeup, I always don’t know how to adjust myself.


Her own

The eyebrow bone is relatively flat

Although the eyebrows are not particularly shallow, the whole trend is down, it looks close to


Before I started to help her, I first took her with eyebrows.

The hair above the brow repairs a part


素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Slightly lower than eyebrow peaks

s position). Then

Eyebrow powder


The part of the eyebrows is completed.

After doing this, even if you don’t deliberately shape your eyebrow, your trend looks also looks like.

Spare, spirit

There are a lot, matching Liu Hai, but also natural and gentle.

Wooden wood

The eyelashes of the eyelashes are actually very good

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

, Concentration and length are online. But

“Mao quality” is relatively thick


So sometimes it will be relatively hanging, and the eyes don’t look like.

If you have the trouble of “the eyelashes are difficult to stipulate” as the same as her, then you must prepare a “

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满


素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满


“, Follow-up when it is plastic

The effect will be better

And the shape is not easy to collapse.

In addition, everyone is


Time to try

Close to the eyelashes

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Mao’s “root”

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Only, and the mascara is also the best choice.

Waterproof mascara

Eye shadow

This makeup is not particularly important. It is too strong eye shadow and eyeliner to cover the highlights of “eyelashes”.

So I only used this time.

Two matte big land colors

(A deep one shallow), come to her eyes.

Swelling, protruding outline

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满


Wooden wood itself

Eye type round

The shape is very good, and when laughing, it will become two

Cute “Moon”

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

But because her cheekbones are wider, it is best

Take your eyes horizontally with your eyes

. This seems to be more harmonious, and the face will look narrower.

If you want


素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满


Feel, we are painting


When you can pull out a line down, then you will be slightly tailored, and the shape looks close to the gentle wavy (~).


素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

If you want to create a more young, gentle makeup, we can try to take the face when we are in a way.


The silhouette is equipped.

Simply, it is to put the “convex” part, and then put the “concave” part.

Like a “high-handed bone” such as Mu, usually, it will be accompanied by more obvious “depression”. So we can

Shadow position below the mute high light product

In the outer side of the humerus and the position of the mandible, we can use



To modify them “contractions”.

In order to further narrow the cheekbones, we are


You can also try to choose some color saturation, and it is relatively low.

Matte color

(Such as deep milk brown, gray bean sand color, etc.).


The location also needs to be hit

Outer side of the cheeks

Otherwise, it may appear to have a relatively dark skin.

PS. Although more obvious blush will be more in line with this atmosphere of this shape,

Defective skin

For more suggestions

Cosmetic surface

Poster first ☝️ ~

In fact, wood wood itself

Lip is very delicate

The only problem is

Relatively thin

So it will always be ignored in the first eye.


The existence of the upper lips is very weak

So smiling, it will “lips disappear” – but this problem is still easy to solve by makeup.


Lip dress

We use it

“Newborn” of Kaleidos

. Its texture is relatively special, and it is a thin frost when it is up, and it will become

Pure matte texture

Source: Kaleidos Wildermoscope flagship store

This color is a very low naked pink color, also one

Can increase

“Meat” expansion color

When the thick coat can create a full European and American wind effect.

In order to make the yellow wooden wood look more in color, we continue


I got a layer

Tea apricot “oaty

DEW (half mountain oats) “

This bright crystalline glass lip honey is very suitable for the donors that are not full enough, and can also be in the case

Directly in lip oil

To use ~


Thin lips

Can be painted during painting

Blur of the original lip (paste) line

Adding people, lip peaks, the shadows above the chin, the lips will also look more exquisite and have three-dimensional.

Night: Simple, atmospheric light retro style

Today’s second makeup will be more than the former

Some style is rich

In addition to the overall makeup color,

Five-official line change

It is also a key point that changes temperament changes.

In fact, this makeup can also be directly in the previous makeup.

Do “overlapping”

It is necessary to modify some detail parts,

It is not difficult to operate.


Good makeup color reference (2)

The part of the makeup and the first makeup are similar:

On the basis of conventional makeup, a precise concealer work is done.

If your skin is uneven, you can also put moisturized concealers.

At the moment, the corner, T area

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Waiting for a dull part to do a “second layer makeup”.

This “

Double makeup

Method can

Quickly improve your skin tone

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

, But because of the relatively thick, the foundation and concealer

Color must fit with skin color

Otherwise, it will easily appear “false feelings”!

Of course, the thinness of the makeup, the steps, etc. can be adjusted according to the personal situation, as long as the last makeup is even uniform enough to be OK.

If you want to make your makeup look

More practice, gas field

, Then you can properly

Eyebrow trend

The party “mention” it.

Eight eyebrows are painting when painting

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

, Except for the previous

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满


Outside down,

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满


It also needs to be cleaned, otherwise it will not be able to change the effect of “chance”.

In addition to the shape of the eyebrows itself is clear,

Slightly heavy nose

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

It is also possible to make eyebrows, eye nests, and mountain roots look more connective, with this to achieve “artificial ejection” becomes more realistic.

In the processing of the lower eye shadow, we also added a trace in the foundation.

Emphasizes the feeling of a sense of hustle

The tail line also follows the shaped trend

Pick some slightly

The overall appearance will be more practically, there is a gas field.

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Cheek makeup

It is not the same as that of the soft feelings in the next set of makeup faces, we can

Appropriately strengthen the existence of the cheekbones

Sweeping in the cheekbones

This method is also the basic operation of “face-lifting”, which is used to enhance the gas field very well.











素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满





素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满




素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满










Lip makeup

Eyebrow eye makeup


But here still want to give you two key points:

First, we must try to create

Cheekboned lines parallel to the mandibular line

. In general, such a face of the face looks more harmonious, watching (many of the “supermodel face” of the cheekbones is also like this).

two is

Repairted cold and warm color quasi-matched

If you are not allowed to colors, you can find a chance to try a counter.

T area, face

The use of parts is still

Matte high light

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

In addition to meeting the outline of “secondary makeup”.

Flash highlight

Just need local embellishment

Corner, nose, lip peak

Waiting for this detail. In the big face, it will destroy the uniformity of the skin.

Lip makeup

In order to echo (after makeup), the upper half of the sense is large, in this makeup, we also use a deeper


Color lame mud

Come to make a bottoming for the lips.

After that, we continue to overlay a layer.

Red brown “1966” with high saturation

. This lipstick is a highly saturated wine red brown, behind the mouth.

Gas field super strong


If you don’t want to have a strong makeup, we can use this low-brightness.

Use the lip brush to apply


The part of the lip line is not so hard:

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

Fuzzy lip line & slight expansion

The painting method can not only make the lips more fulfilled, and it will weaken the serious feelings that come with it, let makeup look

Natural, casual



In the last part, we still come to summarize today’s “”



No matter what you are like Wood, you have the troubles of the same paragraph (such as how to modify your face, eyebrow, lip, etc.), you can practice it when you are next makeup ~

Defective skin

Don’t cover your defect with the liquid foundation

It only needs to use it to uniform skin color & let the skin look healthier (although this is the problem of older talks, there are still many newcomers will “step on the thunder”.

If you want a better consumption, the foundation after the foundation

Local concealer

It is not possible to omit; the color of color is also needed to use “toned milk” to modify.

Don’t light color when you portray the five senses (especially eyebrows).

Shape (line) and contour

It is more able to increase the value of the value and highlight the temperament.

素人改造 | 瑕疵皮女孩如何打造干净清透的妆容?干货满满

If you want to improve the exquisiteness, don’t ignore

Hair treatment

: Use a stereoty-stronger eyelashes, eyebrows and shape, and the sweat of the face should pay attention to repair.

Ok, the above is all today’s content, I don’t know if you have finished reading it, will you get some makeup

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